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Why won’t AARP help us?

“Why won’t AARP help us?”

The concept of buy meds from Canada is being seriously considered by many; being done by many.

Why can’t AARP cut a contract with a Canadian pharmaceutical group?

AARP is a mighty group and loud voices and we are being screwed royally. Where is it written that we cannot contract with Canadian suppliers to fill our prescriptions? We can get prescriptions filled when vacationing elsewhere and many go to Canada and, foolishly, Mexico (where the meds that are dispensed are “questionable”).

If the pharmacies in our own neighborhoods are not going to meet our needs, then AARP should scare the crap out of them and enter into contractual negotiations with Canadian pharmacies, to fill our prescriptions.

Forcing senior and others on Medicare to join a specific group of physicians in order to save money on meds is not within the realm of “freedom”.

It is within the realm of “freedom” for us to go where we wish, to fill our costly prescriptions. We are living in a world filled with hypocrisy and i am sick of it. I see nightly deliveries, free of charge, bring free medications to thousands of Russian immigrants who are on Medicaid Medicare; have wealthy children/relatives in north shore suburbs; live in section VII housing on the gold coast of Chicago; drive new GM cars, and have tons of benefits, including FREE MEDICATIONS WHICH ARE DELIVERED TO THEIR DOOR!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE MANY YEARS. BEYOND 50, EVEN 60 —

Let’s get real and have AARP enter into contractual agreements with Canadian pharmacies. We send the prescription, they send the medication, either mailed directly to the individuals’ homes or packaged and delivered to various AARP pickup points in every town and city, with competent volunteers monitoring the pickup of the meds by the individuals – or some such quirky matter — if we wait for congress to do anything, we will die of our respective illnesses — even though’ we are paying the politicians to for us, they and everything else seems to be working against us.

The drug companies here are making fools of us; the local pharmacies (Walgreen’s, Osco, etc.) should be working with AARP, for drug benefits, so that they will continue to get the revenue from sales — but we stand alone and should, therefore, act alone…………….

Shirlee Dwyer


So many readers asked this question, why doesn’t AARP help, I thought Shirlee’s letter was representative.

AARP, with 37 million members, is no particular friend of Canadian Drug Stores, often no friend of US seniors. (See: When Will AARP Grow Some Balls and Help Seniors?) A Suddenly Senior reader forwarded this partial response from AARP to a question he asked about buying drugs in Canada…

The Food and Drug Administration says that although it “has not often prosecuted those importing [unapproved] drugs into the United States, FDA reserves the right to do so in the appropriate circumstance.”

AARP contracts with United Healthcare to provide Medicare supplemental insurance. United Healthcare has notified members with supplemental insurance plans that cover prescription drug coverage that now it will reimburse for prescription drugs purchased outside the US

Finally, consumers may face significant health and safety risks if they use the Internet to purchase their prescription drugs. Internet sites that dispense foreign drugs, or are not operated by licensed pharmacies, may dispense expired, sub potent, contaminated or counterfeit drugs, the wrong product, an incorrect dose, or medication without adequate directions for use. You can obtain more information about drug safety and the FDA’s policies on drug importation on their website, [Italic’s Frank’s]

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is any way AARP headquarters staff may be of assistance in the future. Thank you again for taking the time to get in touch. It is always a pleasure to respond to the concerns of a member.



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