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Replace Medicare D with Universal Health Care

“Write the Republican Party and its Rite-Aid contributor.

Democrats have attempted two milquetoast actions to help retired and disabled people this year.

I blame the Republicans for this because the Republicans most likely told the Democrats that other more substantial action would get filibustered and stopped in the Senate.

These consisted of attempting to give HHS the power to negotiate prices of drugs with drug companies.

The second involves allowing those people on Medicare Part D with incomes under $1,276 a month to avoid the coverage gap. Even if passed, neither of these measures helps most retired and disabled middle class people who still have to pay $35 premiums in addition to $90 premiums in part B and a $275 deductible in addition to the $120 deductible in part B and still would have to deal with the coverage gap.

Most seniors have more than $1,276 a month incomes!

The drug benefit should have gotten placed in Part B in the first place instead of creating a new premium and deductible for it. I consider it time we the citizens show our anger in a constructive way.

If any people remain stuck with a particular pharmacy chain, then you can still send the letter but do not buy consumer items from the pharmacy you remain stuck with but continue to buy your medication there until you can get out of the contract.

I suggest that you send the following letter or e-mail to the Republican party today!

Copy and paste the letter below and e-mail it directly to [email protected] at the Republican Party and get two friends to do the same, and so on. Circulate this letter far and wide.

Thank you.

Good morning!

The Republican Party should enact into law the removal of the FICA taxable-income cap and tax all of a person’s income for social security purposes.

By removing the cap, we would tax the rich exactly as we do the poor.

The extra billions collected would go a long way to pay for and make voting for HR 676 Single Payer Universal Health Care feasible.

We could then repeal Medicare Part D and all its unfairness.

Until you do, we will not buy consumer products and prescription drugs from one of the biggest pharmacy chains and GOP contributors in the country, Rite Aid, who cannot afford to lose a large sector of the publics business and money.

After you send the letter you can also call Rite Aid at 1-800-325-3737 and tell the person to get the CEO to get the GOP to enact HR 676 and repeal Medicare Part D.


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