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Why Can’t We Win the War on Cancer?

The War on Cancer is being lost due to the fact that medical science can’t connect the dots. They are looking for the forest and they can’t see it through the trees.

Rx CartoonClues abound about how to find the path into the valley of the sun. As an example, 99% of the cancer drug clinicals are tested on immune-suppressed mice. They can’t grow a cancer unless they suppress the immune system. The PET scan uses radioactive sugar to illuminate the solid cancer.

Why do doctors prescribe Ensure, which is loaded with sugar to cancer patients?

Researchers found that the sugar molecule is attracted to the cancer cells because of its high-energy needs. In addition, angiogenesis appears to insure an ample supply of nutrients (sugars) and oxygen to the cells so they can multiply.

Metastasis (cancer cells invading multiple organs and tissue) appears when the immune system is so depressed it is overwhelmed and no longer has any ability to destroy the aberrant cells that are growing in the body.

Man would be a biological bowl of soup if we didn’t have an endoskeleton. It is the most complex bowl of soup ever created by God. Its healthy balance is skewed by the lack of proper nutrients and the addition of chemical toxins from various sources including prescription drugs or gene defects that are being passed on from generation to generation. Usually, it is a combination of deficient nutrients and chemical toxins, some of which have the ability to directly corrupt the DNA of cells.

600 PSA to 2 PSA in 6 Months

As an example, I have an 80-year-old friend who a year ago was told he had a PSA of 600. He did not have surgery and immediately went on a daily dose of Selenium 200mg. and Saw Palmetto.

Six months latter he had a PSA of 2.

Dr. von Eschenbach of the NCI says he is on a mission to stop the cancer process from occurring in the first place. He survived both prostrate cancer and skin cancer. I wonder how he would have done if he had taken Selenium and Saw Palmetto and Vitamin D which is essential for a strong immune system. When you lack Vitamin D, there are signs of its absence that shows up in dermatological conditions.

Until medical science admits that a healthy immune system is key to preventing cancer and that until we begin monitoring key components in the blood to measure the health of the immune system we will remain lost in the forest. This is the path to cancer prevention.

The history of medicine is replete with examples of cures obtained years, decades, and even centuries before the mechanism of action was understood. Vaccinations, digitalis and aspirin are good examples. Yet any massive coordinated assault on cancer has be overruled by medical researchers doing private research in the pursuit of a patentable cure. They are not interested in putting the cancer process into perspective.

The cure lies in prevention and not treatment. The magic bullets do not exist, except in the minds of executives of pharmaceutical manufacturers who are charged with creating wealth for themselves and their shareholders. If it is not patented….it isn’t worth anything.

The first tenet that must be accepted by medical science is that the cure is a healthy immune system. The second tenet is that we all carry pathogens of various sorts that will cause cancer if the immune system is not strong enough to remove the corrupted cells in our body. In reality, cancer cells are being destroyed by our immune system through out our life.

The clues abound. but the dots are not connected. I have also run across documents that indicate that Glutathione, which is produced by the liver, is essential for a strong immune system. It is a naturally occurring amino acid that the liver produces if the liver is not being suppressed.

I have also run across a clinical study that the viral load of HIV is suppressed to almost zero if Glutathione is administered to the HIV patient. Is this knowledge being suppressed or ignored because Glutathione can’t be patented?

A healthy immune system has a strong lymphatic system, which is nothing more that nature’s way of draining and cleansing debris from the human body. The lymph nodes are active sites of cleansing and eliminating pathogens, bacteria, virus and etc from the human body. It is one of the four essential components of the immune system.

This is but a thumbnail sketch of how the immune system is an integral part of preventing cancer. It’s very complex and what has to cease is the quarrels about cause and effect and who owns the rights to what for profiteering. Let’s rethink how the body works in cancer prevention and maybe we can walk into the sunlight.

T. Braun, Pharmacist, Buyer, Marketing Executive for a Major Drug Chain. Active for over 45 years in Pharmacy.

Legal Stuff: Disclaimer – This document is informational in nature. Medical advice should be secured through your physician.



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