Senior Stories

Reuniting Rosy

My heart was racing, as I entered the restaurant.

I was about to meet high school classmates I hadn’t seen in forty-nine years.
Where was my friend Maureen? It was her idea that we join the planning committee for our fiftieth class reunion and she was late.

I had on new black slacks, and a red silk sweater set. The outfit was youthful, but my orthopedic shoes were a dead giveaway.

I entered a private dining room and approached a tall gentleman whose name tag read Robert.

Is this the reunion meeting?” I asked.

Yes“, he answered as he apologized for not recognizing me.

Suddenly, his face became animated. “Now I remember you,” he said.

You haven’t changed much Rosy.

I’m not…

I was about to answer that I was Micki, but Robert turned to join another group.

Rosy,” a voice yelled from behind. An attractive red haired woman ran towards me with arms extended.

You look great,” she said.

Thanks so much, uh… you look fantastic too.

I had no idea who she was.

Why does your tag say Micki?” she asked.

Because that’s my name,” I answered in exasperation.

Rosy you haven’t changed at all,” she laughed.

Are you married? Do you have children? Are you working?

She reminded me of a windup doll.

I have three married daughters and…

She interrupted, and gave me another squeeze. “We’ll talk later Rosy.

Sure thing,” I muttered.

There were now about twenty people in the room.

Jerry, the Class President, looked familiar.

Welcome Alumni,” he said. “We’ll all have a blast organizing this reunion.

I was now seated at a table with the redhead whose name was Debra, twins Annie and Alisa and an attractive man named Henry who thought we all looked wonderful.

When Jerry requested a reunion theme Debra knocked over a glass of wine in her haste to raise her hand.

Peggy Sue revisited,” she shouted.

No way,” I giggled. “I was a very insecure teen.

You Rosy?” laughed Debra.

Micki! It’s Micki,” I stammered.

Oh well, if they wanted to call me Rosy then so be it. I was having a great time.

As Dessert was being served I suddenly remembered Maureen. I stepped out to call her husband.

She left two hours ago. I’ll try her cell,” he said.

As I returned to my table I heard the Class President Say “Thanks for coming. Our thirty-fifth reunion should be fantastic.

He means fiftieth reunion, right?

You’re kidding,” laughed Debra.

There’s a fiftieth reunion meeting down the hall and those people look old, Rosy.

I was mortified. She was talking about my class.

I quickly said goodnight. As I walked toward the door my cell phone rang.
“Where are you?” asked Maureen.

Long story. Meet me at the entrance and I’ll explain.

With a glorious smile I rushed towards the door.

Wrong room, wrong classmates, yet I was glowing. I had passed for fifteen years younger.

It couldn’t get any better then this.



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