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Men Over 65: Senior Adult Sex Talk Time

Men Over 65: Senior Adult Sex Talk Time, Peyronie's Disease

Treatment is typically 4 cycles. You should note that after an injection, your penis may be wrapped in a bandage. Also note, during this treatment, in BOLD print, you’re advised never to use a vacuum erection device!

And just so you know, Corporal Rupture, a.k.a. Penile Fracture, can occur from XIAFLEX® injections. And it is worse than it sounds! A few Symptoms of Corporal Rupture include a popping sound or sensation in an erect penis and a sudden loss of the ability to maintain an erection. Purple bruising and swelling of your penis!

Can a penile fracture heal itself?

A penile fracture will most often require surgery. You should absolutely consult a physician to ascertain the seriousness of the injury. There have been reported cases of very mild injuries healing itself but you don’t want to chance it considering that most are emergencies requiring immediate medical attention.

Other serious side effects:

Swelling at the injection site… Wow… a half-swelled penis is something I would be looking forward to… Itching of your penis and/or scrotum… Wow… makes you wonder if every major and minor league ballplayer is in a XIAFLEX® Treatment Program! Blisters at the injection site! A lump or nodule at the injection site! Changes in the color of the skin of your penis! What else could go wrong? (Plenty, just google it…)

Prostate Surgery and Sex: One Man’s Personal View

Now getting back to that Penile Modeling Program one is to do daily for 6 weeks. You are to stretch the penis 3 times daily, but only if not erect. And then straighten the penis 1 time daily, but only when you have a spontaneous erection. You then bend the penis in the opposite direction and hold this position for 30 seconds.

Kinda reminds me of the exercise program I had in my teenage years. Stretch it when it’s not erect. Then straighten and bend the penis when it is “spontaneously” erect! But I don’t recall that I made it to the 30 seconds much of the time!

And just a further side note:

The treatment has a 34% success rate with 60% of injected patients experiencing “improvement”. And as is customary, a group of injected patients was treated with a placebo. Wow! Stick me in that schmuck group! And then stick a needle in my penis… yet 30% of those schmucks said they experienced improvement. Wow! I certainly hope the control group wasn’t composed of “short” guys who often say that anything is an improvement.

So then the question still remains. Do I invest in Endo Pharmaceuticals? Make money off the penile pain of so many? Would this be an ethical investment? Why not, I thought, if you have to be taught how to model your penis, well then, isn’t everything here fair game.

Seniorcams: A Sexy Senior Citizen Dream

But then I found other areas that our good friends at Endo have been involved in. Yah… you guessed correctly. The modern-day version of “pieces of eight”. Can our parrot say: “Opioids”? And even if they are now trying to be good corporate citizens, writing that they have voluntarily stopped promoting opioid products to health-care professionals, and have eliminated the Company’s entire pain product sales force, and have discontinued research and development of new opioid products…there still lingers, rightfully so, multiple lawsuits galore for the reckless promotion of these opioids… killing more than just pain…

So… if my penis ever succumbs to injury… and curves, I’ll work my way through the pain… and on my own terms, without Endo. And if yours ever does, please do not fallaciously assume that Pharmaceuticals are the de facto answer… just buck up baby… invest in your personal Golden Cross… and well… take matters into your own hands…

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