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Nickeled and Dimed in America

“What they want is for us to die quickly and be done with us.”

In the 60’s, Medicare came about because people were dying as they could not afford healthcare. It became a choice of either food or medication; food won out and people died.

So, Medicare was born.

Now here it is 35 to 40 years later, and we’re back to Square One. Once more, the choice is between prescription drugs or food.

The cost of living never goes down.

I cannot (and who knows, maybe there are others) who cannot get a “grip” on the fact that a car now costs as much as a decent home in the 1960’s and 70’s. Once cars became “computerized,” the sky was the limit. This is beyond my wildest imagination.

Then came the HMOs and everyone has some horror story to tell about either a personal experience or knows someone who has a story you wouldn’t believe..

I am on an HMO – and I have been fortunate. My doctor left Bennett Family Practice. He spent a lot of time with me…a no-no in the Land of HMOs. He is now Medical Director of a Medical facility located in Boca Raton. As far as I’m concerned, he disappeared into thin air. I know he was outspoken about the terrible healthcare in America today.

Doctors are also tired of the overwhelming paperwork they have with Medicare and HMO patients that goes along with them. Can’t keep up the pace and want out from under it all. Of course, in a state like Florida, it can be suicide for a doctor to give up medicare and HMO patients, despite the top-heavy burden of paperwork involved.

So, the situation is abysmal.

A doctor in Boca Raton has a new kind of practice. With an annual flat fee of $1500.00 plus regular payment of services, you can see and talk to the doctor for as long as you want. You’ll get all the attention and time you need.

What they want is for us to die quickly and be done with us.

Instead, we seniors are not being done away with…we’re fighting for our lives, to include going back to work part-time to pay for meds. And other little necessities like food.

If you think our lot in life is difficult, read “Nickel & Dimed in America.” It’s not on the bestseller’s list for nothing.

AARP isn’t worth a hoot or a tinker’s damn. I heard Hartford Insurance is a gyp (which they represent) and they can take their 10% off on this ‘n that and shove it where the moon don’t shine…because I can’t afford to go anywhere anyway.

Joan H. Locker



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