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Gadget Canes: Your Guide for Choosing Wisely

Gadget Canes

These canes may prove a bit harder to find, as they live primarily in the retro and vintage shops. As a result, a sword cane proves to be a solid collectible for any gentlemen looking for small ways to celebrate the past as part of his everyday life.

Technology Enhanced Gadget Canes

It was only a matter of time before classic walking canes became merged with modern-day technology. There are currently a few different types of high-tech canes out there, but it is a fast-growing and improving field. These canes demonstrate the future of the gadget cane market.

GPS Canes

Sometimes it seems like everyone has grown utterly dependent upon the GPS in their phones, and now seniors have a new way to keep that technology in the palm of their hand. GPS canes are cutting-edge and unique to the market but are quickly growing in popularity.

The designers had seniors in mind when they created features on these canes, so have no fear that it takes a tech genius to operate them. It doesn’t.

After programming in a route through an app on a phone or computer, a screen on the cane handle shows arrows telling the walker which way to turn. This feature makes holding a phone in your free hand unnecessary.

Some models even have built-in heart rate monitors and temperature sensors. A GPS cane is the perfect gadget cane for any senior who spends time out there exploring.

Smart Canes for Blind Men

One of the best things about advancing technology is the ability to help those who need it. In this case, blind and visually impaired individuals can take advantage of these advancements.

Smart canes use ultrasonic sensors to allow the user to adapt to their environment. These are still very new to the market, so there will likely be some bugs that need to be worked out.

For those that are blind or visually impaired, this technological cane alternative is worth a tryout. There are not many models out, and those that are available are viewed less like a walking cane, but you can expect to see these grow in popularity in the coming few years.

Aid Cane

The aid cane is a brand-new prototype that is winning awards worldwide but is not quite ready for the market. It uses cutting edge technology in a way that is meant to help save lives. While this design is not available quite yet, it is worth watching for similar products coming out in the future.

The design features a unique handle that spans your whole hand to about mid-forearm. There is an LCD (liquid crystal display), meant to indicate the user’s pulse, blood pressure, and temperature. It also boasts an SOS button the user can choose, which can immediately send your health data, as mentioned above, to an emergency center.

Gadget Canes for Collectors

Some gadget canes have secondary uses. They serve as an earnest throwback, but not as useful in today’s modern world. For anyone looking to connect to times gone by, these collector gadget canes are for you.

BLUEGALA Trekking Pole Monopod Head Grip Knob with Compass for Walkabout Monopod Walking Stick
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Compass Canes

A Compass Cane is a gadget cane that is not the most useful tool of 2020 but is a fun choice for any collector looking for a daily walking cane. Older compass walking canes often are made of wood and are a bit heavier than modern canes. If you do like the idea of a compass cane, but want more modern technology, check out walking sticks used primarily in hiking, like this one.

Cigarette Lighter Canes

These canes provide an easy flame whenever you may need it. While a lighter cane definitely would still be useful today, most you will find available will be older versions.

It would be an adventure trying to fill up the lighter fluid. These are an excellent option for anyone who regularly carries a lighter, or a collector looking for a unique find.

A Gadget Cane for Every Occasion

Gadget canes span the decades and connect people of the past to the present. Seniors in today’s world face many challenges not previously encountered, and the needs of a gadget cane have changed.

Amazon’s Best Items for Seniors

Technology has worked to meet those changes and is continually advancing what is becoming available. Regardless of your situation or terrain, there is a gadget cane that could help make your life just that little bit more stable and comfortable.

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