Best Senior Websites on the Internet: Some May Surprise You!

Best Senior Sites

It also offers the following:

  • latest health news,
  • a library,
  • fitness and nutrition advice,
  • and an online pharmacy.

This government site has information about your health, drugs, and medical aid advice. You’ll be able to find doctors and medical facilities with a click of a button.

Under the “Health and Drug Plans,” you’ll find topics like the following:

  • comparing coverage options
  • how plans work with other coverage

Humor Websites for Elderly

According to research, laughing is one of the healthiest things you can do. So why not go about finding some of the best websites with humor for the elderly?
We’ve put together these sites to help you find the guide to your next laugh, have fun.

Suddenly Senior Jokes

Are you looking for the largest collection of senior jokes? We’re 2nd to none. Check out our long list of senior joke books.

Swap Meet Dave

This website has the newest jokes and videos to get the laugh going. Dave features some incredible collectibles he hawked over a significant number of years.
Don’t miss out on all the best jokes, tips, and tricks.

RD Jokes

Looking for the best videos, funniest pictures, and hilarious old jokes? Well look no further, this website offers you all the amazing pleasures in one place.
No longer do you need to search the web for hours to find suitable content, it’s all put together right here in one place.

Finance Websites for Elderly

If you’re like most senior citizens, you’re searching for better means of investing. To give yourself a comfortable retirement, you must understand your ROI.
You must know how long your money will last. These financial websites for the elderly will assist you in making intelligent investments.
They’ll help you manage your money effectively. Being in complete control of your finances will ensure you can keep on living your best life.

Suddenly Senior Savings

Need help saving money on medications? How about tips on saving for your next vacation?

Check out our tips and links to our other articles to help you get started pinching those pennies.

The Money Alert

Money Alert provides information regarding finance, investments, savings, and business. It also offers comprehensive articles about retirement planning as well as estate planning.
All the information this website for seniors offers is reason enough to visit the site. It also provides several calculators to assist you in your financial planning journey.

Best Cash Cow

Are you one of the seniors with all your funds and assets in interest-bearing accounts? This website is the ultimate platform to learn how to make the most out of your investments.
It posts regular updates on savings accounts, interest rates, and other equivalent-cash charges.
This in itself already makes this site worth your while and may just make you some extra cash in the meanwhile.

Better Business Bureau Alerts

One of the biggest concerns the elderly have with the internet is being prone to online scams and fraud. Well, if you’re worried about this, you have to check out Better Business Bureau Alerts.
This software will keep you up to date on the latest scams and fraud online. It will most likely save you from losing money to online thieves.
You can file complaints and resolve financial problems you might have.

Retirement Websites for Elderly

You’ve been looking forward to retirement for years before you got there. When you do, you’ll have to approach your retirement planning with care and caution.
One mistake might lead to daunting times in your retirement planning. With all the information and assistance, you shouldn’t have to make uninformed decisions.
The websites below are ideal for planning your retirement and organizing your finances.

Suddenly Senior Retirement

Looking to retire early? Where would you like to retire? What retirement options do you have?

Let us help you answer all of those questions. Check out our retirement articles before you leave.


This is a great place to start when you’re en route to planning your retirement. It offers state-of-the-art investment strategies as well as the latest news.

On this senior site, you’ll find topics on the following:

  • financial education,
  • money markets,
  • simulators,
  • and advisors to assist you every step of the way.

This will offer you confident investments and peace of mind.

Benefits CheckUp

This website identifies federal and state assistance programs for senior Americans. You can fill out an easy-to-use online questionnaire.
The platform will advise you on which programs you qualify for and how you can apply for them. This website for seniors also offers a variety of information.

Washington State Department of Financial Institutions

This website has the latest news and updates on various money topics for senior citizens. They have tips on making your money last throughout retirement.
It offers a guide for seniors on how to protect themselves against investment fraud. This website will ensure you get the knowledge you need to build a lasting retirement fund.


You can be a financial guru, a tech-enabled elderly, or a mixture of both. These websites will keep you more updated than ever before.

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