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My Medical Nightmare

Why the phrase “DON’T TREAD ON ME” has been reawakened in my soul.

Don't Tread on Me FlagLast night…or actually early one recent morning, I dreamt I was in bed and a nurse came along and gave me a flu shot. Soon after, a second nurse came along and gave me shingles shot.

My response was don’t do it. I was frozen in time and couldn’t resist. I wanted to scream but the words would not come, only the mental response occurred. “My immunity is strong because I take care of myself. I eat right, I take the right supplements and I exercise! I don’t need your shots!” No one heard me.

Why did this nightmare occur? I believe it is because the current climate of the medical environment is saying I will save you. Obama’s healthcare plan has similar overtones in the same vein. Everyone will have medical insurance and if you don’t, you will be fined. How do you fine the poor who can’t afford the insurance? How do you treat an additional 30 million people when the current system is stressed treating those who do have insurance?

We will have de facto socialized medicine because we don’t have the medical personnel to handle the sick. Not to mention that costs are uncontrollable and growing. If we had true socialized medicine, then we would be controlling costs, but not necessarily deliver good healthcare. How can you fix healthcare in a capitalistic society where business interests drive political decisions? What right do you (big brother) have taking another personal right away from me? If I don’t want insurance because I feel fine and take care of myself, why should you (our government) have the right to overrule my personal view? Is it for the better good, or is it for the benefit of those providing the so-called treatment measures to prevent me from getting sick? Do I no longer have the right to say no?

Are my personal views no longer valid? Does big brother know better? Have we gone amuck for the greater good of society? What is the greater good of society? Our track record is dismal. Has this greater good been properly defined? Do we only have brain dead politicians in Washington? Or have we all just gone mad?

There is a learned medical view that the Bird Flu was caused by the Chinese Biological Warfare unit letting a designer virus escape the confines of their Chinese laboratory. It is also rumored that the Swine Flu that had more deadly consequences escaped from the Cuban Biological warfare laboratory. This flu was more deadly because it attacked the young who had immune systems that were more vulnerable. The reasoning is the makeup of these viruses were unique than transitional in how viruses mutate. What future biological mistakes will we make in the United States? Was the Anthrax scare after 9-11 just a warning shot? The FBI says the source was from the US biological warfare system by a deranged scientist. What is next?

In any event, we never seem to get down to basics of how to improve our health. Only to treat it after a problem has been identified. There has been enough scientific research that tells us that about 75% of the United States citizens are deficient in Vitamin D. The problem is that the government (NIH) is not acting on this research and demanding that immediate action is taken to reverse this basic health deficiency.

Go to to learn more.

It will be debated for years, studied upside down and backward, and little positive action will be taken. Currently, the NIH is funding about 240 Grants for studying different aspects of the value of Vitamin D. We really don’t need more studies to tell us we are deficient, but what we do need is medical leadership to reverse this health deficiency.

Labeling changes to acetaminophen (Tylenol and etc) products have taken almost four years of discussion. (Finally coming April 1, 2010). In the meantime, thousands of individuals have died needlessly because of our procrastination by the FDA and deference to the manufacturers’ needs rather than the individuals’ safety. Of course, will labeling changes alone cause fewer deaths or liver transplants from acetaminophen poisoning?

The Vitamin D issue is a much larger issue and no action is being taken. We do keep insisting that we get vaccines to prevent disease states, but the most basic method of disease prevention is having the proper balance of needed nutrients in our body including Vitamin D. It is a cheap way of lowering healthcare costs in this country.

Unfortunately, nobody is listening. The medical business doesn’t make money by preventing illness, only by treating it. My fear is that my right not to have treatment is going to be taken away from me. That’s why I had the nightmare. It’s time to post a sign on my door. “DON’T TREAD ON ME”

T. Braun, Pharmacist, Buyer, Marketing Executive for a Major Drug Chain. Active for over 45 years in Pharmacy. Tom would like to hear from you at

Legal Stuff: Disclaimer – This document is informational in nature. Medical advice should be secured through your physician.



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