Web Designers, Senior Website Design Advice

Web Designers: Senior Website Design Advice

Where are most web designers going wrong? They’re not respecting their elders. Websites most often aren’t designed with older adults in mind. It’s an oversight that can be costly to businesses online as the population ages and as more seniors discover the Internet. Usability studies suggest many sites need to be more accessible for older…

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Information Security: Keep It Clean

I have to chuckle every time I hear some government official or agency has discovered a foreign mole; someone who has come along for the ride with the sole purpose of gathering intelligence for another country. It makes you ponder how easily information security can be breached. Thought Police: Losing Freedom of Speech It’s not…


Kindle: Don’t Leave Home Without One

I’ve been leaving home without my American Express card for a whole lot of years now. I just don’t use credit cards anymore. Sure, there’s one tucked away somewhere for emergencies, but rarely does it see the light of day. But for the past six months or so I have rarely left home without my…

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Graying of the Web: How Seniors Use the Internet

Seniors online ranks are growing quickly* CONVENTIONAL WISDOM HOLDS that the Net is a playground for the young to flirt, play games and shop. Older people, we’re to believe, aren’t interested in the technology. That simply isn’t true. Surf the Internet: You’re Never Too Old The over-65 demographic is one of the fastest-growing on the…

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Surf the Internet: You’re Never Too Old

If you’re not already on the Internet, you’re bucking a powerful trend. Americans age 65 and up are jumping on the Web faster than a free Early Bird Special. Between March 2000 and March 2002, the number of seniors logging on from home jumped from 3.7 million to almost 7 million. That number today is…


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