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Overpriced Prescription Shame

“Every American should be ashamed…”

I awoke at 4 AM with a busy schedule ahead of me tomorrow to write this letter to all Americans. I cannot sleep. There is an appalling (yes) injustice being done to millions of Americans by a few of their fellow Countrymen.

As past Vice President of two NASDAQ companies and Director level at others, I am angered by the major drug companies bullying Washington into prosecuting uninsured, often sick, needy, desperate and aged Americans for seeking their critical prescription needs from Canada and offshore.

Prescriptions and Profits: Pharmaceutical Industry

What angers me, and should anger every rational American Citizen is that an American drug company sells a prescription for $20 a month in Canada (and elsewhere) at which it is making a reasonable and satisfactory profit, and yet they insist that they must sell it for $100 a month in the United States to make a reasonable and satisfactory profit. Their cost of distribution offshore is higher than it is at home; so even with the higher costs, these drug companies are demonstrating that they make a reasonable and satisfactory profit at the offshore prices.

I was in Mexico City recently and was shocked and dismayed to see how little my own prescriptions cost at a major international chain store (Sams). These were the same prescription names and the same USA companies and labs. Not counterfeits, knockoffs, or low quality or lower potency substitutes.

It should make every American angry that our own government sits idly by while the Silent Desperate, the sick, the needy the suffering and the aged, a majority of whom are living at or below poverty level, are threatened that they will pay fines and serve jail time just so the American drug companies can make obscene, unfair and usury profits. It is a blatant lie that they need high prices for research. The $20 was a fair profit price elsewhere.

Every American should be ashamed that the needy, the sick and the desperate do not get their prescription requirements provided by the social system they paid into all their working lives. This is a virtual theft of what they paid in and breach of trust and promise since they were de facto promised would their payments would take care of them when they needed it.

Why is it that the millions of silent sick and desperate American Citizens are ignored by their countrymen and their government?

How can we idly allow millions of dollars for honey bee research while our precious countrymen whose care and very lives we are entrusted with are suffering; yet we add to their suffering by bowing down to the drug companies and agreeing to prosecute, fine and jail the needy and the suffering who cannot afford retail (usury) prescription prices.

This is unjust, it is unfair, it is stupid, it is immoral and it is UNAMERICAN.

I am beginning to find little difference between the drug companies and terrorists.

Both threaten the well being, the very lives (yes) of Americans.

Why do Americans not insist that their Government protect us from our own drug companies instead of aiding, abetting and participating in such industrial terrorism?

Doesn’t anyone else care? I don’t see one word about this in the news or in Congress. What is happening here? Does drug advertising pay off the media so completely? Does the drug lobby and contributions so effectively silence our trusted elected representation?

It is devastating that the whinings of the militant few (in this case profiteers) move mountains with the media and our government officials, yet the whimpering of the suffering millions of Americans have no voice.

Oh my God, was Marx right?

David Pickett


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