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Who Built That Car?

Yet another challenge to that over-50 brain of yours

Old friends during the ’40s and ’50s. We coveted them. Sometimes we even owned one or two. All gone now. How many can you remember?

Which auto models belong with what builders?


1. Ambassador

2. Biscayne

3. Clipper

4. Commander

5. Fairlane

6. Firedome

7. LaSalle

8. Pacemaker

9. Rocket 88

10. Zephyr

A. Cadillac

B. Chevrolet

C. DeSoto

D. Ford

E. Hudson

F. Lincoln

G. Nash

H. Oldsmobile

I. Packard

J. Studebaker

Answers: 1-G; 2-B; 3-I; 4-J; 5-D; 6-C; 7-A; 8-E; 9-H; 10-F

How’d you do?

0-1 Right
You say you’re still trying to figure out where the clutch pedal is on your family MixMaster?

2-4 Right
Your grandchildren should do that well.

5-7 Right

Okay, you passed, but you should’ve remembered Nash.

8-9 Right
Pretty good — you probably also know whether they were 6’s or 8’s or came in both flavors.

10 !!
Okay, Einstein. So now explain the origin of the word “flivver”.

Larry Stoddard

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