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Best Home Exercise Equipment for Seniors

Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors

Look no further than the Whatafit Resistance Band Set if you are looking for strength training! This set includes five different-colored resistance bands, each with a different resistance level. You can use them individually or stack them together to create a band with the equivalent strength of 150 lbs.

The bands are also made of natural latex and imported from Germany – so you know they’re high quality. And they’re gentle on your skin, making them perfect for daily use.

Plus, they come with a door anchor and two cushioned handles to help you get started on your fitness journey right away.

Best Gym Equipment for Mobility and Balance

Best Gym Equipment for Mobility and Balance

Mobility is one of the most critical aspects of your health, but it’s often overlooked. As you get older, it’s crucial to make sure your joints are moving smoothly and easily, which will reduce pain and stress.

The best way to increase mobility in your arms or legs is through stretching exercises, but you can also improve your balance by regularly strengthening your muscles

The right equipment for seniors will allow you to move around more comfortably without worrying about falling. Here are our top picks:

Bintiva Stability Ball Chair

Stability Ball Chair for Office - Ergonomic Seating/Labor Birthing Pregnancy/Yoga Balance Stability...
  • This revolutionary product is a standard, anti-burst, exercise ball that has an attractive,...
  • The cover comes in two materials: A smooth canvas look, or, a more rugged felt style.
  • The elegant cover makes it perfect for use as a ball chair in any office, or home setting.

Looking for a versatile and stylish way to add an exercise ball to your home or office? Look no further than the Bintiva Stability Ball Chair! This anti-burst exercise ball comes with a removable, zippered cover in two materials – smooth canvas or rugged felt.

The surface is non-slip, providing ultimate safety and comfort, and features a convenient handle so it can be easily transported. The exercise ball set also includes a foot pump for inflation.

Bosu Balance Trainer

Bosu Multi Functional Original Home Gym 26 Inch Full Body Balance Strength Trainer Ball Equipment...
  • Multipurpose Workout Ball: Combines elements of cardio, strength, and flexibility into unique and...
  • Muscle Engagement: 26-inch balance ball increases the difficulty of workouts and builds your...
  • Versatile Balance Dome: Balance trainer improves your flexibility, endurance, strength, and overall...

Bring the challenge of a personal trainer to your living room with the BOSU Balance Trainer. This unusual piece of equipment delivers cardio, flexibility, muscular strength, and endurance training in a variety of stimulating, unique, and highly effective exercises.

Developed by industry experts, these workouts are designed to improve overall health and fitness. The BOSU Balance Trainer is also designed to endure – it has been subjected to 8x-10x the strain of the competition.

So get moving with control and step up your fitness game with the BOSU Balance Trainer.

Gaiam Yoga Mat

Gaiam Yoga Mat - Alignment Print Premium 6mm Thick Non Slip Exercise & Fitness Mat for All Types of...
  • ALIGNMENT YOGA MAT: 6mm thick premium yoga mat offers an alignment system that is printed on the mat...
  • STICKY NON-SLIP TEXTURE: Yoga mat features a textured sticky non-slip surface for excellent traction...
  • NON TOXIC & 6P FREE PVC yoga mat is a healthier choice for you and the planet and free of DEHP, DBP,...

The Gaiam Yoga Mat is the perfect way to practice your poses and stay aligned. The 6mm thick mat offers a comfortable and supportive surface, while the textured sticky non-slip surface ensures excellent traction and grip.

The yoga mat is also PVC-free, making it a healthier choice for you and the planet.

Plus, you’ll receive a free bonus downloadable yoga workout when you purchase the yoga mat. Namaste!

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Home Workout Equipment for Seniors

Choosing a piece of fitness equipment for seniors is not easy. You must consider several important factors when picking out the best equipment for your home workouts.

Evaluate your fitness goals and level of physical activity

When thinking about exercise equipment, it’s crucial to know what type of workout you want to do and how intense that workout will be. Ask yourself the following questions first.

  • Will you be going for a walk in the park outside or exercising at home?
  • Will you need equipment to help with balance?
  • Do you have a chronic condition like arthritis in your hands or knees that might benefit from low-impact exercises?

These questions will help you decide on the best home exercise equipment for seniors.

Choose the suitable material and size

You’ll also want to consider the different materials available and how these materials affect your workout.

If you’re planning on doing weight-bearing exercises, you’ll need a sturdier material that will withstand the pressure. There are plenty of cushiony but sturdy mats available for use during yoga or stretching exercises for low-impact workouts.

Consider your height as well – if you’ll be exercising in bare feet or with socks on, make sure to choose a mat that’s long enough to fit your body.

Also, consider how heavy the equipment is and whether it can hold your weight without collapsing.

If you’re using a balance ball chair instead of a traditional chair, make sure it gives you proper back support and doesn’t give too much when you sit on it.


While it’s easy to spend a large sum of money on the newest fitness equipment that promises the best results, there are plenty of options available within your budget. Remember that your budget will have much more wiggle room if you’re doing low-impact exercises.

Start at your local sporting goods store or medical supply store and work from there-you might even find something great online!

Special requirements

If you have a chronic condition, it’s essential to choose the best exercise equipment for seniors to support and promote proper posture. You’ll also want to think about whether or not the equipment needs electricity for you to use it.

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