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5 Things You’re Never Too Old For

Never Too Old

Aging is one of the most complex situations we go through in our lives. While growing older comes with a number of benefits, it can also be quite challenging as well. No matter how old we are now, everyone has stopped and had that moment where they just thought, “I’m too old for this.” It can be a harrowing and even defeating thought. It’s one that too many of us allow to cross our minds.

Sure, there are some things that can become more difficult with age. There are also plenty of things that you will never be too old for. Don’t believe it? We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of five of the many things that you are simply never too old for no matter how many years go by.


Whether you’re a fan of a long weekend afternoon snooze on the sofa, or if you’re more of a quick and refreshing power-nap type; no one is ever too old for naps. You may run out of time to lay down and take a nap. However, you should never feel like you’re too old to catch some mid-day zzz’s.

Not only can naps make us feel more refreshed and alert, but they can actually help improve your overall health. Seniors need, on average, about 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Yet, the average senior doesn’t get this much rest. Seniors are also often victims of issues with insomnia. A lack of sleep can really take a toll on your health. A nap can help make sure that you’re getting the rest that you need to stay your healthiest and keep your mind and body sharp at any age.

Naps are even a helpful tool for seniors who experience Sundowner’s Syndrome or who are experiencing the early stages of dementia. Plus, naps just help you feel better no matter what age you are. So go ahead and treat yourself to a mid-day snooze.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts time may seem like an activity fit only for grade-schoolers, but it’s something that no one is ever too old to try. Take a look at any senior center, retirement community, or local community center. You’ll see a lot of different arts and crafts activities. Why? Well, first of all, it’s fun! Arts and crafts are a fun way for seniors to spend the afternoon. It can help them express themselves in ways that they may not normally be able to.

Arts and crafts can also help you use different areas of the brain that you normally don’t get to pay attention to. Plus, arts and crafts aren’t just a fun thing that seniors can do on their own, but it’s also something fun to do with friends, family, and grandchildren. And who knows, maybe you can even start your own online store and start selling your pieces!


Exercise isn’t just a young man’s game; it’s a great activity for adults of all ages, including seniors! Exercise is a great way to relieve stress. It has been shown to help with seasonal affective disorder, anxiety, and depression. These are all things any senior could benefit from.

One great thing about exercise is that there are many different options. There are a variety of forms of exercise available to adults of all ages. You may think you’re “too old” to exercise, but it’s so important to keep your heart, body, muscles, and mind healthy and safe. Regular exercise, especially exercise that focuses on building strength and flexibility, can help prevent falls, which is the number one reason older adults end up in the hospital.

Senior Fitness 101: Program Health Benefits

If you’re worried that you’re too old for exercise, consider options such as yoga, walking, water aerobics, or swimming. These are all great forms of exercise that aren’t too strenuous on the joints and are generally safe for seniors.

Trying a New Hobby

Never believe that old adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks — you can! Anyone can learn a new skill, craft or hobby at any age. It can do more than just fill your day. There are many seniors who find that they don’t have as much of a purpose or schedule once they retire. Starting a new hobby can help fill that void.

Favorite Senior Hobbies: Up in Smoke

This is a great way to maintain a sense of purpose. It can help ward off feelings of depression in older adults. Hobbies can range from activities like crocheting or card-playing, volunteering and being a mentor. Plus, trying a new hobby is a great way for seniors to establish a routine and find more joy in their lives. Routines not only help improve your mood, but they can also help you get on a schedule. It’s shown to be beneficial for seniors who are struggling to adapt to a healthy sleep schedule as well. Routines are important, and a hobby is a great way to help any senior get back into a routine.

Getting Outdoors

There’s nothing quite like getting outdoors, enjoying a nice beautiful hike, and being one with nature. There are many great safe, flat places for seniors to hike. This is a wonderful activity that no one is ever too old for. If you’re able to walk safely and comfortably, then you’re able to go on a hike.

According to the CDC, older adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week. It’s also been shown that adults 65 and older who walk more than four hours per week tend to have a reduced risk of heart disease.

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