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Where is the Most Perfect Place to Live?

Headlines last summer said, “Half the country wilts under unrelenting heat.” I couldn’t help but wonder if there is “the” perfect place to live in the US. Northerners like going south in the winter but you never hear about a big exodus from the south to the north in the summer. I am sure some…

Retire in Costa Rica: Retirement in Costa Rica for Americans

Retire in Costa Rica? (Yes, You Can Afford Retirement)

After a lifetime of hard work, harder winters – and possibly hard up for money – how about retiring in Costa Rica. It’s a relatively safe place where the temperature’s always in the 70s, complete healthcare costs less than $50 a month for the two of you, where a two-bed, two-bath house rents for about…

Turning 65 Years Old

Turning 65 Years Old: Scream About Getting Old

Even the benefits of Social Security, Medicare, and senior movie discounts fail to offset the urge to scream. I am 65 years old and I want to scream. Turning 65 years old is one of those life passages – like college hazing and infantry basic training – many men would rather avoid contemplating until it’s upon…

Seniors in College

Put a Touch of Class into Your Retirement

Seniors return to college So many seniors tell me that college was one of the best times of their lives. I agree. Perhaps that’s why I continue to find myself in class – usually at least one a semester – even at age 71. Of course, all those cute coeds don’t detract from the experience….

Retirement Community

Retirement Community: Not End of the World

Can it be seven years now that I’ve lived On Top of The World? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I moved to this retirement community where a week consists of six Saturdays and a Sunday and tied shoes are considered formal attire? So go the jokes, anyway. At the time, I wrote: Eeeeeeeek! What have…

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