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TV Cop Outs: Another “Are You Older Than Dirt?” Quiz

TV Cop Outs Trivia Quiz

Check out our TV Cop Quiz. See how well you know your favorite TV Cop show from the past.

  1. The TV series Peter Gunn debuted in 1958. Craig Stevens played Peter Gunn, “the guy who was tough enough to win over the mob, the cops, and the critics.” Who played the role of Edie Hart, the sultry blonde Peter could not resist?
  2. Dum da Dum dum. Dragnet! “This is the City!” What was Sergeant Joe Friday’s badge number?
  3. Cagney and Lacey led the way into women in law enforcement. What were the first names of these wonderfully complex detectives?
  4. Starsky and Hutch were two of the coolest undercover cops in town. They joined forces to solve the toughest cases, battling the hard-nosed Captain Dobey to fight crime in their own unconventional way. With the assistance of the irrepressibly hip Huggy Bear, they got the bad guys, every time. What were the names of the actors in this fast-paced series?
  5. Mannix was a popular TV show that aired from 1967 to 1973. Who was the show’s star and who played Mannix’s secretary, a policeman’s widow, fondly known as “The Queen of the Background Check?”
  6. Beretta, a show about an undercover cop, aired in the 1970s. The star was Robert Blake, who is still making news today. What was the name of Beretta’s bird?
  7. Can you name three actors who have played Detective Andy Sipowicz’s partner on the long-running show NYPD Blue?
  8. The Rockford Files ran from September 1974 to July 1980. Can you name three of the show’s stars?
  9. Robert Wagner starred in three TV series. One of them co-starred Stephanie Powers. Can you name the series, in which Wagner and Powers played husband and wife sleuths?
  10. In the series Remington Steele, who played Remington, and who played Laura Holt?


1. Lola Allbright played the brassy blonde with a heart of gold and a soft spot for Peter Gunn.

2. Joe Friday, underplayed by Jack Webb, wore badge number 714. “Just the facts, Ma’am.”

Christine Cagney (happily single) was portrayed by several actresses, but most memorable was Sharon Gless. Tyne Daly’s portrayal of Mary Beth Lacey (married with children) was unforgettable. Cagney & Lacey was the first TV crime show in which the two central characters were female.

4. Streetwise Dave Starsky, played by volatile Paul Michael Glaser with David Soul in the role of soft-spoken Ken Hutchenson put this TV crime/adventure show at the top of the ratings. Bernie Hamilton was Captain Harold Dobey and Antonio Fargas was the irrepressible Huggy Bear. Many fans watched the show just to see what Huggy Bear would wear next.

5. Darkly handsome Mike Connors starred as Mannix with Gail Fisher as his secretary, Peggy Fair. Without Peggy, Mannix would have never solved all those crimes.

6. FRED!!

7. First was David Caruso (Det. John Kelly). Caruso left the show for bigger and better things only he could see. (He now stars as Horatio Kane in the CSI spin-off CSI-Miami.)

Then came Jimmy Smits (Det. Bobby Simone). Bobby journeyed to the big precinct in the sky after a heart transplant.

Rick Schroder (Det. Danny Sorenson) was murdered during an undercover operation at a strip club.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar is at the present, Sopowitz’s partner. Through thick and thin these two have managed to stay together. But you never know………..

8. Jim Rockford: James Garner
Joseph “Rocky” Rockford: Noah Beery, Jr.
Det. Dennis Becker: Joe Santos
Evelyn “Angel” Martin: Stuart Margolin

9. The series was “Hart to Hart.”

10. Remington Steele: Pierce Brosnan
Laura Holt: Stephanie Zimbalist

TV Cop Quiz: Name, rank, and badge number

If you scored:

8 to 10 correctly: You are ready to help Cagney and Lacey solve the next homicide case.

6 to 8 correctly: Huggy Bear will loan you a hat.

4 to 6 correctly: Peter Gunn is investigating.

1 to 3 correctly: You will never, ever be called upon to wear a badge.

0 correctly: Bad cop. No donut.




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