20 Best Garden Kneelers for Seniors (Seats, Pads, and Stools Guide)

best garden kneelers for seniors

Gardening is a rewarding hobby with many benefits. Using one of the best garden kneelers for seniors will absolutely make the hobby even more enjoyable.

There is nothing that compares to the feeling of growing and nurturing your garden from small seedlings to flourishing flowers, vegetables, and herbs. For retirees and seniors, establishing a gardening hobby is a great way to stay active and improve mental health while also contributing to a healthy diet.

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But as we get older, it is important to support the body’s changing needs while engaging in strenuous activities, including gardening. Older adults are at higher risk for arthritis and other chronic pain or mobility issues, which can make it hard to participate in the kneeling and bending required to maintain a beautiful garden.

Luckily there are options out there to help, including gardening kneelers.

This article will go over some of the best types of garden kneelers available and give you the advantages and disadvantages of each in order to help you make the best decision for your needs.

Types of Garden Kneelers

Garden kneelers are a beneficial tool for everyone who gardens, whether they have an issue with mobility or not. Using a gardening kneeler can:

  • Provide cushion for your knees
  • Help you get down to the ground easier
  • Keep your pants and legs clean from dirt
  • Protects knees from sticks, pebbles, or other painful pieces in the soil
  • Prevent future mobility issues from pressure on the knees and back
  • Add extra comfort while gardening

There are a couple of major types of garden kneelers that boast differing features.

Garden Kneeler Pad

This is a simple thick pad usually made of foam, which is placed directly on the ground. It does not have handles or legs.

Garden Kneeler Seat

These kneelers are generally a foldable stool that can either be sat or kneeled on, depending on how you set it up.

As a stool, this type of kneeler allows you prune or harvest taller plants without bending and putting a strain on your back.

If you flip the seat upside down, it turns into a kneeler, with the legs acting as support to lower yourself and help you stand back up.

Garden Kneeler Pads vs Garden Kneeler Seats

Both types of kneelers have benefits and drawbacks to address varying needs, summarized in the tables below.

Garden Kneeler Pad


  • Lightweight and easy to move or store
  • Pad cleans easily with a simple wipe
  • Appropriate for any weight
  • Can use on level or uneven ground


  • No support for lowering to the ground
  • Can take up too much area space during use
  • Does not offer the best back support
  • May not be the best for injured knees

Garden Kneeler Seat


  • Versatility to prune taller or shorter plants
  • Provide support for knees and back
  • Most fold up for easy mobility and storage
  • Can add storage pouches or extra padding if needed


  • Some may have weight limits
  • Can be difficult to use on uneven ground
  • Some may be harder to clean
  • More expensive than pads

A benefit for both types of kneelers is that they can be versatile in their use. Garden kneeler pads or stools can also be used for:

  • Yoga and exercise
  • Bathing children or pets
  • Working on vehicles
  • Home maintenance tasks
  • Extra seating during outdoor activities
  • Outdoor step stool

Best Garden Kneeling Pads

Amazon's Choice
Dimple Kneeling Pad
Amazon's Choice
RED Home Club Garden Kneeler Pad
Best Seller
Gorilla Grip Premium Thick Kneeling Pad
Amazon's Choice
KI Store Garden Kneeling Pad
Dimple DC140132, High Density Thick Foam Comfort Kneeling Mats Yoga Exercise, Garden Cushions, Knee...
Thick Kneeling Pad, Garden Kneeler for Gardening, Bath Kneeler for Baby Bath, Kneeling Mat for...
Gorilla Grip Original Premium Thick Kneeling Pads, 2 Pack, Comfortable Foam Mats to Kneel On, Knee...
KI Store Garden Kneeling Pad Extra Thick for Gardening Work Bath Removable Neoprene Cover Large...
Amazon's Choice
Dimple Kneeling Pad
Dimple DC140132, High Density Thick Foam Comfort Kneeling Mats Yoga Exercise, Garden Cushions, Knee...
Amazon's Choice
RED Home Club Garden Kneeler Pad
Thick Kneeling Pad, Garden Kneeler for Gardening, Bath Kneeler for Baby Bath, Kneeling Mat for...
Best Seller
Gorilla Grip Premium Thick Kneeling Pad
Gorilla Grip Original Premium Thick Kneeling Pads, 2 Pack, Comfortable Foam Mats to Kneel On, Knee...
Amazon's Choice
KI Store Garden Kneeling Pad
KI Store Garden Kneeling Pad Extra Thick for Gardening Work Bath Removable Neoprene Cover Large...


