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Would Your Congressman Give Up His Drug Plan for Medicare Part D?

For over 20 years I was “the GEICO man” in Kansas so insurance matters do not scare me however Medicare’s new Part D does, it is a nightmare and full of hooks.

I understand why AARP supported this plan, “better something, than nothing,” believe me, this is worse than nothing. Also the idea that this is the foot in the door and it “can be cleaned up latter” belies reality.

The anger and frustration among the elderly as they realize that all this information and education about Part D is “like putting lipstick on a pig” and is going to boomerang on the people who brought forth this “pig” and there will be a political price to pay for all,repeat all, concerned.

Oddly enough, AARP’s Blue MedicareRx Premier is the best offer I have received so far. It plugs up the biggest negative of all in this Part D debacle, the infamous DONUT.

But beware, all the offers you and I are receiving are loss leaders to get you signed up. Count on it, the 2006 monthly cost will go up by 10 to 20% in 2007. Then there is the “formulary,” a word I hate. Any of these companies can move your drug up one category and you end up paying more co-pay.

Then consider the fact that Medicare and your company will not only count what they pay for your medication, but also the co-payment you make in determining when you have reached $2,25O, the start of the donut. From then on, you are on your own until you reach $5,100. This is where AARP’s plan has so far been the best I have received. It covers the donut. Having said that, I am urging my friends to think very carefully about getting involved in this nightmare.

Personally speaking , after years of insurance experience, I doubt whether I will register for Part D!

Let me put it this way, if Geico had come in to my office while I represented them, and told me that I had to sell anything even near as bad as Part D, I would have thrown them out in a New York minute.

I would have never in a million years, tried to sell such a complicated, terrible mess because I thought to much of my customers.

Think carefully and don’t be snowed under by all this so called “information”. Ask yourselves one question. Would your congressman give up his present drug plan for Medicare Part D? I don’t think so!!! A pig is a pig is a pig no matter how you try to dress it up.


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