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“It’s time for some chlorine in the political gene pool. “

Here is what I believe is going on with Social Security. Let’s look at the facts:

It’s solvent for 47 years.

While every politician talks about the fact there are many more baby boomers who will become dependent, they forget to mention that those same baby boomers waaay out contributed to the needs of seniors during their employment years, and they created a surplus, the same one that our politicians spent, and continue to spend irresponsibly. They have robbed the poor Peters to pay the rich Pauls.

The only real problem is that the lying politicians have spent the social security surplus, and they have a huge IOU, an IOU that they continue to pad with tax gifts to the rich. As you identified in your column, these gifts greatly exceed the “problem” in social security. They are, in fact, the only problem facing social security because of the fraudulent application of social security revenues.

So the question for the politicians becomes this: How do these thieves justify their misspending? Answer: They would eliminate the IOU, and they would do so by hiding behind reform. Somewhere, buried in the legislation, far from sight, will be a provision clearing away the IOU. If it is found, it will be cast as a “new beginning”, “starting with a clean slate”, and there will be a “vow to never make the same mistake”. (You know, after 50 you do hear a lot of familiar echoes.)

So presto, history is reinvented; the rape is recast as new opportunity for the young. The young are pitted against the old as though the old had not paid their way. The politicians assert, “Let’s do the fair thing and cast off the bonds of this old system that will bankrupt America if unchanged”. If the old object, they are cast as “self-serving and indifferent to the fate of our young Americans”. Clearly all they are attempting to do is create a cynical smokescreen that justifies a change that will steal the social security surplus. It is lying and stealing, plain and simple.

Question: If you redefine the debt on a social security tax as general tax revenue because you already have spent it, doesn’t that make you a “rob from the old, recast the tax, and spend conservative”?

We must not allow these reprehensible, slimy politicians; to characterize social security as broke when the current system is projected to be able to support Paris Hilton for the entirety of her retirement. They are only attempting to cover their asses and bare ours. It’s time for some chlorine in the political gene pool.

Michael Dougherty



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