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7 Top Reasons I Don’t Like Seniors (Getting Old Sucks)

don't like seniors

They insist that money earned in this country should stay here. All the clothes on their back came from Asia and their TV from Japan. They drive a foreign-made car and even the Smith Bros cough drop they are sucking on was made in Mexico. I won’t go into their misconceptions about what undocumented aliens are doing to Social Security.

Most don’t believe that if you don’t put anything into it you can’t get anything out. Most of us are descendants of immigrants. They all come back with “my ancestors came to this country to make a better life for themselves and their families not just take money”. I think that the immigration issue was only brought to the forefront to get people to ignore more important issues. When I state this, they just look at me like I called them a dirty name.

They go on and on about things like abortion, gay marriage, lack of prayer in school, and a million other things they don’t like. They don’t have the slightest idea of what the real major issues are. If I try to correct one of their misconceptions all you get back is a brain-dead answer. It’s not what Oprah, Dr. Phil, their priest or minister, Jimmy Swaggert, or some other bible beating bunko artist on TV said. Therefore, you are dead wrong and have to be insane to even think that way.

We have tried hard to get our seniors to email, call, or write our elected representatives on Capitol Hill. They need to express their concerns about issues that affect them. The pat answers we get are; I don’t have a computer, stamps cost money and long-distance calls make my phone bill too high. Most forget that quite a few of the political whores have 1-800 numbers. It would take some effort to speak out while Oprah is on.

Fixing America

A few words for my contemporaries.

We are the ones that caused the mess that this country is in now by our apathy and inaction. Therefore, we owe it to those who follow us to forget being entertained for a while. We must get up off our asses and do what we can to straighten things out.

My advice is to wake up, keep informed, think things out, and then act. Above all don’t let someone else do your thinking for you. You must realize that elected politicians and the talking heads are nothing more than prostitutes selling themselves to entities. They do not have your best interests at heart. Money talks and we walk.

On my 65th birthday, a wonderful 103-year-old lady gave me some advice. I told her I didn’t like the idea of growing old because I didn’t want to end up being like most of the seniors that I knew. Her words of wisdom were “Son, old age is just a state of mind and only becomes a mindless state if you let it”.

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