Musical Postcards for Seniors (Connected During Coronavirus Pandemic)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, music has been extra special for me and my grandparents. I am not able to see them often since they don’t live nearby. While I may not be able to hold my grandparents’ hands and tell them everything will be okay, I am able to reach them virtually and perform guitar… Continue reading Musical Postcards for Seniors (Connected During Coronavirus Pandemic)

Woodstock Weekend: Clueless Sixties

Blonde hipster girl crosses arms over steering wheel and looks into distance in interior of retro van parked at a sandy beach

In 1969, three hundred thousand people went to Woodstock. However, by 2017 seven million people remember being at Woodstock. The memories of baby boomers have transformed the sixties into this magical, mythical landscape where everyone was a hippie, everyone was a draft resister, everyone was a veteran, and everyone was at the forefront of sex,… Continue reading Woodstock Weekend: Clueless Sixties