Health & Medical

Obamacare and Good Healthcare

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The basic problem is that the cost of healthcare is destroying the future economic health of the United States. The office of budget management in Washington has confirmed this. Obama’s healthcare plan is to stop the runaway costs that are mainly supported by Medicare. We are approaching 3 trillion dollars in healthcare costs per year. Twice as much as any other industrialized nation per capita. At the same time, we are ranked around 40th in the world in the quality of health and about 15% of our citizens have no healthcare because they can’t afford it. Just look at someone’s teeth and you will know their economic status. Medical-surgical procedures are the best in the world, but it is downhill from there. I am ashamed to know that infant mortality in the US is the same as Bangladesh. Where is the outcry from all of us?

Big Brother Healthcare

I don’t like what I see in the “Big Brother Healthcare approach”. It will become a medical bureaucratic police state. It will control healthcare costs by limiting access. It is industrialized nations current approach to controlling healthcare costs. It is wrong. The point is… we need to reform healthcare from the grassroots up. You don’t fix healthcare in Washington. The system has been totally politicized to benefit special medical interests such as pharmaceutical manufacturers, insurance companies, malpractice lawyers and other medical institutions that benefit from the status quo. They subsidize our politician’s lifestyle. As an example, there is more than one lobbyist per congressman in the pharmaceutical arena alone. Rick Perry from Texas is their boy. The effort by Perry to have all teenage girls get mandatory vaccinations with a Merck vaccine confirms it.

We don’t tackle the real problems in the system. Over-medicated, over-treated, over-tested and we ignore the basic problems created by a food distribution system that encourages us to eat the wrong foods, plus the toxins that we inhale and ingest over time that harm us and finally we under exercise as a nation. These are the issues that must be fixed if we are going to be a healthy nation.

Eat Healthy: Avoid Toxins

In the meantime, each of us should take charge of our health and reject foods and products with toxins that are detrimental to our ability to live a long healthy life. The current chemical that is being introduced into all our lives is from Splenda (sucralose) that is in thousands and thousands of food products. No one knows what the detrimental health effect will be over months and years of consuming multiple food products that contain this artificial sweetener which is supposedly the quick fix for overcoming the ingestion of too much sugar in its many forms and mainly liquid corn syrup, which is the most consumed because it is cheap and makes more money for the food manufacturer.

The real answer lies within each of us to understand what good health is all about and that we as individuals must make a commitment to ourselves to reject foods, and toxins that are the root cause of the healthcare dilemma. We have to take charge of our health. See my website It is my personal effort to contribute to this needed change.

Get healthy and stay out of the medical system.

T. Braun, Pharmacist, Buyer, Marketing Executive for a Major Drug Chain. Active for over 45 years in Pharmacy.

Legal Stuff: Disclaimer – This document is informational in nature. Medical advice should be secured through your physician.


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