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“I’m Madder Than Hell, And I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore!”

I finally found time to see Sicko, the documentary by Michael Moore that shines a spotlight on some of the problems with healthcare in the US. He provides interviews with Americans that have been rejected by the healthcare system due to rejection on their medical claims for multiple reasons, most of which were the insurance companies’ way of reducing their costs and keeping their bottom line growing and solvent.

Rx CartoonIt’s a basic premise in all insurance companies that you insure those that provide the least risk, whether you are selling car insurance, health insurance or life insurance.

Moore also travels to Canada, England, France, and Cuba to discover if socialized medicine is as bad as we’ve been told it is. The concept here is that if the government is guaranteeing health insurance for everyone, that the 50-million Americans that can’t afford it or are uninsurable will get it, plus the fact that costs will go down because we’ve eliminated all the insurance companies that now get a piece of the action. Currently, as medical costs soar, the insurance companies earn more since they get a percentage of the growing cost of healthcare.

Greedy Seniors Ruining & Bankrupting America

Michael Moore did not point out the millions and millions of dollars that politicians accepted from the insurance companies, but he sure nailed the current politicians from George W. Bush, our current President who received almost $900,000 from the pharmaceutical companies to Hillary Clinton who has accepted their cash in recent years. No wonder President Bush said that Medicare D was the best thing that ever happened to seniors. We’re not his bosses, but the pharmaceutical and insurance industries are!

Impossible to Change?

The fact remains that it is nearly impossible to change the current system when the political leaders of this country are beholding to the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies that are rolling in the green.

John Stossell interviewed Michael Moore and gave the opinion that it isn’t the insurance companies that are the problem, but the fact that over 80 percent of all payments are from a third party and not the patient. Consequently, there aren’t any shopping or cost comparisons done in finding healthcare. Like, you’re going to shop when you are near death from a car accident? Consequently, the system is not sensitive to price.

Several weeks ago, I had the rare opportunity to meet a 70-year-old French woman named Armond in her charming country French farmhouse and I asked her what she thought of the French healthcare system. Her answer was I can’t comment. The reason was that she never used the system, even though she had 9 children.

Medicare Supplements 101: Are You Covered?

Actually, both Michael Moore and John Stossell are both partially right about how to fix the system, but there is one other major reason that positive change doesn’t taken place. That’s the fact that many physicians themselves like the current system, and particularly the wealthy physicians that have an equity interest in the success of the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies and other medical entities that benefit from the current system. Former Senator Bill Frist MD who was the Republican Senate whip was a prime example.

We’re Number 37!

Sicko pointed out that the US is ranked 37th in Quality of Health and Longevity and France is ranked #1 with their socialized system of healthcare. Since Armond never used the system, are there other reasons that the French enjoy such a good life?

In my opinion, the variety of food and quality of the food without chemicals that the French consume contribute to their longevity. Also, they have a tendency to nap in the middle of the day to relieve the stress of the day. I should not forget they love their wine and consume it daily to the tune of 60 liters per year versus eight liters per capita in the US. Lifestyle has a lot to do with longevity. It’s time all Americans examine their life style and reject that which is detrimental to good health, from chemicals in our foods, smoking, to environmental toxins, excess alcohol use and taking drugs that mask the medical problems without solving them.

It’s time we tell our politicians, “I’m madder than hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

* Email them at Maybe then, we will start to see some real change in healthcare.

**Quoted in the 1976 movie called Network.

About the Author

T. Braun, Pharmacist, Buyer, Marketing Executive for a Major Drug Chain. Active for over 45 years in Pharmacy.

Legal Stuff: Permission is granted to all to reproduce this document in whole and redistribute to all that are as concerned as I about the future of our Medical system that has so many superior attributes that is operating under needless dark clouds of distress.

Disclaimer – This document is informational in nature. Medical advice should be secured through your physician.



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