15 Best Errand Services For Seniors (Elderly Favorites)

Best Errand Services for Seniors

There’s a lot of joy that comes along with aging. Some individuals may need a little assistance along the way. Luckily, a handful of senior errand services can help individuals no matter what their need is.

Errand services vary from helping individuals with mundane or labor-intensive tasks to in-home healthcare and companionship. For seniors that struggle with independence and have no family members nearby, senior errand services can provide extra support.

Senior errand services are synonymous with the term ‘concierge services,’ derived from the French word ‘keeper of keys,’ insinuating these individuals are working as the personal assistant to their clients.

Below are the top fifteen errand services for seniors that don’t require them to leave their home’s comfort and where to get support for transportation if they do.

Cooking and Meal Prep Relieves Stress

Some senior citizens experience mobility loss due to aging or limitations from a chronic health condition. These circumstances make it challenging to live alone and perform daily living activities. It’s especially true when there aren’t any immediate friends or family around for added support.

In these circumstances, in-home care may be an option to help compensate for these limitations. These services range from cooking meals and meal prepping, personal care assistance, care with finances, help around the house, or custodial care assistance.

Home Health Aids

For individuals who require more in-depth care for their needs, home health aides can support daily living activities such as; bathing, medication monitoring, and sometimes transportation to and from appointments. These services can range from a couple of hours a day to a week and available for 24-hour help. All services customized to the needs of the individual.

Companionship Helps

Sometimes for seniors, it’s a matter of mental stimulation. Seniors who feel lonely or isolated are 60% more likely to have a negative outlook on life and decrease their lifespan. Not only that but the risk of developing unhealthy dietary habits (i.e., excessive drinking, lack of physical activity) and cognitive decline increase significantly.

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Reaching out to caregivers that can break up their day-to-day routine and visit with a senior for companionship creates a larger impact than some may think.

Apps Provide Pet Walking and Sitting Services

Depending on the individual, a senior may need someone to check on their pets when they’re away on holiday. Retirement can bring a lot more free time to travel and visit family members. This calls for assistance in making sure pets are safe and sound for their return home.

Dog Walking & Sitting

There are online services such as or that can help individuals find locals in the area to help their furry friends while they’re away. But, there are also companies that can board or routinely check on pets in their absence.

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While dog walking is a helpful way to get a low-impact exercise for seniors that also benefits them socially, it can cause problems if pets are untrained. Or, the dog may require more exercise than they can provide. Hiring a dog walker helps to ease the senior’s anxiety and create a calm living environment for both of them.

Landscaping Services Keep Homes Looking Sharp

Gardening and lawn care can be a fun activity for senior citizens. However, it can become labor-intensive and even dangerous during the winter months.

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Reaching out to a professional service can help alleviate some of the more strenuous landscaping tasks. They can help keep their yards as a place to escape outside the home.

Lawn Services

Professional lawn services can help seniors with watering, aerating the ground, fertilizing, and making sure the lawn stays trim. You name it, and their services can help provide a benefit for them.

Pet Waste Removal

Waste removal services can also be helpful for seniors. Bending over may cause a sore back or increase the risk of falls. A service like this allows them to enjoy the yard with their pets, entertain as needed, and continue light gardening without the added stress or discomfort of cleaning up after them.

Mobile Services Add Comfort to the Home

Beauty Care and Personal Grooming

Some services are brought right to the senior, and it’s a good thing, too. Providing some necessary beauty services ensures proper hygiene and health. Some seniors experience difficulty when trying to self-groom, especially with trimming their nails or having calluses.

It’s best to have a professional provide regular care, especially with individuals prone to ingrown nails. Other services they may include are facials, massage, and salon services.

Mobile Dentistry

Some dentists found an innovative approach to make sure that senior’s oral health is maintained. Although this a relatively new dentistry concept, it has picked up in popularity. Check your area to see what services they have available.

House-Call Physicians

There’s traction in some states for physicians to come door-to-door as well. Depending on the services available in your area, this makes the yearly checkup even easier.

Home Repair Services Are Just A Call Away

There may be instances where something goes awry with an appliance or lighting fixture. Luckily, there are plenty of sites that offer odd jobs and services to individuals in need.

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