Top 10 Garden Kneeler Pads

Dimple Kneeling Pad

Dimple DC140132, High Density Thick Foam Comfort Kneeling Mats Yoga Exercise, Garden Cushions, Knee...
  • PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT Lightweight gardening pad for easy transportation with a Built-in handle...
  • BEST DESIGN SIZE -17.8 inch x 11 Inch design provides for confortable and natural posture while...
  • EXTRA THICK HIGH DENSITY FOAM: 1.5” Thick and will not compress over time or absorb water in...

The Dimple garden kneeler pad is extra thick with 1.5 inches of EVA foam and is a large size at 17.8 inches by 11 inches. This lightweight pad has a handle for portability, and the dimpled texture ensures it stays in place.

This Amazon’s Choice kneeler pad was one of our top 4 selected best garden kneelers.

This kneeler pad is on the firm side and may be better for soft surfaces over hard surfaces. Users report the Dimple Kneeling Pad is supportive and comfortable for long periods of time.


  • Large size
  • Water-resistant, making it easy to wash and for use in damp soil
  • Great value with a two-pack for $20


  • Some users report this pad is too firm for bad knees


Navy Penguin Kneeling Pad

Kneeling Pad - 2 Foam Layers (Soft and Hard) - Garden, Baby Bath, Floor Cleaning, Praying and Wide...
  • 2 FOAM LAYERS - EACH WITH DIFFERENT DENSITY - as only kneeling pad on the market. Durable EVA foam...
  • COMFORTABLE SIZE - exact dimensions of this knee saver are 16.8" x 12.9" x 1". Designed to suit...
  • DURABLE AND HEAVY DUTY - the kneeling pad is constructed with high quality EVA foam material that...

This kneeling pad by Navy Penguin is extra large at approximately 17 inches long by 13 inches wide. The padding is 1 inch thick, with each side being a different density to support on different surfaces. Users do report this pad being on the firm side.

The carry handle makes the pad easy to transport, but it is extra-wide, so it will be bulkier. The Navy Penguin pad has an easily washable surface due to its moisture-resistant technology, helping it stay long-lasting for a range of activities.


  • Extra-large size
  • Carry handle
  • Two layers of EVA foam with density for different surfaces


  • The kneeler is firm on both sides
  • Not as thick as other options


RED Home Club Garden Kneeler Pad

Thick Kneeling Pad, Garden Kneeler for Gardening, Bath Kneeler for Baby Bath, Kneeling Mat for...
  • PATENT-PENDING COMFORTABLE KNEELING PAD - Our Patent-Pending kneeling pad is great for kneeling and...
  • EXTRA THICK 1-½ INCH - THICKER than other kneeling pads or garden kneelers on the market. Thick...
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL KNEELER - It’s great for gardening, but it is also great for baby bath time,...

This kneeler pad option is great for heavy-duty gardening and chores. It also one of our favorite Amazon’s Choice kneeling pads, which makes it one of the best garden kneelers available.

At 18 inches by 11 inches and 1.5 inches thick, this pad is extra-large and extra-wide. The dimpled texture helps it stay rooted to the ground, and the EVA foam is water-resistant, which allows for easy cleaning.

The RED kneeler pad comes in many colors to fit any taste. It is lightweight and has a handle for easy transporting. This pad is on the firmer side, making it better for use while gardening rather than on harder surfaces.


