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Perfumes Can Make You Sick

Perfumes Make You Sick

Have an “allergy?”

We have perfumes, fragrances and scents wherever we go that can make you sick. There is no way of avoiding them. People spray it all over themselves.

They use plugins or scented candles to keep their homes smelling “fresh.” (God forbid someone walks in and the smell of onions or cabbage cooking hangs in the air…)

They have “air fresheners” for our cars. Why? Open your windows and let the “fresh air” in if your car smells!

All our cleaning agents are scented. Everything is supposed to SMELL NICE. Baking soda and vinegar can clean just as well for a fraction of what is spent in the supermarket on cleansers.

Walk into some stores and you are greeted with another “scent.” What would happen if we walked into a store and it smelled…well, like a store?

We have learned to expect these fragrances.

What the perfume manufacturers work very hard at is keeping the population from knowing that we are being poisoned from all these exposures.

The flower fields from whence came our fragrances are long gone – sold out to developers. Result? Fragrances, perfumes, colognes, etc. are chemically reproduced.

Many of us are suffering diseases from these suffocating scents.


Do you have respiratory problems? If not, do you have other debilitating diseases as multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine headaches or rheumatoid arthritis – to name a few?

Do you think you CANNOT leave your home without spritzing yourself with a fragrance?

FDA’s War With American Seniors

Think again after reading the following:

  • There are at least 3000 varieties of chemicals used in the creation of a fragrance. There are 200-300 in every bottle of cologne or perfume…no matter how inexpensive or expensive with new chemicals being innovated and introduced into fragrances everyday.
  • The FDA tells the food industry they must label everything that’s in their products, but not the fragrance industry. They tell the FDA it’s a “Trade Secret” – so there’s nothing on the bottle to indicate anything at all. Plus, if they had to label it, they would run out of space. Perhaps a skull and crossbones would be more appropriate.
  • Within these fragrances lie carcinogens, petrochemicals and neurotoxins.
  • Once dabbed and/or sprayed on the skin, it goes into the body and it never leaves It remains there forever. The immune system is on “overload” and can no longer handle being assaulted. Eventually, there is a breakdown and one succumbs to the above-named diseases and perhaps a few more that I missed listing.And it remains in your clothes, your sweaters…until they are washed and yes, folks, there’s Arm & Hammer scent-free detergent….
  • What’s more, the perfume industry has a little trick up its sleeve…it also puts into the perfume a chemical that dulls the sense of smell, so you cannot smell it as intensely as you once did. Therefore, the tendency here is to use more “make sure” you “smell good.”

Countries Respond

Some countries are doing something about it.

Canada: Fragrance manufacturers MUST label their bottles with the ingredients. That pretty much limits the perfume business there.

Halifax, Nova Scotia: It is outlawed in public places and workplaces. Should one wear perfume to work, they must return home and on their own time – shower, change clothes and then return to work. With socialized medicine – they don’t want SICK PEOPLE.

Japan: Rivers become polluted from the use of the chemical to form the “Musk” fragrance…so musk fragrances are outlawed there.

Dangerous Cleaning Chemicals

The same with cleaning chemicals. We don’t need all of them. Vinegar and baking soda will clean just about anything. You would be saving yourself as well as money.

Pregnant women run the risk of giving birth to deformed babies i.e., spina bifida.

The irony in all this is that the chemical and pharmaceutical companies are in bed together. They may not be aware of it, but they are.

The chemical companies make you sick and the pharmaceutical companies are in a race to find a “cure” for what you have which PERHAPS you wouldn’t have if you weren’t ingesting fragrances along with the old bugaboo we are familiar with – air pollution.

The only way to help yourself is simply not to put it on and try to avoid being around them when you can. Give your lungs a break! They may thank you by continuing to function properly.

(MCS) Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Doctors are aware of MCS but are unable to treat it. There’s nothing they can do to offset it. Some people have reactions to some but not all, which makes it hard to fight in a court if a Class Action suit were to be initiated. Unlike the tobacco companies where cigarettes affected the lungs, MCS can include a multitude of ailments. What’s more, It cannot be detected in blood tests.

The government acknowledges Multiple Chemical Sensitivities as a disability.

In Boca Raton, Florida, a doctor claims he can “help” with the problem. He can’t. He’s a quack. He can just help with normal allergies. And he’s very, very expensive. There’s no cure.

There IS “preventative maintenance” – shield yourself from fragrances whenever possible. There are fragrance-free soaps and lotions – you just have to take the time to search among the shelves.

We’re stuck with hairspray but there’s something worse…the scent-free hairspray – just MORE chemicals to cover up the “other.”

If nothing else, please be aware of what you are inhaling! The one you save may be yourself.



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