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10 Awesome Growing Old Advantages

Awesome Growing Old Advantages

Growing old is our destination. Just like in any other stages of our lives, growing old might not be that easy for some and that there are challenges to face along the way. On the other hand, we know that there is always sunshine after the rain. Challenges should not hinder us to enjoy the awesome things of growing old. From different aspects of life, we can pull awesome reasons to appreciate the beauty of being a senior. Aside from the list of 30 Benefits of Growing Old, here are ten more outtasight reasons to look forward to aging:

You’ll have deeper and useful relationships

Growing old means you’ll meet people whom you will not just hang out with but build great plans together. As you grow old, you’ll found those people whom you fit really well. No more shallow kind of relationships that you have when you were young.

More time!

You’ll have more time to spend with your loved ones, like family and friends. Make use of your valuable time by spending it with them, you’ll be happier and relaxed knowing that you’ll have people who won’t just come and go.

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You can also make use of your time to do the things that you have been dreaming to do. Indulge yourself with different hobbies, civic engagements, volunteering, travels, and even as simple activities such as gardening. Different activities will make your time worthwhile and keep boredom at bay.

You’ll be more confident

With growing old, you have garnered a lot of experiences that taught you well in life. With all the life lesson’s you have experienced, your wisdom also grows and breeds confidence. Confidence, if mixed with good personality can lead to a higher purpose.

A happier perspective

Believe it or not, but studies have shown that seniors are happy people despite that some of them experience cognitive decline.

Several factors might be the reason why older people are happier despite negative situations. Some of them maybe because seniors are more comfortable with being themselves and already know how to deal with difficulties better than younger counterparts.

You have the knowledge to pass on

It is now your turn to be the teacher of life, a mentor to younger generations who still seek who to emulate as they take on their own journey. It is your time to pass on the knowledge and even skills to those who seek it from you. Set standards for those coming up, the next generation relies on seniors like you.

You can crush other people’s expectations

The common notion about “old” people is that they just sit around, read newspapers in the veranda and do nothing. So, if you finish a triathlon at 75+, start a new career at 65+, do sky jumping at 80+, people will be astounded and amazed. You’ll have a lot of opportunities to blow other people’s mind because of what you can do at such a ripe age.


Life is a gift and so is having grandchildren. The bond between grandparents and grandchildren are magical. Grandchildren have this amazing impact that touches the grandparent’s heart and vice versa.

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Plus, grandparents get to enjoy kids without the hardship of diapering, and sleepless nights.

Volunteering and civic engagement

Because you’ll have more time on your hands when you retire, participating in civic activities, volunteering, or be politically involved are good options to make your schedule busy and more meaningful.

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Also, since growing old provides you a wider perspective, it often makes you focus your efforts and energy toward creating a better society for next generations. This can lead to a sense of purpose in life.

Minimum income, Medicare, and Social Security

Even if you aren’t wealthy, seniors can rely on different health insurance programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. These programs can help you handle healthcare expenses that can be quite expensive. Also, you’ll get to enjoy your social security benefits which ensure you’ll have guaranteed minimum income in your golden years.

Discounts for seniors

Enjoy more of your free time by utilizing various discounts offered only for seniors! My dad, for one, enjoys this benefit more often. Discounts are often given in activities that usually keep seniors active such as dining, gym memberships, entertainment, transportation, and even in medications. Just don’t hesitate to ask if the establishment have certain discounts or offerings just for seniors.

There you go peeps! With all these reasons (and there might be even more), growing older isn’t bad after all, right? Good luck as you embark on your journey of being a senior! Enjoy!

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