  • Multifunctional
  • Extra-large size
  • Good portability


  • Some users report color bleeding, especially after sun exposure
  • Firmness lessens the versatility


Gorilla Grip Premium Thick Kneeling Pad

Gorilla Grip Original Premium Thick Kneeling Pads, 2 Pack, Comfortable Foam Mats to Kneel On, Knee...
  • You Won't Believe You've Ever Lived Without This Kneeling Pad: made with ultra durable, high density...
  • So Many Uses: ideal for gardening, yoga and exercise, bathing your kids, sporting events, camping,...
  • Portable: lightweight and includes a built in handle, making it easy to carry from place to place

The Gorilla Grip is the best seller for gardening knee pads on Amazon due to its:

  • comfortable and supportive foam
  • versatility in uses
  • durability

The product even comes with a 10-year product guarantee. The pad is covered in vinyl material, making it easy to clean and sturdy against any marks or indents.

This kneeler is lightweight, but the dimpled texture makes it stay in place on the ground once you are kneeling on it. The firmness prevents knees from bottoming out and prevents the pad from cracking over time.

The Gorilla Grip mat is available in many different colors and is very affordable with a 2-pack priced at $24.99.


  • Supportive 1.5-inch thick firm foam
  • The durable vinyl coating keeps the pad protected from damage
  • Affordable and designs in many colors


  • Some users report color bleeding with certain designs
  • Firmness may be too hard for those with knee injuries


Happy Picnic PVC Coated Canvas Waterproof Knee Mat-Gardening Kneeler

HappyPicnic PVC Coated Canvas Waterproof Knee Mat-Gardening Kneeler Pad-Thick Garden Sitting or...
  • ★ Large bath kneeler pad with waterproof surface, you can wipe dirt with wet duster cloth...
  • ★ The PVC Coated Canvas cover of thick gardening knees support board is removable, can be taken...
  • ★ Kneeler cushion pad has lovely pattern & bright color, unique design of whole Amazon.

This product is highly rated for its great durability, thick padding, and cute design. The Happy Picnic kneeler is made of 2 inches of comfortable foam and is 17 inches long by 9.5 inches wide, which is very accommodating for all sizes.

With a removable and washable canvas cover with a beautiful floral design, this kneeler will look perfect in the garden.

The quality of this kneeler is elevated based on details such as:

  • The canvas carrying handle
  • Leather brand logo
  • High-quality zipper elevate the quality of this kneeler


  • The canvas cover is removable and easy to clean
  • One of the thickest foam pads on the market
  • Beautiful design and details


  • Some users report the material is somewhat slippery when using as a seat cushion


Ohuhu Premium Thick Kneeling Pad

Ohuhu Premium Thick Kneeling Pad, Large Comfortable Gardening Knee Pad Kneeling Mat with 2 Different...
  • Multifunctional Kneeling Pad: You only have one set of knees so make sure you treat them well!...
  • Built to Last: Your tools should work as hard as you do. This high-density gardening knee pad made...
  • Two Surfaces for Many Uses: Use the smooth side of this kneeling mat if you really need to go easy...

Ohuhu is a seasoned producer of gardening pads, making this option a best seller. This kneeler pad is built for maximum durability and resilience for many types of weather. Like many other models, the Ohuhu kneeler has a built-in handle for easy transport.

At 17 inches long and 11 inches wide, the Ohuhu kneeler pad is standard sized compared to other offerings. This model has a smooth side for ultimate knee comfort and a dimpled side to prevent skidding and sliding. Users report the soft-sided pad as being great for those with knee problems.


  • Different textured sides give versatility
  • Very durable even in adverse weather
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to clean


  • Some users say the product requires time to break in and become more comfortable


KI Store Garden Kneeling Pad

KI Store Garden Kneeling Pad Extra Thick for Gardening Work Bath Removable Neoprene Cover Large...
  • NOTICE: Memory foam is hard in low temperature in the first place, it would be re-soften when used...
  • Extra thick and shock-absorbing. High density memory foam kneeling pad with EVA foam well protect...
  • Double water-resistant layer protection. Neoprene cover makes it effectively block the water....

