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The Help of Women

“If the problems we now face in medicine, conflict, hunger, and degradation of the human race are to be solved, it WILL only be with the help of women.”

I’m sitting here, age 52, trying desperately to “make it” as an attorney before I lose my brain to some dread disease, an old cow foundered at the slaughter.

After teaching for 20 years in different systems, I have no retirement fund.

Socratic Method and Other Tortures

I started out on my own five years ago, a year after finishing law school. Even then, nobody really wanted a clever, out-of-the-box-thinking, surviving female. Now, I’m doing what I love, helping people, and almost, not quite, making a living. It IS getting better all the time. Someday, I will be able to take cases ONLY because they are worthy.

Lots of Carolyn’s problems [See Fired at 63!] are just in being female. But, females can work together, if we only will, to pull one another along.

Men have always done this, many times for the wrong reasons. Right now, I personally see lots of females allowing males to pit the women in the organization against each other, doing the “dirty” jobs even dirtier than a man would do them because they want to get up the ladder. For example, should we think about Gen. Janis Karpinski, stuck in command, but not in command, of a hell hole at Abu Ghraib I mean, you have to take command if it’s assigned, don’t you? But they didn’t tell her what was coming in the back door, either, and now, she’s thankfully for us complaining out loud.

More females are now qualified for professional-level employment and careers than has ever been the case in history, probably, of “mankind.”

A couple of Fridays ago, I had a conversation with a very intelligent, generous woman who spends much of her time volunteering in a local public middle school. She is specifically assigned to help mentor three struggling girls. One of the girls, in particular, needs special education services, which the school administrators have so far ignored my friend’s requests to give. She, of course, is not a parent.

I suggested that we — I, being the attorney, she, being the attorney-in-fact do a power of attorney from the impoverished mother to her, and that she then request the special education services in the place of the parent. The parent is too unaware and beat down to advocate for her daughter to the degree necessary, and school officials know it. I will attend the special education school/parent meeting the “M-Team” as the parent’s attorney. Other women I talked to about this had never thought of such an approach. But working together, we WILL get this job done, and we will either help this one or the next likely candidate. My retirement fund will have to wait. One at a time; if that’s all we get a chance to work on, then that’s the way we will do it.

The vested interests will always change the system to protect themselves, but before they do, it, the system can always be utilized to push the frontier of progress forward a few more steps at a time.

Your column, and others like it, and women who insist on acting with integrity whether it’s part of the job or not, and women who use their great resources, such as Lois’, will make a difference for the next generation. Keep writing about it. I don’t say that as a command sentence but as highest praise and encouragement.

If the problems we now face in medicine, conflict, hunger, and degradation of the human race are to be solved, it WILL only be with the help of women. Studies show that when men receive helpful financial aid in third-world countries that they spend it on themselves, for such things as tobacco, alcohol, extra armaments, extravagant vehicles, luxury items. When women, especially impoverished women, receive extra money or other resources, they are far and away more likely to spend it on food, housing, clothing, education for their children, and for themselves, last.

I said from the beginning of the fabled “War on Terrorism” that the money for Afghanistan aid should have been given to the women. If a man wanted to have a grant from this country, in my system, he would have to trade an equal market amount of poppy seed for it, I thought, no matter if he was a poppy farmer, or not.

“Poppy” Moves In With the Adult Kids

It’s heroin that runs Afghanistan, and women do not grow it or trade it, because the men keep it by force of arms in their own control. Since the U. S. invasion, Afghan poppy production has skyrocketed, and Europe, especially Great Britain, struggles anew under the weight of the heroin now flooding the market. They don’t like to talk about it. Russia has a new deal for an oil pipeline to the ocean, something they have always coveted. Meanwhile, the Taliban renews itself, on poppies and pipeline easement fees, and women & their children are still owned by men. Check it out.

The world NEEDS men. Women need men. What we don’t need is dishonesty and selfishness that men protect among themselves, if women allow them.

More than you wanted to know. Just keep writing about those Carolyns, please, please. They will never speak for themselves, being good girls, like Carolyn.

Robin S. Kuykendall


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