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What the Government and the Pharmaceutical Companies Have Done to the Medicare System

I’m shy six years of being a senior as I’m only 54, supposing 60 is the age one becomes a senior.

However, I’ve been disabled since ’85 and am on Medicare A and B. I write you, as I don’t know whom else to write to with my frustrations and the looming possibility of my death due to what the government and the pharmaceutical companies have done to the Medicare system.

I can afford only my basics which only consists of: my mortgage, car and house insurance’s, basic phone service (no frills such as caller ID or anything like that), my utilities of electricity and gas to heat my home.

I was told to come in for LiHeap assistance on November 29, 2005 for heating assistance and since it was paid a day late the gas company kicked me off of their budget billing system and informed me I’d be receiving the entire bill the following month which was December which is nearly 300 dollars. I was told by LiHeap they’d have emergency funding January 9th and I was to come back however I doubt they’re going to pay the entire bill, so I suppose I’ll be freezing.

I’m extremely affected by the cold as I have poor circulation as well as numerous disabilities. My reason for writing is mostly to gripe and please feel free to post it on your site if you wish.

I was getting 9 to 10 medications for free through the pharmaceutical companies. They’ve stopped now that we’re being forced to pick a plan (ignore that it doesn’t provide all the medicines I’m on or the cold hard fact that I can’t afford the co-pay).

I have exactly two shots that will be this next week’s supply of Enbrel that I’ve been on since 1997. If I were to miss just ONE shot I’ll revert to such a state of being I won’t be able to function.

My wheelchair (electric) doesn’t fit through my small bedroom doors, so I don’t know when I reach the point I can’t bear the pain in my feet and throughout my entire body how I’m to reach my bedroom door to get into my wheelchair.

I know the pain which I’m about to relapse into and God gives me the strength but I don’t think I’ll be here much after that time period. Just the thought of returning to that state, well, it stresses me out beyond measure.

As I was saying after I meet the obligations I have nearly 100 dollars which must stretch to pay for gas to my many doctors some are a 3 hr. drive from here, another is an hr. drive and the rest thank God are local, then I must pay for over the counter vitamins which my doctors have instructed me to get in hopes of counteracting the damage all the medications are doing to my body.

And then there is the food, with whatever if any is left.

I gave up begging at church pantries more than two years ago. I will not go to the Help Office here as they make you feel less than human and that they are better people than you are. I attempt to not get out unless I absolutely have to because it puts so much strain not to mention the pain in doing so plus it takes my body 2 to 3 days to get over it.

I qualify for the Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) that is to pay the monthly premium if it’s no more than $32.20 and from 1 to 5 dollars per prescription. Well worse case scenario that’s 5 times 10 equaling 50 dollars a month out of the measly 100 I have. It’s not going to work for me.

There is no HOPE.

No more corners for me to cut as I’d cut them many years ago. I’ve written urgent e-mails to the President, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC to date I’ve heard no response.

I’m certain there will be many besides myself that will simply be killed off through the politics of the mess our government and the pharmaceutical companies have created for the sake of their own greed.

They should wear the label MURDERER as far as I’m concerned. I can’t stretch my nearly 100 dollars anymore.

Here’s another one, I applied for food stamps, and I received 10 dollars. I’d certainly like to see any of the government officials live on what they can afford to purchase with that 10 dollars for an entire month. Geez, they could have given me at least 30 dollars whereby I could have ate a can of Campbell’s soup each of those 30 days. It was an insult.

If I live, I’m considering filing an appeal. Thanks for the opportunity to sound off.


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