222 BEST Senior Sites on the Internet: Part Two

Here Are the Best Senior Sites


Old Time Radio Programs and Movies section

Site has all 1,399 episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater episodes which you can listen to, download as well as searchable by plots, actors, and writers.

Life Begins at 80

Articles from the various sites cover a wide range of topics: the world’s biggest turkey and largest hailstones, computer-generated anagrams, mysterious lights in Texas and Queensland, 15 towns named Rugby, Global English, and how to cultivate an herb said to ease arthritic pains. Awards the prestigious Graypow Award, of which Suddenly Senior was a recipient.

Life Extension

The Living Trust Network, of which Michael Pancheri is founder, is dedicated to providing the highest quality information on living trusts and other estate planning topics to consumer (mostly those 50 and above) and professionals. They don’t provide legal services and they don’t provide legal documents. They just provide information, including a list of qualified estate planning attorneys that a consumer could use if an attorney was needed.

Life Over 50

Good spot for information, hobbies, interests and chat relating to the over 50’s senior community.


Download LIVING WILL (and healthcare surrogate) FORM

Everyone should have a living will to make certain your wishes are fulfulled when you’re incapacitated. This form, while compiled especially for Florida citizens, will at least make clear your wishes in other states. Very important!

Documents, which vary by state, also can be obtained online and from various organizations:

  • Partnership for Caring provides specific advance directive forms for each state at
  • Aging With Dignity offers details about getting its “Five Wishes” document ($5 for one, less for multiple copies) toll-free at (888) 594-7437 or on the Web at The document, which is valid in 35 states, including Florida, is easier for most people to understand than the state documents. It is more personal, offering in layman’s terms the opportunity, to specify how comfortable you want to be, how you define life support, even how you want to be treated: Would you like visitors from church? Music in the room? Your bedside surrounded by pictures?
  • The U.S. Living Will Registry ( offers a similar service. Both companies provide links to basic state forms and where to get information, but will accept and scan into their computer whatever documents are provided.

Long Distance and International Calling

Pingo is an easy to use calling card for use on domestic and international calls to over 200 countries. If you call from your home or cell phone, you can bypass the need to enter long PIN numbers (just register up to 10 numbers you typically call from). Just dial the Pingo 800 number, then when they answer, dial your desired phone number. Rates are very cheap, check their website for rates to your favorite long distance friends and relatives. It’s ideal for seniors on a budget who don’t want to pay their local phone company monthly for a long distance plan. Also gets around restrictions on calling international numbers from mobile phones. On vacation? You can also use Pingo to call home from foreign countries. Buy and recharge it over the web at any time. Voice quality is good. Suddenly Senior staff have been using this service to call the UK weekly for several years with no complaints.

Long Term Disability Claim Information

ElderCare Publishing Co. has put together an ebook on on filing Long Term Disability claims titled, “A Consumer’s Disability Insurance Guide” giving consumers professional guidance to qualify for the disability benefits to which they are entitled. Cost: $30.

Look out!

Scams aren’t fun. At this Consumer Reports site, you’ll find links to other sites, offering advice and well-researched content such as how the online hotel booking business works.

Magazine Rack

Maggie Van Ostrand

Maggie, my friend and fellow member of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, adds humor to aging, and then some. See why Tim Bete, director, Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop, says, “I get calls from telemarketers. Maggie gets calls from Andy Rooney. It just doesn’t seem fair.”

Medical Emergency Card

Generate a free, instant emergcy medical ID wallet card here. Such a card could prove to be invaluable in providing treatment by attending medics or other medical personnel.

Medicare — The Official US Government Site

This official site provides information on health plans, nursing homes, Medigap policies, contacts, and Medicare activities in your area. Also Medicare Basics, information on coverage, eligibility, enrollment, your Medicare card, replacement card ordering, address changes, and help with health care costs.

Medicare Rights Center

Your guide through the Medicare maze. Medicare Rights Center (MRC) is the largest independent source of Medicare information and assistance in the United States. Founded in 1989, MRC helps older adults and people with disabilities get high-quality, affordable health care. Free newsletter.

