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Velcro Shoes for Elderly Persons: Comfort & Quality Guide

Velcro Shoes for Elderly Seniors Men & Women

The Sillian Bella Mary Jane flat is blessed with an ortholite footbed that supports users.

These velcro shoes are ideal for those with the following medical conditions:

  • diabetes,
  • circulatory issues,
  • and other related medical problems

The EVA midsole also provides shock absorption to remove stress from various pressure points. The shoes boast a 1.35” heel too. So, you’ll look as great as you feel.

When looking for elderly velcro shoes, you don’t want it to be obvious that they are for medical or stability reasons. Clarks has designed a shoe that genuinely looks great and could easily pass for a standard fit shoe. When combined with the comfort and durability that they offer, they are probably the best flat on the market.

The Clarks flat is a fairly priced option for practicality and style. They’re available in four colors, as well as narrow, standard, or wide fits.

PUMA Women’s Basket Platform Strap Wn Sneaker

Thumbs Up - Pros


  • Fits True to Size
  • Stylish Design
  • Comfortable

Thumbs Down - Cons


  • Stiff soles

Puma’s sporty and youthful strap sneakers bring the fun factor to velcro tennis shoes for elderly ladies. Both the white and apple cinnamon are stunning solutions.

The wide single velcro strap offers easy opening and fastening. However, it looks like a design feature rather than one borne out of necessity. When coupled with the leather material, this is a supportive shoe that you’ll be happy to wear in any situation. Whether used for physical activities or shopping, you will look and feel the part. It promotes itself as a fashion lifestyle sneaker and lives up to it.

A 1.5” sole platform offers stability that lasts for many months. Inside, the softness of the material supports the breathable design and velcro opening. The sneaker fits around your foot to perfection. Even if you have to readjust the strap throughout the day due to swelling, comfort is assured.

The Puma trainer is available in half sizes too. While only width style is on offer, the adjustable strap does offer good versatility.

What are Velcro Shoes for the Elderly?

Velcro shoes for the elderly are any footwear that uses velcro for tightening and loosening.

When looking at prospective footwear choices, there are several key features to consider. However, the type of fastening is perhaps the most critical element as we get older. Velcro shoes remove the dexterity issues linked to laces. It also reduces the potential trip hazards from laces coming untied.

Best Bowling Shoes for Seniors

Similarly, velcro is a more forgiving fastening type. This can prevent tightness issues linked to buckles and other options.

Velcro shoes for seniors are suitable for either male or female wearers. Likewise, many types of shoes can incorporate velcro fastening. Examples include walking boots, tennis shoes for the elderly, and smart-casual shoes. Many shoes aimed primarily at younger adults also include velcro solutions. Nevertheless, the appeal of velcro shoes becomes more noticeable as we get older.

In fact, the popularity of velcro shoes among Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation has reached new heights. And they could be the perfect option for you – as long as you make find the right pair.

Why Choose Velcro Shoes for Seniors?

Buying velcro shoes simply because your friends or family have made a recommendation isn’t good enough. Conducting personal research confirms whether they are the best choice for your specific needs. Better still, it’ll also point you towards the best pair of shoes.

7 Shoes That Are Good for Your Feet, According to Doctors

There are many reasons why velcro shoes are the perfect footwear for daily usage. The most telling incentives include the following:

  • Extreme comfort, even for long periods.
  • Extra stability to promote safer walking.
  • Protection to the entire leg.
  • Simplicity to put on, strap, undo and remove.
  • Added durability, which also makes them cost-effective in the long run.
  • Versatile style and colors.
  • Adaptability to reflect age-related changes.
  • Lightweight shoes’ attributes promote a natural stride.
  • Good traction, preventing slips.
  • Extra padding to the heels and toes to prevent extra strain.

Velcro shoes for elderly ladies and men are a practical solution for your comfort, safety, style, and budget. When you find the right pair, they can be the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Who are Velcro Shoes for?

Velcro shoes aren’t only for seniors, but older citizens are very well suited to them. Fat protection around the feet commonly becomes reduced over time, resulting in a greater need for support. When combined with the plethora of benefits detailed above, it’s clear that velcro shoes are the answer.

Footwear Tips for Older People

However, some people are set to see even more noticeable rewards than most. Some of the greatest beneficiaries include:

  • Individuals who have arthritis or related conditions that could make it very difficult to tie up laces or remove other types of footwear.
  • Seniors that continue to lead active lives but find that their feet feel tired and irritated. This is often particularly bad after hours of wearing alternative shoes.
  • Anyone who has experienced trips, falls, or a loss of balance when wearing other types of shoes around town.
  • People who are prone to feet swelling as velcro shoes allow for long-term comfort even as feet get bigger.
  • Elderly individuals who have diabetes or other health conditions. These could impact blood sugar or blood circulation.

Velcro shoes for seniors are an ideal choice to help manage a wide range of foot-related health problems. They won’t reverse the damage of the condition. However, the right footwear can help manage the issues. The result is happiness and comfort throughout.

What to look for in Velcro Shoes for Elderly Seniors?

Whether purchasing your first pair of velcro shoes, replacing an old pair, or adding a second pair to your wardrobe doesn’t matter. Your feet deserve the very best. Therefore, knowing what to look for when browsing the market is an essential form of preparation.

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