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Best Compression Socks For Elderly

Best Compression Socks for Elderly

Elastic yet comfortable compression socks are a revolution in medical science. Older adults might often find themselves with swollen, painful feet, particularly after long-standing hours as the human body tends to age. While medical solutions are notoriously painful and accompanied by side effects, compression socks are an exception. 

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Compression socks for the elderly will preserve your health with a snug, comfortable feeling. This legwear works wonders to keep the blood pumping in the veins of your legs. It helps prevent swelling, inflammation, blood clots, and varicose veins. It may be no surprise that pregnant women, athletes, surgical patients, and travelers often use compression stockings. But what are their benefits for the elderly age group? More on that later.

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As the market floods with various kinds of compression socks, it might be a tedious task to choose what you need. To help you get your hands on the best compression socks for the elderly, we’ve prepared an extensive review. Our guide includes information on different types of socks and their uses including the top 5 picks. Let’s get right to it!

What Are Compression Socks Used For?

Primarily meant to improve blood circulation in the legs, compression socks are gaining popularity rapidly. Elder people suffering from circulatory disorders, general fatigue, health problems, and leg swelling can benefit most from pressure socks. But it’s not just that. Pregnant women and surgical patients have long used compression socks to avoid leg swelling and pooling of blood.

Unlike other socks, compression socks for seniors work by applying constant, gentle pressure on the legs, the mid-calf, and the ankle region. They keep the blood moving up the leg and back to the heart. Standing or sitting in the same posture for lengthy durations can cause fluid buildup in the legs, termed edema.

Compression stockings prevent blood clots and edema in the elderly prone to deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, and venous insufficiency. With the support and pressure, compression socks for the elderly make it easier to handle the weight, work on their feet and avoid nasty leg cramps. Many ailments can be avoided altogether by this budget-friendly invention.

What Are the Different Types of Compression Socks?

Compression socks come in different styles for multi-purpose use to meet different needs. It is always a safe choice to be aware of the types of compression socks for the elderly to avoid confusion once you enter the marketplace. Generally, pressure stockings can be divided into three main categories.

Graduated Compression Socks

Sold over the counter, graduated compression stockings are probably the standard type. They are the best compression socks for people with swollen feet. These stockings gradually loosen up as they extend upwards to exert maximum pressure over the ankle and lower leg.

This fitting best prevents swelling, inflammation, cramps, edema, and lower-leg ailments. Graduated socks allow for mobility and should be removed every night to be worn the next day.

Anti-Embolism or TED Hose

TED or thrombo-embolic deterrent stockings are designed for strict medical usage. They are worn by people who’ve undergone heart surgery, joint replacement, or spinal surgery. Patients on bed rest with zero mobility are more susceptible to developing blood clots in their legs due to restricted movement.

Anti-embolism compression socks provide a mild static pressure to reduce the possibility of clots, embolism, or deep vein thrombosis. These long, tight-fitted stockings are meant to be worn all day, even in bed, to avoid fatal risks.

Non-Medical Support

With significantly less compression pressure than the two above, a non-medical hose does not require a medical prescription. There is a constant level of pressure throughout the length of the sock.

Such compression socks relieve tired, aching legs, mainly in the elderly on their feet all day long. Pregnant women, people on long flights, or athletes on sports recovery also wear elastic support hoses as a potential relief for their swollen, aching legs.

Reviews for the Best Compression Socks for Elderly

This buying guide targets all the necessary information on compression socks for seniors. Knowing which stocking will ideally comply with your needs is crucial because each has its own, highlighting features. We’ve also described each product’s pros and cons to ensure you’re fully aware before making a decision. Here are 5 compression socks that made it to our list!

1. Best Overall: CHARMKING Compression Socks

CHARMKING Compression Socks (3 Pairs) - 15-20 mmHg, Athletic Support for Running, Cycling, Travel -...
  • COMPRESSION SOCKS - We intend combining fashion, technology and science to bring you the triple...
  • COMFORT - We carefully designed and manufactured our compression socks to provide premium support,...
  • EFFECTIVE - Our compression socks (15-20 mmHg) are highly recommended by preferred by trainers....

A crowd-favorite and an all-rounder, CHARMKING manufactures one of the best compression socks with vibrant styles and colors. Their innovative design with triple comfort and flexibility ensures a high-quality product. We love how their socks are multi-purpose and crafted to last a long time. 
Available in an array of designs, prints, and colors, these compression socks are designed for the tastes of men and women alike. The fabric is manufactured with 85% nylon and 15% spandex for that ultimate flexibility and fitting.

