Adult Bowling Shoes for Seniors: Your Best Options

Best Bowling Shoes for Seniors
Thumbs Up - Pros


  • Fits like a sneaker
  • Has a sliding sole
  • Range of prices

Thumbs Down - Cons


  • Sliding soles are on both feet
  • Soles cannot be replaced


These shoes are for the experienced bowler.  One who bowls regularly and uses a variety of bowling alleys.  These shoes are designed for the bowler’s style and can be customized. Each shoe will have different soles depending on if the user is right-handed or left-handed. 

Performance shoes can have fixed soles, which are made specifically for the right or left-handed bowlers. Or they can have replaceable soles where the slide and the traction soles can be switched out depending on how little or much slip and brakes you want, and they can be replaced when worn out.

Thumbs Up - Pros


  • Can be customized
  • Soles can be replaced

Thumbs Down - Cons


  • More expensive

Bowling Shoe Features

Bowling shoes come with many different features. When choosing a good pair, it is vital to look at the features and determine which ones are most important.


A right shoe should last for a while.  Good bowling shoes can be expensive, and that is usually because of durability.  If the shoe has leather, it is going to be more durable than the show with synthetic leather or plastic.  

Weight of Shoe

The weight of the shoe is essential.  Heavy shoes are more durable, but the weight can cause the user to be more tired after playing.  A Lighter shoe may not last as long, but it will be more comfortable on the body.

Inner Collar

An excellent inner collar is essential to avoid rubbing on the front of the foot. It also needs to wick away moisture


All bowling shoes need to slide.  If the bowler wants a little slide, then look for a flat bottom.  If the bowler wants more of a slide, then look for a raised heel. An experienced bowler will want to control the slide and should look for a shoe with interchangeable soles and heels.


To be effective, a bowling shoe needs to fit well.  Laces are essential in helping the shoe fit well. There are several different types of laces.

  • Lace- any laces can be used, the most common
  • Strap- more comfortable to get on/off, still secure, no as standard, Velcro
  • Slip-on- no breaking laces or Velcro straps, essential to have a good fit
  • Boa- similar to ski boots (the thin wire that is tightened by turning a knob)

What are You Looking for in Bowling Shoes?

Besides the features that are part of the type of bowling shoe, you should also look for these other things:

Comfort Features

Features that enhance your bowling shoes’ comfort or wearability may seem like a given but should be looked for specifically, primarily because these shoes are meant more for their functionality and less for their style.

An inner collar is usually one of the most comfort-focused aspects of the bowling shoe. The inner collar is excellent for avoiding rubbing the shoe’s outside material against your skin and causing abrasions to occur on your foot. Because of this, look for an inner collar of comfortable and thick material that is still breathable.

The interchangeable sole and heel pads serve the primary purpose of helping the bowler adjust their slide and traction to best suit their needs. Being able to customize this is also a comfort feature as it allows the bowler to practice their techniques comfortably without incurring severe injury caused by wearing the wrong shoes.

Proper Ventilation

This next piece is crucial because it is easy for the feet to get sweaty and uncomfortable inside the shoes after playing for a longer period. This adversely affects your health since it could lead to fungal or bacterial foot problems, and it adversely affects your game.

The level of ventilation will be dependent on the material that the bowling shoe is composed of. It could be a durable material and still be lightweight and aerodynamic enough to wear for several hours of bowling.

The best material to look for when seeking adequate ventilation is leather. Leather is a breathable material that absorbs humidity. It can even absorb more serious moisture if the leather is of good quality.

In addition to considering the material used in making the shoe, look for shoes built with air holes or some kind of provision for ventilation along the sides right by the sole. Also, look for flexible fabric that bends and allows your feet to move freely.

A Snubbed Toe

“A snubbed toe” is a term that refers to the extra padding that is put on the toe of a bowling shoe, either showing on the outside or implemented into the inside of the shoe. This may not be a design that is in-style today, but it is a functional must for anyone who wants to have a good game with less hassle.

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