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Wake up American Voters

“Get Rid of the Pond Scum. Vote the Bastards Out!”

There are days when I just get so disgusted and depressed with our representation in Washington.

In my home state of Oregon, I know at least three of the Reps are spineless, yellow, selfish cowards. They think a constituent is someone who works with a sewing machine. Yet they remain in office, buoyed up by the special interest money they are so eager to grab, and then have the audacity to tell the people they took it so they could do wonderful things for the people they represent.

Wake up American Voters……..Vote the bastards out. Get rid of the pond scum. DO NOT BE TAKEN IN BY ELECTION YEAR VAPOR PROMISES.

Thankfully, each and every poll taken since the passage of the Medicare “Enhancement” bill has shown overwhelmingly that America thinks it stinks, that it was a graft oriented passage.

Everything is crammed with pork. Taxpayers for Common Sense also has other great resources, at: http://www.taxpayer.net/

Stop the Madness….vote common sense. Activate yourself and deactivate the leeches.

And FYI, for anyone concerned about AARP membership and some of the insurance coverages available through them, 5-8 cents of every dollar you spend with those companies goes to help people like William Novelli, the turncoat leader of the group, to screw the members.

Contact any local Insurance Agent. Chances are real good, he/she can give you an equivalent or even better deal.

Ted Minnard



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