Medicaid: The Basics

This Kaiser Family Foundation reference library has been updated to include the latest data and research on Medicaid enrollment, financing, state waivers, and access to care. The library also includes recent analyses on the impact of the new Medicare prescription drug benefit on Medicaid and current proposals to restructure the Medicaid program.

Med IDs

Free personalized medical identification. wallet card that may be generated on-line and also updated free of charge. They also offer high quality, affordable adult and children’s medical bracelets, necklaces and other information products.

Memory Zine

The latest memory-loss research, along with games to improve memory. MemoryZine is home to Practical Memory Institute, leading research experts in memory improvement and memory health & fitness.

Menopause and Black Cohosh Information Center

At this resource, you’ll find high-quality analysis of different treatments, methods for effectively dealing with menopause, and important articles regarding menopause.

Microsoft Tips for Seniors with Impairments

Offers tips on customizing various Microsoft products for seniors with vision, hearing or other impairments. Free newsletter. Live More Independently

Educational resource with extensive articles on wheelchairs, scooters, accessories, wheel chair sports, disabled travel, transportation, and other mobility aids to enhance the lives of individuals of all ages who need mobility assistance.

MONEY $$$$$

Many of us seniors have stocks and other investments we keep track of. Some of the best places to do this are CNNmoney, Quicken (especially if you keep your records in their program), and SmartMoney, Also, in this age of low interest returns, check to track money market funds for the best rates available. tracks savings accounts, mortgages and credit cards.

Kiplinger’s Retirement Report [Dec. 2003] suggested that we can all profit by plugging in to insiders’ stock moves. From the SEC’s home page at, click on “Search for Company Filings. Under “General Purpose Searches,” click on “Companies and Other Filers.” In the search box, type the name of the company and look for Form 4. At Yahoo! Finance, type in the ticker symbol and click on “Insider Transactions.

Mortgage Guide for Senior Citizens

This site provides guidance for seniors and family members on issues relating to mortgages and reverse mortgages, and includes a number of useful links.


Here’s where you can create your own family website in just three minutes, or so they say. Free family tree software, too.

North American Mature Publishers Association

A non-profit association for publishers of local/regional senior publications, NAMPA was founded in 1994 to provide mature market publishers with regional information exchanges and meeting opportunities. NAMPA members publish over 35 publications with a combined circulation of over 2 million in the United States and Canada.

Numbers USA

If you’re interested in immigration issues, this is the site for you. Their goals:To examine numerical levels of annual legal and illegal immigration. To educate the public about the immigration-reduction recommendations from two national commissions of the 1990s:

Nursing Home Comparisons

This government site is a relatively easy place to compare facilities as to deficiencies and get explanations and gauges of how important the deficiencies are to patient health and safety. In addition, the website carries data on quality of service in six states, with more to come. The six are Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Ohio, and Rhode Island. Maryland, for example, provides information designed to assist consumers and their families in making decisions about selecting a nursing home.

Old Time Radio Programs and Movies

Also, go to Suddenly Senior radio buff’s 7/03 article. Live365 gives you many stations that broadcast vintage radio. Go to “Spoken Word,” “Old Time Radio,” and “Comedy.”

Radio the way it was in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s.  The very best of Radio Drama and Music with some News and Comedy. 24 hours a day!. The very best of Radio Drama and Music with some News and Comedy. 24 hours a day! Out of Landsale, Penn, on Radio 1620am. Click button on second page to get it over your computer. offers hundreds of vintage radio shows in mp3 format, all for free. Listen to radio shows such as Abbott and Costello, Superman, Groucho Marx, The Avenger, Gunsmoke, Sherlock Homes, and many others.

Some wonderful pIctures of old radios from the 1930s through the ’60s, go to

Old Souls Station

Susan Helene is a wonderful, caring person who lives in the State of Washington in the north-west United States. For a “lift” and a few smiles, her “Old Souls Station” is the place to visit for non-commercial entertainment.

One List – E-Communities

Start your own e-mail group. Share photos and files. Coordinate events and more.

Overfifties provides free, Monitored Chat and Discussion site to Members, a safe, clean, fun, and interesting site that allows Overfifties and Seniors to communicate and make friends world wide.

Over The Hill

Michael Principato’s Over the Hill site features lots of senior citizen humor including funny photos and jokes. It’s indeed “The Lighter Side of Getting Old.”


