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Traitors: Our Elected Representatives

“Our Elected Representatives…are Traitors!”

The government is now saying that the Rx drugs I buy across the counter at Sam’s and Wal-Mart in Mexico are counterfeit.

And the RX bought right over the counter at a Canadian Pharmacy in Canada are counterfeit.

I read that busloads of Seniors go across the border to get Rx at Canadian Pharmacies in Canada. They say these pharmacies selling defective Rx to the USA seniors and good drugs to locals. Possible I suppose. They site dozens of cases each week.

Mexico has a system that breaks the monopoly that the doctors hold over us here; you can go into any pharmacy and just buy what you want without having to pay your doctor $70 every month to renew your Rx.

  • My wife and I would not be able to not get our medicines if we had to pay the doctors their $70 a month to renew each one of them every month; plus the cost of the drugs.
  • My $180 a month Prevacid is under $40 at Wal Mart in Mexico.
  • My wife has several $160 Rx that we get for similar prices. And we do not have to pay each doctor $70 a month for his nurse to take our blood pressure and give us another month Rx.

If we could not do this I guess we would just have to die. This is just terrorism, or racketeering, or at the least blackmail; no big fee = no health care.

Why does a doctor make 4 to 5 or more office fees of $70 an hour when minimum wage workers make 1/60th of that? Is the doctor’s time worth 60 times that of a laborer? No one you will find would agree, yet that is what they fleece us for. Why does the laborer have to work for 16 hours just to see the doctor; and then work even more hours for even the cheapest RX?

It all comes down to the fact that doctors are in business to make money, not to help people. Same with drug companies. And both control government through their powerful lobbies to keep us entrapped in the vicious cycle. That is a fact of life and everyone needs to wake up, stop believing in good fairies, and face the facts….

I own my gastroenterologist $400 and was paying him $25 a month, that wasn’t enough so he is suing me. What a monster. Don’t you think he will rot in hell?

I have been having chest pains today, taking nitro and aspirin as usual, and no doctor will see me since I don’t have enough money. I am not a minority and not on welfare and not over 65 and have no health insurance. I am just left out. I would get health care in prison or in many foreign countries.

But in the USA, our elected representatives whom we trust sell themselves out to the Medical and Drug lobby; just to get reelected to a job where they do not have to get any results and where they get a huge retirement package just for being good at being elected. They have betrayed our trust and I see no difference between them and traitors.

Just like many Americans, I am really pissed off about this. I have just about had it. I always thought I was a conservative Republican but I don’t see my party (either party) giving a damn about the elderly, the sick, or the poor. They are more interested in bowing down the their masters, the medical and drug lobbies, and living in opulence at our expense.

If you think I am full of baloney, just go to a charity hospital wards and take a look around. They turn almost everyone away unless they are in a life threatening situation. The clinics and charity hospitals have no money to treat unless you are already dying, or are on welfare or are connected. I was at such a hospital last week on business and they were wheeling folks out as fast as they came in. Made me want to be sick And mad as hell.

I am tired of being sick with no hope of health care and seeing millions of others in the same situation. Doctors make really too much money as do the drug companies. They have betrayed their public trust and should be treated accordingly.

And why do we give billions to Iraq (in actuality French construction contractors, not US), and ignore our own sick, seniors and poor?

The liberals told God to “get out” and I believe He has left the building.

Is there anyone in health care or drugs or government that has not been bought off or duped?

The question we have to ask ourselves is where is this going to lead to? How much control over the government can these lobbies eventually get? And what will it all lead to? Think about it.

What do you think?

David Pickett



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