The KI kneeling pad is the best option for those who need softer pads, such as those with knee injuries. It made our list of best garden kneelers, which you’ll find to also be an Amazon’s Choice.

This pad is over 2 inches thick and made of shock-absorbing memory foam to protect the knees. The KI kneeler is compact at 13 inches long by 11 inches wide.

The double layer of water-resistant material keeps away mold and mildew and makes this kneeler easy to clean. The kneeler cover also removes and is machine washable and is available in green or grey colors. The pad can be folded and snapped together to store and easily transport using the durable canvas handle.


  • Easy to clean
  • Very compact to store
  • Super soft and comfortable for knees


  • Does not offer firm support
  • Material has a sinking-in feeling


InSassy (TM) Garden Kneeler Wave Pad

InSassy Garden Kneeler Pad - Kneeling Mat for Gardening Baby Bath Yoga Exercise & Prayer - High...
  • Made from Non-Recycled, Non-Toxic and High Density Foam to provide Firm support, yet Soft enough to...
  • This Heavy Duty Kneeling Mat protects your Knees both indoors and outdoors from Rough or Sharp...
  • InSassy (TM) Kneeler Wave Pads are the Largest & Thickest size on the market which means your knees...

This product is the best compact kneeler pad at 18 inches long by 8 inches wide. The InSassy kneeler is still thick and comfortable, at 4/5 of an inch thick, and is lightweight to carry with the built-in handle.

The InSassy kneeler is multipurpose, and the flexible design using high-density foam is soft on the knees. The pad is available in green, purple, orange, blue, or pink and the scalloping on the edges and the handle add a cute design element.


  • Made of soft, high-density foam
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Compact and portable


  • Some users report low durability due to softer foam


Cowelt Thick Kneeling Pad

Colwelt Thick Kneeling Pad 3Pack, Comfortable Kneeling Pads for Gardening, Colorful Garden Kneeler...
  • EXTRA THICK & IDEAL SIZE: Extra Large 16 X 12 inch, accommodates your knees with room to spare, but...
  • SUPER COMFORTABLE: this kneeling pads for gardening made with ultra thick and durable 1.7’’...
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL KNEELING MAT: This garden kneeler pad is absolutely perfect for everyday tasks!...

The Cowelt kneeling pads are extra-thick at 1.7 inches and extra-large at 16 inches long by 12 inches wide. This is a pack of three kneeling pads that allow you to use them in numerous places around the house and garden.

As the mats are only 0.2 pounds each, they are extremely lightweight and portable. The pads have ridges to help keep the pad from sliding underneath while using. The hollow design and low absorption quality make the Cowelt kneeler pad super quick-drying and easy to keep clean.


  • Extra-large and thick to better support many sizes
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Waterproof and easy to keep clean


  • Does not come with a covering for the foam
  • Not available in any neutral colors, only bright


Tabor Tools Kneeling Pad

TABOR TOOLS TR32A Kneeling Pad, Thick Comfortable Protective Kneeler, Cushion for Gardening, Baby...
  • COMFORTABLE KNEELING PAD - Helps reduce knee and back pain and protects your legs from rough...
  • DURABLE THICK 1 1/2" HIGH DENSITY FOAM – The mat measures 16” X 12”-inch and is 1.5” thick,...
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL. The mat is great for gardening, baby bath time, praying, household chores,...

The Tabor Tools product is a comfortable, dimpled model which gives firm support and long-term comfort. At 16 inches long by 12 inches wide, this is an extra-large pad, and the foam is 1.5 inches thick for added comfort.

This pad is lightweight and durable, so it is great for many indoor and outdoor uses. The Tabor Tools kneeler is water-resistant and dries quickly.


