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Your Political Stripes are Showing

“Your political stripes are showing, Frank”

It saddens me to see your otherwise fine column used to promote your own political philosophy.

It is the height of demagoguery to presume that one or the other of our main political parties is responsible for the problems faced by our Seniors regarding Medicare and the skyrocketing drug costs. Lord knows both parties are culpable in the extreme. There is plenty of blame to go around.

The truth is both political parties have, and continue to benefit financially in the form of political campaign contributions by the drug companies.

As an independent voter, I make it my business to know how my local congressional candidates stand on issues that are important to me as an American, whether it is Social Security, Homeland Security, Taxation, Immigration or Education. I will then vote accordingly, no matter which party they belong to. I refuse to let party affiliation or blind party loyalty dictate which way I will cast my vote. You might try using this unique way to determine your political choice, instead of spouting your partisan rhetoric.

Just think Frank, currently the American electorate is just about evenly split between the two major parties. Alienating half of your readership, in order to promote your own partisan views may not be such a smart idea.

In the meantime, I have to get ready to go to the polls, I will continue to treasure our friendship and to wish you continued success with your otherwise excellent Suddenly Senior column. Don’t forget to vote!

As always,
Abel Navarro


Dear Abel,

My political philosophy is to help needy seniors, pure and simple. There are some 10 million of them unable to afford both food and medicine. That’s my focus and the focus of Suddenly Senior. Always has been.

Every day, Abel, I get scores of letters and e-mail from poorer seniors asking for my help in pointing the way to cheaper pharmaceuticals. I have written at least half dozen columns on the issue.

I agree with you that both political parties are responsible for this dilemma. I believe that was obvious from the skunk/rat analogy. But after a great deal of research, I feel that — overall — the skunks will help seniors more than the rats. That’s what I wrote.

I know it’s generalizing. If I could have written about every candidate in every race, I would have. I’m passionate about this cause, even if it’s “alienating half of your readership.” I would hope that my readers would understand this. And if they don’t, it’s my fault for not being a better writer.

Abel, I’m always asking myself How can my next column be more informative, more entertaining, more engaging than the last column? It is my profound wish to be truthful, thought-provoking, helpful, and entertaining. In that order

And it is only though letters like yours that I know whether or not I’m succeeding. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Without guidance from critical readers like you, I wouldn’t know up from down. (Some readers feel that I’ll never know the difference!)



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