We’re starting this to provide the best general directories on the Internet. Save high charges for “information” with unknown addresses and phone numbers (and sometimes e-mail addresses as well). Google’s Directory Assistance service is free – just call 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411) from home or cell phone. Others include, or Save big money (it costs me 2.5 cents per minute) on long distance and international calls with resellers like
OneSuite Corp., Capsule Communications, and Powernet Global. For phone rate comparisons and other phone advice, go to ABTolls.

Want to know where a call comes from? At FoneFinder, you can narrow it down to the town. Works internationally, too.


Is that true? Check out claims in political ads at and


• US President – [email protected]

• US Vice President – [email protected]

• Contact your Senator –
Also 1-800.247.2971

• Contact your Representative –

• Links to Central Government Agencies –

The Progress Report

Perhaps the best place on the Internet to learn the truth about what’s going on, stuff you won’t see elsewhere. Subscribe!


Kent Huffman’s new site Pruneville, the retirement home of Louie, Dot and Jake. Louie and Dot are a married couple in their mid-60s who have recently retired from their jobs in the big city and have moved to Pruneville, a quaint retirement community in East Texas, with their pet cockatiel, Jake. Their children, Debra, Kent, and Brenda, are grown and have lives of their own, but they come to visit Louie, Dot, and Jake in Pruneville from time to time.

Public Citizen

A great organization protecting America’s health, safety and democracy. Learn how your representatives voted, even who’s giving money to them.

Public Library of Science

Brand new as of Oct. 15, 2003. The journal is an effort to significantly increase the number of people who have free access to scientific research, which typically requires a subscription to a journal. Instead of selling subscriptions. In the journal’s first issue, Duke University researchers reported that they had trained monkeys with brain implants to control a robotic arm with their thoughts, which could someday help people who are paralyzed.

RADIO: See Old Time Radio above

Red Hat Society

“Greeting middle age with verve, humor, and élan.” Several Suddenly Senior readers are members, and love it. There’s probably a chapter near you.

Retirement Homes

The Library is where seniors and their family members can go to find useful articles, reviews and discussions on important retirement issues and topics.

Retirement Planning

Retirement-4-U is a retirement planning, analysis and forecasting company offering individual retirement information. Retirement plans are tailored to your assets, goals, and expenses, often leading to early retirement possibilities.

This site provides inspirational stories and essential information for planning and living an active retirement that’s right for you.

Top Retirement Communities

Find your perfect retirement community, by city, state and country.

Finally, an excellent site for those of you searching out that perfect place to retire. It may well be the most candid view of “best places to retire” anywhere on the net.

The Savvy Senior

You’ve probably seen Jim Miller’s “Savvy Senior” column next to mine in senior papers. Savvy Senior provides practical information and tips through the nationally syndicated newspaper column, senior resource books, weekly radio show and television features on NBC’s Today show. Sign up for his excellent free e-mail newsletter. Click link above.

Senior Ark

Although a bit rough in place, Webster Bob Fassbach‘s heart seems to be in the right place showing seniors how to successfully meet challenges in retirement.

Too Young Too Retire – The Retirement Alternative

If you have been looking for a place dedicated to helping you plan and make the most of the rest of your life, this is it. Welcome to, the online community for people who are using our mature years to turn our hobbies or youthful dreams into new businesses; start careers that express our passions; give back actively in the nonprofit sector; go back to school; get our bodies into shape or ignite our creativity. Features True Stories profiles, volunteer, learning, second career and living/being well links.

Romance, Senior-style

SeniorMatch is the largest senior personals site for AARP, senior singles, senior admirers to find other sexy seniors.

RV Lifestyle. With more and more seniors taking to the road in motor homes and trailers, some costing more than the homes they’re leaving, this site tells you most everything you want to know about the RV lifestyle.

Rumors/Urban Legends

Did you get the one about when Colonel Oliver North branded Osama bin Laden as a deadly terrorist during his testimony before the Senate Select Committee investigating the Iran-Contra affair. Or the one about the United States Congress considering a 5 cent tax on email. Also see and TruthOrFiction. Next time, check these first.

