Bipartisanship Spending

Bipartisanship: Leaders Love Spending

People looking for bipartisanship in our national leaders need to look no further than our nation’s capital. There the members of Congress we have elected have wholeheartedly agreed on only one thing: spending. On every other thing, they are always in disagreement for a multitude of reasons. They have reached the point of putting many…

Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown Sham Effects

We’re into our first week of an alleged “Government Shutdown”. It’s all because of an alleged impasse over the building of a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Have any of you really felt it? Sitting peacefully in my Florida home, I can’t find any difference in my life now from a week ago….


Operation Space Camp: Final Solution to the “Senior Problem” Living too Long

Originally written in 2000, now back by popular demand spurred by Christopher Buckley’s new book, Boomsday, which tells the story of when the Social Security crisis peaks and senior suicides are encouraged by the government. We have way too many seniors. Just ask our government’s economic planners. They see us as wrinkly things positioned in…


It’s Getting Lonely Under the Bus

You know folks; it’s getting lonely under the bus these days. After Congress threw us geezers under the bus by denying us any increase in our Social Security payments, this year I figured we might have a few of them to share the space with us, since they claimed they were doing the same by…

Finance Retirement

Social Security Trustees Must Live in Alternate Universe

What’s gas cost now? Close to three bucks a gallon again? Wasn’t it about $2.25 at election time last November? Hmm. My electric bill is about 20 percent higher than it was a year ago. My phone service, thanks to the corporate toadies who laughingly “regulate” utilities here in Florida, has increased even more, as…


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