Being lightweight and breathable, you can stay on your feet all day long and still not feel any moisture or sweat in these socks. CHARMKING employs unique silver fiber for optimal moisture control that keeps feet dry and odorless. The comfort and support level are wondrous, paired with a 15-20mm Hg ideal pressure for the elderly. 

Compression Pressure: 15-20mm Hg

Material: 85% nylon, 15% spandex

Length: Knee-high

Quantity: 3-pack

The tension in these compression socks is perfect for keeping your feet safe from swelling and edema. These stockings improve circulation and oxygen delivery and protect your legs from cramps and injuries. While they are suited best for people of older age groups, pregnant women, nurses, travelers, athletes, and construction workers, business people can also benefit significantly from everyday wear. And the best part? You can claim a full refund and replacement if you don’t like the size, fitting, or fabric of the socks. 


  • Quick relief from foot pain, aches, and swellings.
  • Mild pressure ensures better performance every day.
  • Elastic for 360-degree full-range motion.
  • Moisture-free to avoid blisters and sweaty smells.
  • Stylish colors and prints, unisex.


  • Lacks cushioning or padding.
  • Only two size options to choose from.

2.  Best Ankle Compression Socks: Bitly Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks

Bitly Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks for Women & Men - Best Ankle Compression Sleeve, Nano...
  • 【Kind Reminder】:  For the best fit of Bitly Socks, please refer to our size instructions. Shoe...
  • DISCOMFORT RELIEF - These plantar fasciitis socks are the answer for achy feet everywhere. The...
  • SUPER SUPPORTIVE - Our arch support socks apply compression right to your fascia ligament, giving...

For physical rehab-like relief from ankle swelling, the Bitly compression socks work like a charm. Although they might not be suitable for leg edema and varicose veins, they provide pain relief from the foot. Most elderly suffer from undiagnosed foot problems, and here’s an answer. These ankle compression socks target pain from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, bony spurs, inflammation, and swelling. 

These unisex compression socks for your ankle feature arch support that compresses the ligaments and tendons for soothing relief. They also boost circulation in your foot and stimulate blood flow as you go on with your day. The nylon-spandex blend is crafted with all-in-one properties, lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking. Also, it keeps your foot cool and dry in all conditions. 

Compression Pressure: mild

Material: nylon, spandex

Length: Ankle-high

Quantity: 1-pack

What we loved was how versatile these compression socks are. In 5 solid colors, they are unisex and can be worn by any age group. A toeless design focuses more pressure on the center of the foot to help a speedy recovery. Furthermore, the stretchy fabric facilitates a secure fit with free motion in all directions. Just wear them once, and you’re bound to be impressed!


  • Quick pain relief from foot aches and swellings.
  • Free toes for more freedom and a snug fit.
  • Arch support with constant compression.
  • Moisture-free and ventilated for wearing all day long.


  • Not suitable for preventing blood clots, varicose veins, or fluid buildup.
  • Early wear and tear.

3. Best in Versatility: Laite Hebe’s Medical Compression Socks

Laite Hebe compression socks,Black+White+Grey,S/M (3 pairs)
  • All-Day Energy,Support,& Recovery-Our Compression socks was created with one simple goal in mind...
  • LAB TESTED GRADIENT COMPRESSION -Our Graduated Compression Socks put pressure in just the right...
  • Enhanced Comfor-Our socks are designed utilizing high-performance fabrics and technical...

One of the top choices for compression socks for the elderly is Laite Hebe’ medical compression socks. Soft, stretchy, incredibly comfortable, and perfectly fitted are just a sneak peek into this great piece of legwear. We must say, their positive customer reviews tempted us into believing that this is one of the best compression stockings for the elderly with swollen feet.

Upfront, they are designed to soothe and relieve pain in the feet, but they also work to enhance blood circulation. The ergonomic design claims to be a perfect fit for all consumers; otherwise, they offer 100% refund and replacement options. But the best is yet to come. Laite Hebe has lab-tested their compression stockings to ensure the pressure of 15-20mm Hg on targeted spots. The pressure is mild yet sufficient to prevent blood and fluid from pooling in your feet. 

Compression Pressure: 15-20mm Hg

Material: 85% nylon, 15% polyester

Length: Knee-high

Quantity: 3-pack

The nylon and polyester blend grants 360-degree mobility and flexibility but doesn’t reduce stretching over time. The socks are thicker on the soles of the foot to provide comfort and relief. Older adults can benefit from the moisture-wicking properties in everyday tasks. And it doesn’t end there yet. The sock shaft doesn’t bunch up under the knee, and neither does the toe crumple up on wearing shoes. 