Second 50 Years

Actually a site for those who want to market to today’s 79 million seniors, soon (by 2015) to be 108 million. The marketers at Second 50 find secondary demographic and marketing materials tailored to your product or service, then help you communicate to the rich and powerful senior market.

The Senior Center

What Would You Like To Do Today? Improve My Health. Improve My Wealth. Improve My Home. Improve My Cooking. Improve My Hobby, Improve My Sex Life. Improve My Garden. Trace My Family Tree. Make Me Smile. Let’s Take a Vacation. Send a Message to President Clinton. Send a Message to MY Congressman. Send a Message to MY US Senator.

Senior Citizens Bureau

The Senior Citizens Bureau (SCB) is a National Membership Organization dedicated to reducing and preventing abuse, neglect, fraud, scams and misleading business practices currently prevalent within the senior industry. Free membership. Bimonthly newsletter.

Senior Citizens’ Resources

Located at – Government Made Easy – this is a good place to start when researching the following areas:

  • Consumer Protection for Seniors
    Consumer fraud, elder rights, advocates for nursing home residents…
  • Education, Jobs, and Volunteerism for Seniors
    Adult education, AARP working options, Senior Corps…
  • End-of-Life Issues
    Advance directives, estate planning, hospice…
  • Federal and State Agencies for Seniors
    Administration on Aging, Social Security Administration, Veterans’ Health Administration…
  • Health for Seniors
    Disease, health care facilities, medicare, nutrition…
  • Housing for Seniors
    Reverse mortgages, eldercare, nursing home comparison…
  • Laws and Regulations Concerning Seniors
    Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Medicare Modernization Act, Social Security Act…
  • Money and Taxes for Seniors
    Investing, tax counseling, estate planning…
  • Retirement
    Pension plans, benefits calculator, retirement ages…
  • Travel and Recreation for Seniors
    Amtrak senior discount, older drivers, travel tips…

Senior Communities and Care Providers

New LifeStyles Online lists state licensed senior communities and care providers and more nationwide. Search online or order a free metropolitan-area print guide.


Award-winning British Interactive Community for people aged 50 (ish!)

Senior Job Bank – Free Jobs Search Engine

Senior Job Bank exists to spread the wisdom of keeping our older population in the workforce longer. The Senior Job Bank web site offers an easy, effective and free method for our seniors to find occasional, part-time, flexible, temporary and even full-time jobs.  Homeowners and Businesses deal direct with older, more mature, more experienced and more reliable workers found at the Senior Job Bank site. Excellent links page to other senior job opportunities.

Senior Link– Real Solutions to questions about aging parents

Dedicated to providing active solutions to the questions that surround aging parents. To help them maintain independence, safety and dignity.

Senior Journal

A newsmagazine for seniors. News and Features • Senior News • Current Events • Stop Aging • Gene Research • AntiAging Website • Today in History, Birthday’s, AP News, Digests, Top Senior Features, Aging, Health, Home, Garden, Nutrition, Fitness, Investing, Books, Entertainment, Family, Hobbies, Politics. All in excellent taste as Suddenly Senior is here.

SeniorMag has health, travel, legal and other resources for senior and adult caregiver children. SeniorMag focuses on home and assisted living information but has relevant information for caregivers and the world around us including the Whitt and Wisdom of Whittimer G. Willikers,

Senior Net

This nonprofit SeniorNet provides adults 50+ access to and education about computer technology and the Internet to enhance their lives and enable them to share their knowledge and wisdom.

Senior Publications of Interest

The following are websites of a few of the publications that syndicate Suddenly Senior: Seniority at the St. Petersburg Times; Senior News, Youngtown OH; Generations, in Anne Arundel and Howard counties, Maryland.

Mark A. Ludwick‘s The Senior News is this year celebrating 20 years of publication for those aged 50 and better in Northeast Ohio!

Sault Ste. Marie This Week is a Canadian weekly community newspaper out of this chilly and interesting area on the US/Canadian border. With news, weather, sports, columnists, classifieds, photo galleries. Updates daily!

Seniors’ Coalition – Working for a Responsible America

Represents the interests and concerns of Republican senior citizens at both the state and federal levels. The Coalition was founded as a public advocacy group during the fight to repeal the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act in 1989.