  • Dimpled to prevent sliding
  • Extra-wide size and thick padding
  • Durable to prevent tearing


  • Users report there is a breaking-in period before the mat becomes more comfortable
  • Thick and large size can make it bulkier to store


Best Garden Kneeler Benches

Best Seller
AbcoSport Garden Kneeler and Seat
Amazon's Choice
TomCare Garden Kneeler Seat
Amazon's Choice
Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat
Amazon's Choice
XCSOURCE Garden Kneeler and Seat
Garden Kneeler And Seat - Protects Your Knees, Clothes From Dirt & Grass Stains - Foldable Stool For...
TomCare Garden Kneeler Seat Garden Bench Garden Stools Foldable Stool with Tool Bag Pouch EVA Foam...
Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat with 2 Tool Pouches, 2-in-1 Foldable Garden Bench Garden Stools,...
Garden Kneeler And Seat With 2 Bonus Tool Pouches - Portable Garden Bench EVA Foam Pad With Kneeling...
Best Seller
AbcoSport Garden Kneeler and Seat
Garden Kneeler And Seat - Protects Your Knees, Clothes From Dirt & Grass Stains - Foldable Stool For...
Amazon's Choice
TomCare Garden Kneeler Seat
TomCare Garden Kneeler Seat Garden Bench Garden Stools Foldable Stool with Tool Bag Pouch EVA Foam...
Amazon's Choice
Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat
Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat with 2 Tool Pouches, 2-in-1 Foldable Garden Bench Garden Stools,...
Amazon's Choice
XCSOURCE Garden Kneeler and Seat
Garden Kneeler And Seat With 2 Bonus Tool Pouches - Portable Garden Bench EVA Foam Pad With Kneeling...


Top 10 Garden Kneeler Benches

TomCare Garden Kneeler Seat

TomCare Garden Kneeler Seat Garden Bench Garden Stools Foldable Stool with Tool Bag Pouch EVA Foam...
  • A Multi-functional Kneeler: It is not only a kneeler but also a seat, you can use it as a kneeler...
  • Two Convenient Tool Bags: One large tool bag has 4 pockets, and another small tool bag has 3...
  • Easy to Store: With portable and foldable stool, light-weight, our kneeler is easy to storage, and...

TomCare is a reputable brand for home and garden products. It’s easy to see why this Amazon’s Choice made our list of best garden kneelers.

Their 2-in-1 garden kneeler and seat comes in the regular size and an upgraded wider version with more room for larger bodies or extra space while using.

Both sizes can accommodate up to 330 pounds, making it one of the most versatile models on the market. The spring-loaded folding feature makes this seat easy to collapse and store or transport.

The original TomCare garden kneeler seat is 15 inches long by 6 inches wide, while the upgraded version is more spacious at 16 inches by 8 inches. One pocket on the original model can be moved from the right or left side when the user is seated and kneeling.

For more serious gardeners, the upgraded kneeler includes duel pouches with wider pockets for more storage.


  • Sturdy and can hold up to 330 pounds
  • Two versions to fit a range of users
  • Versatile storage space
  • Easy to fold and carry


  • More complex model than others


Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat with 2 Bonus Tool Pouches

Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat with 2 Tool Pouches, 2-in-1 Foldable Garden Bench Garden Stools,...
  • ✿ HAPPY KNEES: This handy garden kneeler features an elevated kneeling pad that reduces aches from...
  • ✿ KNEELING PAD & GARDEN CHAIR: Flips over to become a garden chair so you can tend to your...
  • ✿ FOLDS EASILY: Comes assembled, and opens and closes in a quick snap so you can get down to your...

The Ohuhu Garden Kneeler is a highly rated option due to its durability, maneuverability, and comfort. It’s an Amazon’s choice for garden kneelers and made our favorites list.

This kneeler can accommodate up to 330 pounds, and the seat pad is 16 inches long by 6.5 inches wide.

The pad for the seat and kneeler sides are made of extra-thick EVA foam, which gives great support for the knees and back.

This kneeler collapses and unfolds easily through a push lever making it a great option for someone with limited hand mobility.

The Ohuhu kneeler comes with duel tool pouches on both sides, which keeps all your tools organized. They use Velcro attachments and can be relocated to use in the kneeler or seated positions.


