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Can I Still Play Lawn Bowling After Cataract Surgery?

Lawn Bowling

Although this sport is in all areas of the world, it specifically gained popularity in Belgium and the Netherlands. As it gained traction in the United States and Europe, clubs develop their keeping score methods. Some have pre-printed cards to take a written record of scores. Others use a red cup or can to place chips where a player learns where and with whom they will be competing. 

How To Tell If My Bowls Are Biased? 

Initially, balls were made with weights inside them. However, as the sport has grown and evolved, they’re now manufactured with the ball’s bias.  

Bowls have specified symbols in four. The bowl’s side with a larger sign indicates that side opposite the bias. The side with a small mark and a smaller circle tell the bias’ side, and the ball will curve. 

Is Lawn Bowling Ever Done Indoors?

Generally, lawn bowling is an exclusively outdoor sport. But, some alternatives have recently have been created to be played indoors. Indoor versions may be safer as you ease back into lawn bowling after cataract surgery.

Short Mat Bowling

This sort of bowling is an extension of lawn bowling. It is not impacted by the weather restrictions of typical lawn bowling, so it may be played all year round. These mats have gain popularity because they can be rolled up and transported to functions at schools, colleges, and events as a versatile way to play the sport.

Tra Bowls

The word Tra means ‘hollow road‘. It’s different from other forms of lawn bowling either outside or short mat bowling that is flat. Tra Bowling is played on a path that is already curved, which allows for the unsymmetrical balls to bend significantly.

The Tra bowls are a bit different in the setup and the scoring. For tournaments set up within these perimeters, every shot that is taken that brings the ball closer to the jack receives a point. 

Can I Lawn Bowl In My Backyard? 

Lawn bowling can be practiced anywhere with relatively level terrain. It may be a good introduction to test out vision and depth perception after surgery. After the allotted time of rest, consider placing a billiard ball or the jack out in the yard to practice. Starting in the back yard will be a controlled environment to practice that is familiar. 

However, foreign particles, sun exposure, and risk of injury are still a concern. So, make sure it is only after the post-operative period of two to three weeks or when your surgeon gives the ‘okay’ to proceed with recreational, outdoor activities. 

The bottom line: it’s always better to play it safe, especially when it has to do with health. Take precautionary measures and rest up before stepping on the field. Preventative measures are much more comfortable and less painful than treatment or correction.

Ask your doctor when it’s all right to return to activities as usual, and with protective measures and sunglasses, enjoy the game, and all the great outdoors has to give.

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