President to Blame for Atrocities, Not Marines

I read today, of the idea that one or some of the Marines involved in the so called “Killing of innocent civilians” in a city in Iraq, are to be brought up on charges of murder.

It disturbs me to no end to see, in print, that they are even thinking of such a serious charge.

No charges should be brought against them, but if they are, all the members of the squad in question should shoulder the responsibility, not just some lowly grunts the brass think are expendable.

The death of civilians, women and children, is the natural and predictable result of any policy, or leadership, which chooses to place soldiers into an environment where there is no winning, no clear victories, and no fair fight.

The ultimate responsibility does not alone lie with the soldiers who break, but is fully shared by our political leaders, some who have never been there, in that kind of situation.

These are the people to blame, not the young boys we train to kill so efficiently, the seventeen to twenty year old, the age the military loves so desperately, the age that will react with the swiftness of a rattler when need be, the kid who will follow orders first, then regrets it later, the kid who will wake up for the rest of his life in a sweat, screaming and clawing at his mattress, trying to dig one more foxhole to take cover in.

These are the kids we send to fight these unwinnable fights, these fights over “Big Oil” over “Power in the Middle East” or whichever part of the globe we are fighting in at the moment.

If you will just look at any news program with a Congressman or woman on it, spouting off about what should be done to make Iraq a better place to live for the Iraqi people, you will see the other side of the equation, the coward who stayed home on some kind of deferment so he didn’t have to dirty his or her hands with the everyday chores of killing, the one whose Pappy had the clout to get him into the “Good Old Boys Club of TX”, the “Texas Air National Guard” during the major conflict of his time, the “Viet Nam Experience”.

These people are responsible for making the decision to send our kids over there to become so distraught that situations like these become, not everyday occurrences, but something that happens, once in a while, and when it does happen, it is to be something we as Americans, have to take the blame for.

We are the ones who choose the people in charge, the people in Washington, the ones we voted for.

They started the war, sent our kids over there and they are the ones who refuse to bring them home.

This is not a war that the leaders of Iraq started, it is a preemptive strike by a cowardly President who thinks he is the “Old County Sheriff of Gunsmoke Days” and has the answer to it all in his statement of fact, “BRING EM ON.”

He is to blame for the atrocity, this day in history when these Marines finally had their belly full and took retribution on whoever was in the general vicinity. Lay the blame on his and their doorsteps, and in turn on our own. We sent them over there.



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