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Remember the Depression

“Too bad voters don’t remember the Depression. The next one will make your hair curl!”

Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt did more for the working man and his family during the Great Depression than this egg-head in Washington would consider.

Know how he did it?

He raised the highest income tax rate to 70%. He made the rich pay for all the benefits they had been enjoying at the working man’s expense, primarily, fighting all the wars that protected the rich. The rich men’s kids didn’t even fight to protect the the family wealth. With the money Roosevelt took from the rich, he not only put men to work, but he broke the economic strangle hold the railroad barrons had on our economy.

He built a US highway system, unequaled in the world, and created a whole new industry: the trucking industry.

After that, new factories could be built where it was best for the company without regard to railroad sidings to receive supplies and ship out finished products. That was the end of the stranggle hold and the end of the railroads.

When he took office, 10- and 12-year-old kids were working in the coal mines in Pennsylvania. Presidents of corporations brought their juniors in to learn daddy’s job so they could take over when daddy retired. All that changed with Roosevelt.

When Rosevelt died, kids had to stay in school until they were 17. The vets had “A BILL of RIGHTS” that entitled them to a college education that broke the daddy/son hold on daddy’s job.

The new Securities Exchange Comm. ended the back room deals and gave investors protection from corporate crooks.

The Federal Depositor’s Insurance gave the government the right to examine a bank’s books. Back then, Bush’s brother couldn’t get away with his Silverado deal. As I see it, this Bush now in the White House is trying his best to undo all the Roosevelt progress for the family man, and bring us back to pre-1930 days. He’s returning us to corporate control of our economy at the expense of the family, working man’s loss.

He’s being successful because the current majority generation doesn’t know its country’s history. It never knew hard times, always having a kid job after school, not asking parent’s for things because you knew they were struggling to buy food, getting scared when you heard your parent’s whispering because you knew they were having financial problems, seeing your friend’s family being put out on the sidewalk because they couldn’t pay the rent, afraid that might happen to your family, having parents who were always concerned about your education because they knew your only future hope was an education.

Today’s generation has had the benefit of all the struggling 1930’s generation hardships and sacrafices. It believes things have always been good. It has never experienced real hard times and sacrafices.

I’m convinced, mankind can deal with hard times better than good times. During hard times people pull together, stand together, share with each other. During good times most people are too busy enjoying life to be bothered with history, their brothers situation, or what the power crooks are doing to undermine their way of life and financial security.

Mankind always learns important lessions the HARD WAY. Never the easy, sensible way. That’s sad and tragic.

When I was in high school, I had an economics teacher that should have been a college professor. I was in high school during the depression. I’ve never forgotten him repeating, “If you think the “Crash” and its results are bad, WAIT until the next one comes. It’ll make your hair curl.” I’m very afraid he was right. Only an alert electorate can prevent that and we do not have one. So sad.



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