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Vitamin D News Update

A few months ago I wrote an article Hi Sunshine, a Primer on Vitamin D. This is a follow up article discussing the recent NIH Institute of Medicine Division report.

On November 30th, 2010 the NIH Institute of Medicine Division (IOM) published the results of their 2009-2010 closed door meetings on Vitamin D. The total report can be found at

The august panel of 15 experts at IOM were from the United States and Canada, Only Dr. Richard L. Gallo was a member of the committee that was also associated with the cutting edge work that is being done by Vitamin D scientists supporting to spread the word about the latest medical studies that support the fact that 3 out of 4 Americans are deficient in Vitamin D and action should be taken to stop this health epidemic.

There are a total of 17 scientists at the University of California plus 23 additional scientists from universities around the United States, as well as Canada, plus Japan and Austria that are members of “grassroots health” scientific board.

The key findings of the IOM committee are as follows:

  1. Taking too much Vitamin D could be dangerous to your health. They remained silent on the fact that physicians regularly prescribe a mega dose of 50,000 units of Vit D2 for correcting low Vitamin D blood levels in patients, and some double this dosage when the blood levels don’t rise. They stated the top range of safe dosing for Vitamin D was 4,000 units of Vitamin D daily. In my opinion, if you have impaired livers and/or kidneys, individuals must consult with health professionals to determine how to manage Vitamin D supplementation safely.
  2. They slight raised the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA’s) of Vitamin D from 400 iu’s daily for Ages 1 through 69 to 600 iu’s daily. If you are 70 or older it is OK to take 800 iu’s daily. It is hard too comprehend how a baby of one year old with a body mass of less than 1/10th an adult should receive an adult dose of 600 iu’s, if this dosage is correct..
  3. The recommend dosage for pregnant mothers was the same as non-pregnant adults, even though nutrient demands on the pregnant mother are greater than normal. Recommendation for infants is 400 iu’s daily. Nothing was said about the value of blood tests to determine a person’s blood level. Over 240 million Americans are deficient in Vitamin D. The following outrageous statement was published by the AP in their press analysis: “Although some people truly are seriously deficient in vitamin D, the average American in fact already has enough circulating in the blood, because we also make vitamin D from sun exposure and because many people already take multiple vitamins or other D containing dietary supplements.” This statement rejects the findings of Sloan-Kettering Prestigious Cancer Hospital and a life long study by Dr Cedric Garland of the Scripps Institute, both of which determined that 3 out of 4 Americans are deficient in Vitamin D.Nothing was said about the value of blood tests to determine a person’s blood level of Vitamin D. Over 240 million Americans are estimated to be deficient in Vitamin D based on blood value studies. Dr. Cedric Garland and his brother Frank developed the facts to prove it. This study was verified by a Sloan-Kettering Cancer study as well as a Harvard study published in 2004 that indicated that Americans living above the 37th latitude were deficient (3 out of 4) in Vitamin D, particularly in the winter months. An Oxford University article published in September 2010 was entitled: “Time for public health action on vitamin D for cancer risk reduction”. In addition, go to and read Dr. Cannell’s blistering critique of the IOM board Vitamin D recommendations.They also announced a 5 year study called VITAL to determine the value of Vitamin D and Fish Oil on the impact of cancer. It will be conducted by mail with shipments of Vitamin D and Fish Oil or placebos with no nutrient value on what is called a double blind study. There are no Vitamin D blood tests and the study will be strictly through questionnaires sent to the participants via US mail. Little or no supervision of how the participants follow the program or if they are on drugs such as Coumadin for blood thinning. I received my invitation in the mail this last week. I declined the offer since I have been taking both Vitamin D and Fish Oil for years. To really understand this weak response to the epidemic Vitamin D health crisis, it is recommended that for those interested read the following books. “The Secret History War on Cancer” by Dr. Devra Davis and “The Politics of Cancer, Revisited” by Dr. Samuel S. Epstein. The study materiel for the committee was narrowed by including an evaluation of Calcium supplementation and by only looking at studies that were based on “randomized clinical trials”.
  4. The following is the verbatim conclusion of the committee findings:

    Scientific evidence indicates that calcium and vitamin D play key roles in bone health.
    The current evidence, however, does not support other benefits for vitamin D or
    calcium intake. More targeted research should continue. However, the committee
    emphasizes that, with a few exceptions, all North Americans are receiving enough
    calcium and vitamin D. Higher levels have not been shown to confer greater benefits,
    and in fact, they have been linked to other health problems, challenging the concept
    that “more is better.”

It appears the intent was to maintain the status quo and not let the sun shine in.

T. Braun, Pharmacist, Buyer, Marketing Executive for a Major Drug Chain. Active for over 45 years in Pharmacy.

Legal Stuff: Disclaimer – This document is informational in nature. Medical advice should be secured through your physician.



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