  • Pressure distribution with compression therapy promotes circulation.
  • No restrictive motions with the 3D kinematics and ergonomic design.
  • A non-binding welt top avoids skin chafing or irritation.
  • Moisture-free for odor-control, and comfort all day long.
  • Versatile for usage by men and women of all occupations.


  • Polyester content might be a bit hot in humid weather.
  • Sizing can be a bit vague for wide calf versions.

4. Best for Women: Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Graduated Compression Socks

Dr. Scholl's Womens Graduated Compression Knee High - 1 & 2 Pair Packs Energizing Comfort And...
  • The mild compression level (10-15 MMHG) applies pressure at the ankle that gradually lessens up the...
  • Cotton free to reduce moisture absorption and irritation
  • Premium materials for the finest fit and comfort

Although Dr. Scholl’s knee-high compression socks are second last on our list, they rival in performance. They are sold in many elegant colors and floral prints which adhere to the feminine taste. It may come as no surprise that this legwear is an imported choice which explains the premium quality of these compression socks.

Along with a comfortable design, these socks are manufactured with 95% nylon and 5% Lycra spandex for freedom of movement. The elasticity in these socks outperforms many other options because it has no hint of cotton. It keeps the compression socks free of moisture to prevent germs, odors, and irritation.

Dr. Scholl’s graduated compression socks feature a 10-15 mm Hg pressure, which is suitable for beginner’s usage. This pressure is focused more on the ankle and gradually lessens towards the knee. 

Compression Pressure: 10-15mm Hg

Material: 95% nylon, 5% Lycra spandex

Length: Knee-high

Quantity: 1-pack

Their comfort, fitting and gentle touch sets these compression socks apart. They feature an ultra-smooth toe closure for more ease and comfort with shoes. They don’t slide down either; the pull-on closure style ensures a snug fit with a respectable amount of compression. You can even wash them in the machine without worrying about the fabric dying out or losing its flexibility.


  • Imported, high-quality materials for long-term usage.
  • Graduated pressure suited for elderly, pregnant ladies, and workers.
  • Breathable, light, and cotton-free.
  • Good sizing and beautiful prints.


  • No cushioned or padded zones.
  • Sizing can be a bit tricky, so measure well before ordering.

5. Best for the Budget: SB SOX Compression Socks

SB SOX Compression Socks (20-30mmHg) for Men & Women – Best Compression Socks for All Day Wear,...
  • ✅ Improve Blood Circulation: Our 20-30mmHg compression socks boost your blood circulation and...
  • ✅ All Day Comfort: Our socks are very comfortable, lightweight, and breathable so that you can...
  • ✅ Decrease Swelling and Fatigue: Our graduated compression socks provide the ideal compression to...

If you want to get your hands on compression socks for the elderly without breaking the bank, then the SB SOX stockings are just for you! We are highly impressed by the solid color schemes on their socks and the features they offer for such an economical price. Once you put them on, they relieve aching feet and legs in no time.

Designed to provide relatively medium compression pressure of 20-30mm Hg, the SB SOX socks are a perfect choice for people in the senior age group. This pressure gradient keeps blood pumping to relieve you from fatigue and swelling. We were particularly impressed by the fabric material, an imported mix of nylon and spandex. This material boasts of keeping your feet dry and ventilated with no compromise on joint and muscle motion. 

Compression Pressure: 20-30mm Hg

Material: 80% nylon, 20% spandex

Length: Knee-high

Quantity: 1-pack

These stockings will be perfect for you whether you decide to lounge in or go to the workplace. Their size chart is extensively detailed, with four available sizes for men and women so you can achieve that fitted look. Once you wear compression socks, you’ll notice a cushioned heel and toe for long-term comfort. Moreover, these pressure stockings promise to keep you free from microbial growth and foul odors.


  • Moderate to firm compression alleviates pain and boosts circulation.
  • Comfortable, breathable with cushioned heel and toe.
  • Moisture-free and conforms to the leg.
  • Price-friendly tag.


  • Slightly challenging to put on initially.
  • No refunds and replacement policy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing Compression Socks

Compression socks, or support hoses, are most commonly used by the elderly. However, just like every invention, compression socks come with both advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the situation, you must be able to decide whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Benefits of Support Hose

When worn correctly, compression socks play a huge role in improving blood circulation. They fight swelling and fatigue and help heal injuries in the leg and ankle. Since older people are more prone to diabetes and venous diseases, compression socks benefit them.

