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Why Isn’t There Affordable Housing for Seniors?

“The government has forsaken the ones who have paid the largest amount of taxes. Only if I have no money at all can I get a decent roof over my head.

The government (HUD) builds high-rise apartment housing for low income seniors.

They pay usually less than half the regular rent. The wealthy ones can afford good housing. What about the middle class? I am an 85- year-old widow. We worked and saved money all our working lives, so we could have a nice place to live in our declining years.

Economic Collapse: Sinking & Swimming

My income was cut in half when he passed away. I got his Social Security, but lost mine, his pension no longer existed, the housing expenses were the same, increasing more every year more than Social Security. I finally had to sell the house, because my income wasn’t enough money for regular expenses, plus hiring helps with the yard, etc.

There was a new Senior Center being built in the same town, with transportation to shopping, doctors, and weekly trips to other shopping. I applied for an apartment. I was told that I had too much money and couldn’t “qualify.”

Not knowing anything about the “qualifications” I told them I didn’t want charity, and would pay whatever the rent would be. It was a beautiful place with a recreation, computer dining, laundry facilities, everything right there, and even one meal a day if I wanted it. The apartments were very nice, some were two bedrooms. I had given up my car a year ago, as I didn’t feel comfortable driving any more, even though my driver’s license wouldn’t expire for three more years.

There are no places like that for people like me. For the last two years I have had to live in an apartment with screaming children, loud music, no transportation, except when one of my children can take me. Now I moved in with my daughter in the country. It is quiet, too quiet, I have to stay home all the time, unless I want to walk five miles, and I can’t do that. I am treated well, but feel like I’m imposing, have no social life. The nearest Senior Center is about six miles away, so I can’t even go once a month for potluck and bingo, because I’m home alone, everyone else is at work.

Why can’t there be housing projects for us who would be very happy to pay whatever it costs for the amenities that the low-income people enjoy? Why aren’t there apartments for us to enjoy too. We aren’t looking for a handout. Just a comfortable place to live with a bus to take us to the Food Market. Regular apartment house owners make a decent profit, the will take our money, but the only thing we get in common is a swimming pool (I don’t swim) and a tennis court. I can’t pay tennis anymore either.

Living Smaller and Smaller and Smaller

I feel very strongly about this housing discrimination. If I give all my money away, I would be eligible for a new modern apartment. I don’t want government assistance, just a nice senior apartment, where I can talk to my neighbors once in a while.

The government has forsaken the ones who have paid the largest amount of taxes. I call that discrimination in capital letters. I live on Social plus a little extra dividends. If I sell my assets I would only have Social Security. That isn’t enough.

Is there such a thing as housing for a middle-class widow?

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