  • Slightly wider than other offerings
  • The thick pad supports knees


  • Tool pouch pockets are small
  • Some users report quick rusting of the metal frame
  • The kneeler pad is thinner than the seat pad and less comfortable


Miracle-Gro 4-in-1 Garden Stool

Miracle-Gro 4-in-1 Roll N Kneel Gardening Accessory, Blue/Green/Yellow
  • Large garden scooter with carry handle and oversize easy rolling wheels!
  • Large and comfortable garden seat - 225Lb capacity!
  • Garden kneeler with foam padding and side uprights for easy standing back up!

This garden kneeler is a unique design that uses a wheeled storage bin with a nested 2-in-1 stool and kneeler. The combined stool and kneeler area is quite large at 23 inches long, 9 inches wide, and it has a weight capacity of 220 pounds. Other options can hold more weight than this bench because the Miracle-Gro stool is made of plastic and is more lightweight at 4.4 pounds.

The wheels allow for easy transport, although there is no handle to pull the product from a standing position. Some users have solved this flaw by tying a rope to use as a leash pull. Regardless, the 3 gallons of storage in the compartment is great for storing tools and other supplies.

The kneeler side has a built-in pad, but the seat side does not. This could be solved by using a canvas pillow or purchasing a separate gardening pad to set on top.


  • Unique wheeled design
  • 3 gallons of built-in storage
  • Very weather-resistant


  • The stool seat is approximately 11 inches high, which is shorter than other options
  • Lower weight capacity
  • No pull handle unless you attach one
  • No pad on the seat side


XCSOURCE Garden Kneeler and Seat

Garden Kneeler And Seat With 2 Bonus Tool Pouches - Portable Garden Bench EVA Foam Pad With Kneeling...
  • ➽UPGRADED CUSHIONING EVA FOAM PAD➽ New version Eva foam pad has widened cushions on both sides,...
  • ➽2 HANDY BONUS TOOL STORAGE POCKETS ➽Tool kit pouches fixed on both steel pipe handles (see the...
  • ➽ALL-PURPOSE FOLDING GARDEN KNEELING PAD ➽ Multi-purpose chair with sturdy side bars and tool...

The XCSOURCE Garden Kneeler and Seat is an Amazon’s Choice and made our list of favorite garden kneelers.

This garden kneeler is extra wide and extra thick, at 7.8 inches wide by approximately 22 inches long. The 1 inch of padding on both sides provides plenty of support for knees and back, and the side rails are very supportive to help raise off the kneeler.

At 19 inches tall, this is a perfect height for tending to taller plants without straining the back. The spring-loaded latches make the kneeler easy to fold and store. At 7 pounds, this model is lightweight but still sturdy.

This XCSOURCE kneeler comes with rubber feet on the bottom to protect the metal frame from rust. There are side storage pouches with two large pockets that can slide on and off to wash or attach to a lawn chair on each side.


  • Extra-wide seat
  • Thick, supportive padding on both sides
  • High-quality large storage pouches on both sides


  • Some users report the foam drying and cracking in high temperatures


MTB Supply Folding Garden Kneeler Seat Bench

MTB Heavy Duty Folding Garden Kneeler and Seat for Weeding and Portable Garden Stool Seat with Bonus...
  • Gardeners kneeler bench makes it quite convenient for you to use it as a seat when its standing...
  • Foam-padded cushion to reduce pressure on your knees when kneeling and keep you away from dirt and...
  • Opening and closing this gardening kneelers seat is very easy. It doesn't take up much room and can...

The MTB Supply Folding kneeler is a simple option that offers the benefits of a kneeler and seat. The dimpled foam pad is durable and supportive for the knees and back. This model supports up to 250 pounds, and the pad is 16 inches long by 6 inches wide.

With 23 inches of height, this option is better for taller individuals. Because the legs are taller than average, this seat is better used on level ground. The steel frame is powder-coated, which makes it resistant to rust.

The MTB Garden Kneeler comes pre-assembled and folds to carry or store with ease. This kneeler comes with a side tool pouch that can be removed to wash or moved to the opposite side.