The socks are designed to help stimulate blood flow so blood can reach the feet more quickly.  The compressive nature prevents cramping and lactic acid production, resulting in healthy blood and better oxygen delivery throughout the body. With a better stimulation of oxygen, the snug-fitting socks contribute to faster muscle recovery. 

Apart from the medical benefits, compression socks provide extra protection for the feet and legs. They keep your feet dry and minimize blisters while protecting your legs from minor scratches and bruises. 

Side Effects of Support Hose

There is no doubt that compression hosiery is highly beneficial for the use of the elderly. However, they do have a few known impacts on the user that aren’t always positive and can come with risks if not worn correctly.

Support hoses can be too tight for some to wear. People who are used to wearing loose clothes and don’t have the habit of wearing tight-fitting garments can find the socks uncomfortable and restricting. If they do not fit correctly, rather than help with increased blood flow, they can do the opposite and reduce circulation in the legs.

Wearing compression socks can also be a risk for people with vascular diseases and those who do not have enough arterial circulation. Wearing the wrong type or size can cause unintended consequences due to too much or uneven pressure. Wrongly chosen material can also have effects on the skin, such as rashes, itchiness, and redness, which could lead to further problems related to the skin.

These detrimental effects may be minor but can lead to more significant problems that can be potentially dangerous for older individuals. One should understand the benefits and the risks of wearing compression socks before deciding if the stockings are the right choice for them.  

Buying Guide for the Best Compression Socks for Elderly

It’s overwhelming and stressful to shop for a good brand of compression socks. With so many options and products to pick from, it can be a nightmare if you don’t know what you need. So, here’s a little help. The best compression socks are made with premium material that is flexible, comfy, and perfectly sized with adequate pressure. The features that culminate in the best compression socks for seniors are briefly described below.

Compression Strength

It is essential to discuss the compression level with your doctor beforehand. Generally, light compression is a pressure below 20 mm Hg, whereas any tension level above 30 mm Hg is high. A moderate compression level would be around 20-30mm Hg, the recommended level for seniors. Low pressures are more suitable for general aches, discomfort, swelling, and tiredness. Medium compression is helpful for the elderly and people suffering from varicose veins. People with deep vein thrombosis, edema, high blood pressure, and lymphedema can benefit from high-pressure socks above 30 mm Hg.

Sock Length

The most common length of compression socks is knee-high, whereas thigh-high and full-length varieties are also in use. Most leg ailments can benefit from knee-high compression socks since they are relatively easy to wear. Patients requiring full-leg compression can opt for a hose up to their thighs. Whole-length stockings are meant to treat conditions that extend above the knee.

Fabric Quality

It is essential to note the materials used in sock manufacturing to ensure durability and longevity. The ideal compression stockings for the elderly are elastic, snugly, and breathable, so that should be the aim. Most cotton compression socks are crafted with synthetic fibers for cooling and ventilation—however, nylon, polyester, and Spandex top the game in flexibility and elasticity for greater mobility. Since compression socks aren’t cheap, you’d want to ensure the fabric is durable enough to last a while without tearing or losing its elasticity after a wash.

Size and Fitting

One can reap the most incredible benefits from compression socks with a perfect fitting. As a general rule of thumb, the socks should feel secure and snug but not too tight or cut into your skin. Wearing loose compression socks is a waste of money as they could aggravate your disease. Whereas anything too tight might restrict blood flow or cause skin creases and abrasions. Take time to measure your ankle, leg, and calf circumference for a secure fitting.

Comfort Level

Since you will spend the entire day in your compression socks, it is only wise to go for a comfortable product. Some compression socks for the elderly are designed with cushioning pads and soft fabric that is gentle on the skin. Based on your ease, you can select from closed-toe, open-toe, or zipper-lined stockings, which are super-easy to put on and remove.  

Additional Features

Like everything else, we believe that your great taste in shopping should not go unnoticed. Feel free to play around with various colors, prints, and styles to pick something that gives a decent impression. People who plan on wearing compression stockings to the workplace should purchase nude colors to go with their outfits for everyday wear. We’d also recommend an odorless and moisture-wicking fabric to avoid a sweaty smell.


It’s always a good idea to take care of yourself. And what safer way than to wear compression socks? Get a nice pair and enjoy the benefits of healthy living. You’ll see that being on your own feet gives you a newfound sense of independence.

Who says you need overpriced compression socks? Do your research well, and you’ll come across countless socks with creative designs and innovative features for an economical price. The average price of compression socks for the elderly ranges somewhere around $10-$20 per pair. Compare it to medical bills of rehab, physiotherapy, or tablet prescriptions, and you’ll agree that it’s worth a try!

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