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Too Many HMO Changes

“Our area has gone through two HMO’s… I’m not ready for a third.”

I read your article in “Lifestyles” with much interest & appreciation. For, as a Senior Citizen, I also purchase my prescription drugs from a Canadian firm. But recognizing the “lobbying” clout the pharmaceutical companies have with our elected representatives, particularly in this Administration, I have been reluctant to discuss my purchases with anyone except family members. (This is what I fought for in WWII??)

You ended your article by asking, “What should we do?” Here are my comments on the matter, trite as they may sound!

  1. We, meaning senior citizens, do not stand a chance with the present crop of representatives in office, particularly with this Administration. Therefore we must work like hell to get a “regime” change.
  2. Write, E-Mail & Fax your elected representatives concerning prescription drugs, every chance you get.
  3. Write, E-Mail & Fax editors, journalists, & pundits at every opportunity.
  4. Join advocacy groups that are sympathetic to Senior Citizen causes, at the same time beware of “front” groups that are secretly funded by the Pharmaceutical Industry & others.
  5. Somewhere, somehow, some group, similar to the AARP (who are NOT aggressive enough in my opinion), must coordinate a nationwide movement to counter the well-funded pharmaceutical groups tactics. I might suggest contacting a nationally known website like WWW.BUZZFLASH.COM. They publish articles & letters from various sources .The point is to get the “message” out to the public & generate discussion.

Finally, Mr. Kaiser, from what I read, there are two proposals for prescription drugs circulating in Washington. One promotes a “privatizing” scheme, utilizing HMO’s and insurance companies. The other scheme utilizes the existing Medicare System. Our area has gone through two HMO’s, I’m sure you’re aware of this. I’m not ready for a third.

Peter V. Anania
Ellicott City, MD



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