  • Durable and rust-resistant
  • Supports up to 250 pounds
  • Folds to be portable and stored


  • Should be used on level ground
  • Better for taller individuals


AbcoSport Garden Kneeler and Seat

Garden Kneeler And Seat - Protects Your Knees, Clothes From Dirt & Grass Stains - Foldable Stool For...
  • GARDEN KNEELING MADE EASY – Abcosport deep-seat garden kneeler makes it quite convenient for you...
  • STRONG METALLIC FRAME – The strong metallic frame not only imparts it strength and durability but...
  • DOUBLES AS A SEAT – The kneeler can be flipped over to convert it into a comfortable seat that can...

AbcoSport’s Garden Kneeler and Seat is an Amazon Best Seller and has excellent ratings; making our list of best garden kneelers.

This 2-in-1 kneeler seat by Abco Tech is a functional, well-built offering on the higher end of the price range. This model has a thick 1-inch pad on both the seat and kneeling sides, and the metallic frame makes it sturdy yet lightweight to carry.

The kneeler and seat pad are 16 inches long by six inches wide, so it is on the narrow side. The weight capacity is approximately 225 pounds.

The spring-load mechanism makes the AbcoSport kneeler easy to fold and compact to store. This kneeler also comes with a storage pouch that uses Velcro holdings to be easier moved depending on the kneeler’s position.


  • Easy to fold and store
  • Durable and multipurpose
  • Sturdy materials


  • Not great for use on uneven ground
  • The kneeler seat pad is narrow
  • Pad is not very thick


Gardener’s Supply Company Garden Kneeler

Gardener's Supply Company Extra Wide-Seat Folding Garden Kneeler Purple
  • BENEFITS- 30% Wider seat/knee pad front to back than standard kneeler, cushioned surface is easy on...
  • SIMPLE STORAGE- Folds flat for storage
  • MEASUREMENTS- 24" W x 9-1/2" D x 19-1/2" H with a 8-1/2" D cushion - Holds 250lbs

This is the best garden kneeler bench if you are looking for a wider version. At 16.5 inches long and 9 inches wide, the Gardener’s Supply Company garden kneeler is 30% wider than most product offerings. The 3/4-inch EVA foam pad on both sides and the rust-resistant steel frame make this kneeler comfortable, sturdy, and long-lasting.

This kneeler’s extra-wide base makes it more stable to the ground and supports up to 250 pounds. The legs are supportive for lowering yourself to the ground and getting back up. Being extra-sturdy does mean this option is slightly heavier at 9 pounds.


  • 30% wider than average models
  • Rust-resistant sturdy frame
  • Comfortable thick pad


  • Slightly heavier than other options
  • Does not come with a storage pouch, but you can add one if desired


5 Star Foldable Garden Kneeler and Seat

5 STAR SUPER DEALS 5Star Foldable Garden Kneeler with Handles and Seat - Bonus Tool Pouch - Portable...
  • ✅ GARDENING MADE EASY - Side rails makes sitting, getting up, getting down and kneeling easy. The...
  • ✅ VERSATILE & FOLDABLE SEAT & BENCH - You can use this garden kneeler seat as a bench to do chores...
  • ✅ STURDY, LIGHTWEIGHT & HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL- 300 lb weight capacity makes it stronger, safer and...

The 5 Star garden kneeler is a versatile, multipurpose option great for many different tasks. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds and has a thick foam pad on both the kneeler and seat sides. There is one included side pouch with three pockets to hold tools and supplies.

The steel frame is solid and provides enough support to lower yourself to the ground or lift back up off the kneeler.

At 16 inches long by 6 inches wide, the pad’s size is standard compared to other offerings. The legs are 19 inches tall, making it great for sitting in a comfortable position without straining your back.

This kneeler is sturdy and easily folds for storage. It is best used on a more level surface during use, as some users report that the frame is sensitive with too much movement.

One other caveat is that the pad is not entirely stained or waterproof, so this stool should be stored indoors when not in use.


