Senior Magazine Ads

Revenge on Senior Magazine Ads

I usually don’t pay attention to the ads in senior magazines, but today I did.  I was browsing through a magazine at the store and noted the ads were catered to young people.  Later in the day,  I received our AARP magazine where ads catered to seniors. Some of these ads for seniors really bug…

Senior Stories

Proof Positive That Guitar Lessons Are for Anyone

Joe Luna, 86, has four main loves in his life: the University of Texas Football, his three sons, church, and classical guitar. For more than 25 years, Joe has faithfully attended guitar lessons with me on the first and third Thursday of every month, starting when I was still a college student teaching guitar out…

Senior Golfer Playing Senior Golf

Senior Golf: Finally Turning Fifty-Five

I am thrilled to be turning fifty-five this year, mainly because I will finally be eligible to join a fifty-five-and-over community. I plan to surround myself with like-minded individuals who want nothing to do with kids, pets, yard work, snow-shoveling, noise, parties, or anything else that does not involve senior golf. In fact, I am…

House Sitting

House Sitting FAQs: Travel the World

Retired and dreaming of senior travel but have to watch your wallet? Why not consider house sitting? I’ve been a house sitter for years now and have had amazing sits in Europe and the USA. Along the way, I’ve made lots of new friends and I can only say that house sitting has been a…

Cancer Mortality Radiation Time
Health & Medical

Cancer Mortality: Radiation Time

The Big “C” can play great games with the mind. In my case, it isn’t the first time. I’ve been plagued with one or more types of cancer and luckily avoided many others in my 83 years. But, regardless of what I am facing, there are days it just runs amuck in my brain. 3…


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