10 Best Non-Slip Slippers for Elderly Seniors (Safe & Comfy)

10 Best Non-Slip Slippers for Elderly Seniors (Safe & Comfy)

These sweet slippers come in six sizes to fit all standard, wide, or slim. You’ll appreciate the easy machine-washing care, too. Just slip these on after a long day and relax your feet in total comfort.

7. Acorn Women’s Spa Wrap

Acorn Women's Spa Wrap Slipper, Slip-on, Adjustable, Memory Foam
  • Premium quality – Super soft plush terry wrap spa house slipper in classic quilted moccasin...
  • Adjustable and Flexible design- Easy slip-on; full coverage; breathable style with comfortable;...
  • Therapeutic support- Comfortable all-around support can help soothe swollen feet of all ages and...

The Acorn Women’s Spa Wrap is an adjustable and flexible design easy to slip on. It provides full coverage and is breathable in style. It has an adjustable strap for a fit that hugs your foot. The flexible fastener makes it easy to adjust to the width of your feet. Perfect for swollen or orthopedic support.

These classic quilted moccasin wraps are made from super soft plush terry. They will keep your feet cozy and warm. And with a skid-resistant, weatherproof, rugged sole, you can enjoy indoor & outdoor versatility. The slipper is perfect for relaxation and comfort.

Relax in style with the Acorn Women’s Spa Wrap. This wrap provides therapeutic support and is adjustable for a contouring fit. It’s perfect for swollen feet, flatfoot, talipes valgus, and splayfoot.

It’s also comfortable for diabetic patients and pregnant women with aching feet. Made of high-quality materials, the Spa Wrap will provide lasting comfort. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the spa-like experience at home with the Acorn Women’s Spa Wrap.

These wraps are made with breathable, flexible material. They have a multilayer Cloud Cushion insole with a memory foam footbed for added support. They’re perfect for wearing around the house, office, school, or outdoors. And because they come in such cute colors and styles, you’ll want to show them off wherever you go!

The soft fabric and wide widths make it comfortable to wear. The machine-washable and dry-able fabric makes it easy to care for. Available in Natural, Powder Blue, and Pink, the Spa Wrap will surely add a touch of luxury to any outfit.

8. Silvert’s Double-Extra Wide Slip-Resistant Slippers for Seniors

Silvert's Adaptive Clothing & Footwear Men’s Double-Extra Wide Slip-Resistant Slippers for Seniors...
  • EASY SELF DRESSING: Thanks to adjustable closures with hook-and-loop fasteners and a design that...
  • FLUID BARRIER: These anti-slip shoes are equipped with the Fluid Barrier Advantage, which protects...
  • PREMIUM COMFORT: These sneaker slippers are made with high-quality materials and engineered with a...

Say goodbye to the days of struggling to put on your shoes! Silvert’s Double-Extra Wide Slip-Resistant Slippers for Seniors are designed for easy dressing. With adjustable closures and a wide opening, it’s very easy to slip your feet in. They are made with a slip-resistant sole to keep you safe on your feet. The comfortable, stylish pair of slippers are perfect for seniors.

These slippers are perfect for seniors who want to protect themselves from spills. They keep your feet comfortable and warm. The Fluid Barrier Advantage protects against any messes. You can stay confident while wearing them.

These slippers are designed with swollen feet and ankles in mind. They feature high-quality materials and a deep, roomy design. The slip-resistant soles make them perfect for seniors prone to slipping and falling.

These shoes are perfect for anyone who wants an easy on-and-off option. The velcro fasteners make them a breeze to wear. With a wide range of sizes available, there’s sure to be a perfect fit for any foot.

These versatile shoes are perfect for anyone who wants or needs a little extra width. These shoes are ideal if you have swollen feet. It is also perfect for people with diabetes or who want a comfortable pair of house slippers!

These slippers come in several sizes (7 to 14) and colors (Black, Steel, and Navy). They are a proud supporter of the Alzheimer Society of Canada. The portion of the proceeds funds research on people living with dementia.

9. Orthofeet Women’s Arch Support Slippers Charlotte

Orthofeet Women's Orthopedic Tan Faux Fur Lined Charlotte Slippers, Size 10 Wide
  • Orthopedic women's slipper with an adjustable, side strap that opens wide for easy on & off and...
  • Featuring a soft faux fur interior that keeps feet warm and comfy plus an adjustable strap that...
  • Orthofeet shoes have unmatched cushioning and benefit 20+ conditions including foot and heel pain,...

Orthofeet Women’s Arch Support Slippers are the most comfortable arch support slippers! They have a guaranteed fit and come in several colors, so choose the perfect pair for your style. With Orthofeet, you’ll enjoy walking comfortably and pain-free.

The orthotic insoles provide soft, pillow-like support. It eases foot and heel pain. It provides support up your knees, hips, and lower back. These slippers will provide comfort with adjustable arch boosters and multiple cushioning layers!

These Orthofeet Slippers ensure comfort while walking around. They have lightweight, ergonomic soles that make walking easy. They also add a bit of a leap to your step. They’re also available in various widths to ensure you get the perfect fit.

These slippers are perfect for those with diabetes, sensitive feet, neuropathy, arthritis, or tired feet. The insoles are incredibly flexible and non-binding, with extra cushioning. The inside of the shoe is made of a SEAM-FREE material that relieves strain on the foot. They provide superior protection and comfort. The wide toe box offers extra room for toe movement. It helps alleviate pressure on bunions and hammertoes.

Orthofeet Women’s Arch Support Slippers are the perfect answer for foot pain. With a broad and roomy toe box, they offer a comfortable, non-binding fit. It eases pressure on bunions, Morton’s Neuroma, hammertoes, and swollen feet. The removable insoles provide ample space for custom-made orthotics. You can get the support you need.

10. EUROPEAN SOFTEST Men’s 80-D Memory Foam Diabetic Slipper

Men's Wide 80-D Memory Foam Diabetic Slipper with Adjustable Closures, Wide Width Warm Plush Fleece...
  • IDEAL SLIPPER SHOES : Available in 3 COLORS with 2 TYPES. Black, Blue , Grey Colors are soft Terry...
  • CUSHIONING & REAL 80-D HIGH-DENSITY MEMORY FOAM SUPPORT: Most of the Slippers use 40-D or 50-D...
  • EASY TO PUT ON AND OFF: Easy slip-on, full coverage style with velcro closures for customized fit...

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