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Trivia About Stars

Trivia About Stars

Think you know the stars of yesteryear? Check out our famous stars trivia and see how well you know them.

Printable Movie Trivia Quiz for Seniors

Elizabeth Taylor

1. Elizabeth Taylor is as famous for her many marriages as she is for her film career. Which of these men was NOT married to Elizabeth during the Fifties?

A. Michael Wilding

B. Eddie Fisher

C. Richard Burton

Ernie Kovac

2. What was the name of Ernie Kovac’s wife, a star in her own right?

A. Edie Adams

B. Debbie Reynolds

C. Jayne Meadows


3. Whose image appeared on the first cover of TV Guide?

A. Jack Webb

B. Lucille Ball and new baby

C. David and Ricky Nelson

Lennon Sisters

4. Singing siblings, Kathy, Diane, Peggy and Janet were known as:

A. The McGuire Sisters

B. The Lennon Sisters

C. The Andrews Sisters

Sophia Loren

5. What is the name of the film producer Sophia Loren married in 1958?

A. Billy Wilder

B. Federico Fellini

C. Carlo Ponti

Milton Berle

6. He’s called Mr. Television. Can you name him?

A. Ed Sullivan

B. Walter Cronkite

C. Milton Berle

Elvis Presley

7. Where was Elvis Presley born?

A. Tupelo, Tennessee

B. Tupelo, Mississippi

C. Tupelo, Alabama

Marlon Brando

8. He is famous for screeching “Stellaaaaaa.”

A. Marlon Brando

B. James Dean

C. Montgomery Clift

Doris Day

9. What is Doris Day’s given name?

A. Doris Parsons

B. Doris Hopper

C. Doris Kappelhoff

Frank Sinatra

10. Old Blue Eyes married several times. Which lady was NEVER married to Frank Sinatra?

A. Mia Farrow

B. Ava Gardner

C. Lana Turner

Yellow Stars Cartoon


1. C. Richard Burton

Elizabeth Taylor didn’t marry Burton until 1964. Nicky Hilton, was her first husband. (’50-’51) and Michael Todd, he was her third. (’57-58)

2. A. Edie AdamsEdie Adams

This multi-talented lady won Broadway’s 1957 Tony Award as Best Featured Actress.


3. B. Lucy and new babyLucy TV Guide Cover

Jack Webb was a good answer; he was on the second cover. David and Ricky Nelson appeared about six weeks later.


4. B. The Lennon SistersLawrence Welk

From the Lawrence Welk Show! The McGuires were Christine, Dorothy and Phyllis. The Andrews were LaVerne, Maxine, and Patty.


5. C. Carlo PontiCarlo Ponti and Sophia Loren

Born: 12/11/1912. Birthplace: Magenta, Italy. A producer of numerous Italian and English-language films.


6. C. Milton BerleMilton Berle

Comedian Milton Berle, one of the pioneering legends of television was known to a generation of devoted fans as Uncle Miltie.


7. B. Tupelo, MississippiElvis Presley Birthplace

The Birthplace of Elvis Presley in Tupelo, Mississippi, is the only location in the world where you can see, feel and touch the home where the King of Rock and Roll began his musical journey.


8. A. Marlon BrandoMarlon Brando

From “A Streetcar Named Desire.“ Marlon Brando is widely considered the greatest movie actor of all time.


9. C. Doris KappelhoffDoris Day

Doris Day will be remembered as a wholesome star of the fifties and sixties. See Frank’s take on Doris.


10. C. Lana TurnerLana Turner

Ole Blue Eyes took a walk down the aisle four times:

Nancy Barbato 1939
Ava Gardner 1951
Mia Farrow 1966
Barbara Marx 1976

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Easy Best Senior Citizen Trivia Questions: Fun Elderly Quizzes

8 to 10 correct: WOW! YOU MUST BE OLDER THAN DIRT!
Did you spend every Saturday at the movies?

4 to 7 correct: OOPS!
You must have been doing your homework.

0 to 3 correct: WHATSAMATTER?
Spend most of your youth standing in the corner?


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