Senior Square

Gar Sleep’s wakeful, prize-winning “50-Plus-R-Us” humor direct from ticker tape on world’s only park bench with B&B and wide enough for width of grand total citizen senior population at one sitting — with squeezing’ space to spare for a still small voice. Check it out!!!!

Senior Summer School

Senior Summer School provides the “Education Vacation,” senior travel programs that offer active and adventurous seniors, boomers, and retirees an affordable opportunity to enhance their summer through leisure, education, and discovery at campus locations across the United States.

Seniors Aging Well, Wisely and Successfully

Also called This is a no-nonsense, yet caring and compassionate internet resource devoted to helping seniors improve with age. Go60.Com is not about imitating youth or dazzling you with a flashy website. Go60.Com is about aging well, wisely and successfully.

Senior Store

Commercial. Senior products, birthday gifts, retirement gifts, gifts for seniors, grandparents, grandchildren, grandmothers, grandfathers, adults with low vision or arthritis.

Seniors For Hire is an online Career Center for employers and job seekers 50 years of age and over. It contains career resource information and a jobs database. Membership is free for job seekers. Employers post job ads for $36.00 and they run for 60-days. With an annual membership, they become Featured Employers.

Senior World Online

Health, nostalgia, finances, travel and recreation — lots of interesting features for “active seniors in the digital age.”

Senior Women

A lifestyle magazine for women over fifty started by Tam Gray, a Senior Reporter for Time Magazine, with original content composed of cultural reviews, columns, articles and sightings There’s a discussion forum and pages of annotated links.

Sex Information and Support Sites

Susan’s Sex Support Site by Susan Fitzmaurice, M.S., C.R.C., provides education and support regarding sexuality, with many excellent links to other sites that feature senior sexual advice and how to keep the passion alive.

Silver Café

Tim Specht’s SilverCafé.com provides information about goods and services of interest to seniors.

Save on Shipping

Free has coupon codes for major online retailers offering free shipping, including Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, Lands End and more.


Visit Global Over 50 Ski Club where you’ll find preferred pricing on lift tickets, etc., plus click-through access to trips and travel planning.

Social Security Online

Quick Search. Electronic Publications. Disability information. Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Employment support for people with disabilities. Medicare information. Información en Español. Hearings and appeals. How to … Forms. International benefits. Direct Deposit of Benefits.


Suddenly Senior is a fresh, funny look at geezerdom featuring humor, nostalgia, senior advocacy and useful information for those 50+. Updates daily. Written especially for the enjoyment of those of us too young to be old, it is seen and possibly even read by 2.3 million in 131 countries every month. – Real People Helping Real People

An Internet-based Best-of-Web Directory and community known as Thousands of users from around the world use this site to find relevant and quality information on a variety of topics as well as express themselves and share ideas, interests, and expertise with other users who have similar interests.

A free site to find lost loved ones, disappeared husbands, and high school sweethearts from long ago.


Free Directory Assistance gives you free 411 service. You can also get it be calling 1-800-FREE411.


This is the leading Web destination for first-wave baby boomers. See Suddenly Senior’s Weekly Jokes there.

What Time Is It?

Exact time, anywhere in the US.

Time Capsule to your Birth

Want a detailed picture of the day you were born? Or any other day all the way back to 1900? Just enter your birth date and viola you get international and sports headlines, top songs, Academy Award Winners, even prices prevalent on that date. Talk about the “good old days,” when I was born homes sold for $6,296, cars for $580, a loaf of bread went for 8 cents, gas for only 11 cents a gallon. Check out your birth date. It’s good fun!

Today‘s Senior Magazine

Today’s Senior offers readers important and informative information, and businesses an effective and affordable way to get their message to thousands of people that are 50 plus throughout Northern & Central California.

Today’s Woman Writing Community

A supportive online writing community for men and women over 18. Containing articles, short stories, poems, interactive forums, blogs, writing classifieds, downloads, writing contests, writing events, writing tips, writing resources, ezine newsletter, famous quotes, author interviews, book reviews, and many more features.

If nostalgia floats your boat, this is the Sea of Dreams. Movies. TV. Music. Bikes. Sports. D&D. Old car ads. You name it, it’s here, perhaps even for sale or at auction.