  • Sturdy steel frame
  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • Comfortable EVA foam pad on both sides


  • Not fully stain-resistant or waterproof
  • Must be used on a level surface


Ebung Garden Kneeler & Seat

The 2-in-1 garden kneeler and bench by Ebung is one of the top-rated garden kneelers available. At 15.8 inches long and 6 inches wide, this option is a more compact seat. The foam pad is approximately 1-inch thick, offering plenty of support for sitting or kneeling. The kneeler stands 19 inches tall in the bench position, making it perfect for pruning taller plants.

The Ebung kneeler folds up for easy storage and carrying. The legs are extremely sturdy due to the locking feature. And in the kneeling position, the legs provide great handrail support if you struggle to get up or down to the ground.

This garden kneeler also comes with a side pocketed pouch, made of washable polyester material that is perfect for holding garden tools, phone, or cleaning supplies during use.


  • Supports up to 220 pounds
  • Lockable legs make it very sturdy
  • Foam pad offers comfort and support in both kneeling and sitting positions
  • Lightweight and easy to carry at 6.5 pounds


  • The size of the pad may not accommodate larger bodies
  • Other models support more weight


Step2 Garden Kneeler Seat

Step2 Garden Kneeler Seat - Durable Plastic Gardening Stool with Kneeling Cushion Pad, Multicolor
  • Kneel in cushion comfort or turn it over to sit at proper height for gardening chores
  • Molded-in handles allow for easy transportation
  • One time snap lock assembly

The Step2 Garden Kneeler is another two-in-one option for kneeling or sitting garden tasks. This is an alternative for metal-frame garden kneelers for those who would prefer plastic. The heavy-duty double-walled plastic makes this seat great for heavier gardening activities and can be easily washed off afterward.

The kneeling side provides ample room at 21.8 inches lengthwise and 10.8 inches wide and includes a foam pad for knee comfort. The sturdy legs can act as handrails and have molded handles for added support when lowering to the ground or standing up. When using the stool position, the Step2 Garden Kneeler stands approximately 16 inches.

There is no foam cushioning on the seated part, so this option is better for someone who wants firmer support.


  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Easy to clean
  • Supports up to 250 pounds
  • Easy to assemble


  • No foam padding when using as a seat
  • Does not fold, which can make it bulky to carry or store
  • Users report water can get inside the hollow plastic components, which could be fixed by drilling drainage holes in the legs


Concluding Thoughts on Garden Kneelers

After analyzing the pros and cons of our 20 best garden kneelers, you should feel more confident in making a purchasing decision based on your own needs.

Amazon’s Best Items for Seniors

If you’re still uncertain, here’s a list of best seller garden kneelers on Amazon.

Bestseller No. 1
Garden Kneeler and Seat, Upgraded Folding Garden Bench Stool Portable Garden Kneeler Gardening Tools...
  • 【UPGRADED VERSION WITH DETACHABLE BELT】It comes with a adjustable belt that can be connected to...
  • 【BETTER COMFORT AND HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL】 The Upgraded Folding Garden bench is made of high...
  • 【TWO GARDENING TOOL POUCHES& FOUR DETACHABLE PROTECTORS】Different form other products on the...
Bestseller No. 2
SONGMICS Folding Garden Kneeler, with Upgraded Thicken Kneeling Pad and 2 Upgraded Large Tool...
  • WHAT YOU NEED: Are you tired of hurting your knees when gardening? You need a practical stool that...
  • POWER CUSHION: Stop worrying about knee, back pain and bruises, our kneeling stool bench comes with...
  • EASY FOLDING: With just a snap, you can unfold and fold back this great kneeling stool. No need to...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Ohuhu Upgraded Garden Kneeler and Seat with Thicken & Widen Soft Kneeling Pad, Foldable Garden Stool...
  • 🍀 Dual Function Gardening Aid: This versatile device is the perfect way to ease gardening’s...
  • 🍀 Ultimate Comfort: Show your body some love. The ultra-soft cushion reduces painful pressure on...
  • 🍀 Tough and Weather-proof: The Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat is as durable as they come. A solid...



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