Finance Retirement

Inadequate Social Security Cola: Most Important Issue Facing Seniors

In a recent poll by the nonprofit TREA Senior Citizens League, seniors ranked their need for a fair and realistic Social Security cost-of-living increase far more critical to them than the new Medicare drug benefit, or even the ability to import medicine at lower costs from abroad. This comes as no surprise to other seniors….

Health & Medical Retirement

Greedy Seniors Ruining & Bankrupting America

These days of so-called health care reform you can’t avoid newspaper headlines blaming seniors for selfishly spending so much of our national budget on their healthcare. This column, written in 2006, shows that little has changed… Greedy geezers get blamed for all America’s financial ills these days. What with gazillions of dollars going for Social…

Finance Retirement

Rolling the Dice With Our Social Security Scares Seniors

With the Bush administration shouting “Wolf!” it’s no wonder we seniors are spooked. Daily our president and his friends predict “an iceberg ahead” which will render Social Security “flat bust, bankrupt, unless the United States Congress has got the willingness to act now.” It’s no surprise that the White House pushes to privatize Social Security….

Finance Retirement

Crystal Balling

Every now and then I get out the old Crystal Ball and try to take a look down the road to see if there are any speed bumps coming up for seniors. Occasionally I run across a real surprise like finding out that we are no longer getting Social Security payments. Somewhere along the way,…

Political Retirement

Seniors Take Another Hit from Washington

While it has been rumored for a while that the nearly 60 million Americans who draw Social Security benefits may find them frozen again this year it has finally been confirmed by Washington that there will be no Social Security cost-of-living increase in 2011. Not only was such duly noted in the news media on…


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