Travelocity and other great travel sites for seniors going places

Travelocity is one of the big three (Orbitz (which we do not recommend) and Expedia being the others) that travelers generally start with. Especially if you’re flying. FlightArrivals comes in handy for those picking you up, providing the latest arrival and departure times of all US and Canadian flights. If you’re driving, Mapquest is a great tool, providing the way, the mileage, everything you need to get from here to there. Another top guide, this to scenic routes and historical paths, is RoadTripUSA. is a good booking site for finding discount hotel rates around the world.LuxuryLink is excellent for finding hotels, cruises, tours and other high-end travel needs.

Suddenly Senior has a great Suddenly Senior Travel Page. Frommer’s Budget Travel is a budget travel site with links to hotels, travel clubs and special discounts for seniors. 50 Plus Expeditions is an adventure travel company specializing in active trips to exotic destinations for people 50 and over. Small groups (maximum 16 travelers). Offer tours that go beyond conventional sightseeing packages and reach out to the people and the environment of a country.

All about the boats and the men who dove them. 1168 U-boats have their own pages here. Welcome aboard, sailor.

United States Postal Service

One of the best government sites around. Point-and -click rate calculation, painless ZIP + 4 lookup, the all-important track-and confirm delivery function, and a service called NetPost that prints and mails paper cards that you design online.

Vitamin and Nutrition Center

The not-for-profit Vitamins and Nutrition Center provides accurate information on vitamins and nutrition, research on vitamins and the different effects of vitamin deficiency.


VolunteerMatch Put in your ZIP Code, this matches you with charities close to home. Since 1998 they’ve referred more than two million volunteers throughout the US. Senior Corpsis a network of programs that tap the experience, skills, and talents of older citizens to meet community challenges. Again, hometown matching needs with volunteers.

World Health Network – Longevity, Life Expectancy

Official site of the American Academy of AntiAging Medicine. 8,600 physicians, health professionals and scientists from 55 countries unite to deliver life-enhancing, life-extending medical care online.

Worldwide Seniors

Suddenly Senior long-timers will recall the “Suddenly Senior Forum” which was set up for readers interested in an open forum for seniors. That forum has evolved into Worldwide Seniors, with 300+ members from many different countries.

Writing The Journey:  Writing Your Belief System…

The purpose of writing out your beliefs is to literally collect your thoughts. You are not creating a set of stone tablets to immortalize your personal truth. You are taking a snapshot of your beliefs that reflect your life experience at this point. Some of your beliefs may never change throughout your life, while others change frequently.

World War II Photos

Said to be the largest collection in the world.

Yahoo – Senior Magazines

Create your own online community with chat, message boards, e-mail, and personalization tools. Also, links to many of the same publications sites found here.

Yahoo – Senior Sites

Links to the following categories: Arts and [email protected] Chats and Forums (12) Computers and Internet (13) [email protected] [email protected] Elder Abuse (9) Elder [email protected] Events (6) [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Magazines (24) Organizations (84) Personal Experience (3) [email protected] Retirement [email protected] Senior [email protected] Sexuality (5) [email protected] [email protected] Web Directories (17) Has become very commercial of late, but still an interesting site for seniors.

Suddenly Senior – the internationally syndicated column read by 2.3 million bright folks over 50 in 133 countries all of whom have become senior way before their time.




    This top-ranked site now has over 4,000 pages of humor, nostalgia, senior advocacy and useful information for seniors 50+. Updates weekly!

    The daily e-zine for everyone over 50 who feels way too young to be old.

    "...the perfect mix of Andy Rooney, Dave Barry, and Garrison Keilor, combining knee-slapping humor with useful information and genuine compassion."

    "Thousands look to and trust Suddenly Senior. Other Websites pale in comparison to the real-life, intimate look into senior lives. What sets apart Suddenly Senior is its blistering honesty and its incomparable encouragement. Millions need guidance."

    Suzette Martinez Standring

    "Best Senior Site ever on the Web! Great, up-to-date information on how seniors can save money on drugs. Wonderful nostalgia. Hard-hitting senior advocacy pieces that get read in high places. Wonderful humor. It's all at Suddenly Senior."


    Now read by 3.1 million in 83 newspapers from Florida's St. Petersburg Times to the Mumbai, India News.