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Seniors Guide to Free Medicine (Getting Prescription Help)

Seniors Guide to Free Medicine

If we seniors had just one prescribed pill for every promise politicians have made proposing adequate Medicare-drug benefits, we’d each have a lifetime pile of pharmaceuticals.

More bogus assurances belch forth from Washington daily.

Unfortunately, all the drug company cards, LillyAnswers, Orange Card, Novartis CareCard, etc. have been canceled because “they are not needed with Plan D.”

Yes, that’s what Big Pharma is saying!

Same for most of the free drug patient assistance programs offered.

However, you can still buy cheap drugs abroad, see…Canada: Your Prescription for Lower Drug Prices.

And also…Cheap and Free Drugs: Here’s Where to Get Them

National Prescription Assistance Programs

Check Out What Your State Has to Offer…

Alaska – Chronic and Acute Medical Assistance
(888) 804-6330

CaliforniaPrescription Assistance for Medicare Patients
(916) 445-5014

ConnecticutPharmaceutical Assistance Contract to the Elderly
(800) 842-1508

DelawarePrescription Assistance Program
(800) 996-9669 ext. 17

FloridaSHINE Prescription Assistance
(800) 963-5337

IllinoisIllinois Cares Rx (formerly Circuit Breaker and Pharmaceutical Assistance Program)
Terminated 2012

IndianaHoosierRx Program
(866) 267-4679

MaineMaineCare (Elderly Low-Cost Drug Program)
(855) 797-4357

MarylandMaryland Pharmacy Assistance Program
(800) 492-1974

MassachusettsSenior Pharmacy Program
(800) 243-4636

Michigan Michigan Emergency Pharmaceutical Program for Seniors
(517) 373-8230

MinnesotaSenior Drug Program
(800) 333-2433

Nevada – SeniorRx
(800) 262-7726

New Jersey – Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled
(800) 792-9745

New YorkElderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage Fee Plan
(800) 332-3724

PennsylvaniaPharmaceutical Assistance for the Elderly
(800) 225- 7223

Rhode IslandRhode Island Pharmaceutical Assistance for the Elderly
(401) 222-2858

VermontVermont Health Access Plan
(800) 631-7788

WashingtonAlliance to Reduce Prescription Drug Spending
(360) 923-2711



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