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The Sayings of Granny D

From Walking Across America in My 90th Year, foreword by Bill Moyers. Random House, 2001

  • It is said that democracy is not something we have, but something we do. But right now, we cannot do it because we cannot speak. We are shouted down by the bullhorns of big money. It is money with no manners for democracy, and it bust be escorted from the room

  • The hundreds of thousands of our dead, buried in rows upon rows in our national cemeteries, sacrificed their lives for democracy of a free people, not for what we have today. It is up to each of us to see that these boys and girls did not die in vain. That’s just how serious this message is.

  • When you fully dedicate yourself to a good mission, the floodgates of heaven open up for you. If you can make a creative cracking in the crust of the world’s deadly abstractions, the divine will rush up, bringing great bounty with it.

  • … the ache du jour. After age forty, it’s always something. But after eighty-five, it’s always nearly everything.

  • Good political and community leadership is indeed a matter of making sure that there is a productive role for everyone, so that people can meet the responsibilities they feel in their hears, find a respected place in their community, attract a mate, and enjoy the respect of their friends and family. When they have that, people are usually no trouble at all, and we can spend our prison money for schools and stages instead.

  • Corporations are using their overpowering capital to annihilate small businesses and turn our times into their colonies, and it is quite the same process that impoverish much of the Third World. Ti is a kind of self-colonialism: America’s corporations are turning upon their own countrymen.

  • You can make someone helpless by helping too much.

  • Small towns make up for their lack of people by having everyone be more interesting.

  • I do hope the walk will encourage older people to talk to themselves and to each other about keeping at [campaign reform.] They’ll say, “Well, maybe we can do this and that, if that 90-year-old lady can walk across the US.” You see how it works.

  • Shame on you, senators and congressmen, who have turned this headquarters of a great and self-governing people into a bawdy house.

  • Did you brave spirits give your lives for a government where we might stand together as free and equal citizens, or did you give your lives so that laws might be sold to the highest bidder, turning this temple of our fair republic into a bawdy house where anything and everything is done for a price.



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