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Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit

Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit

“There will be no Medicare prescription drug benefit of any consequence.”

I have been on the inside of the [Canadian Drug Store] re-importation business for over 18 months now.

I can tell you that I read anything and everything I can on the subject, as well as, talk to people “in the know” on a regular basis. It is high time that America knows the truth about Medicare, Big Pharma, and prescription drugs in the US.

How Medicare Has Changed in 2019

First of all, there will be no Medicare prescription drug benefit of any consequence – if at all.

Medicare Prescription Drug Cost

Let’s do the math, shall we? In his address to the Senate, the director of the Congressional Budget Office reviewed the cost of a ten year universal Medicare prescription drug benefit.

The CBO’s estimate was based on two important factors remaining constant:

  1. The Medicare population
  2. Healthcare costs

We all know the Baby Boomers are next in line for Medicare benefits and outnumber the current population nearly 2 to 1.

Secondly, when have healthcare costs ever stayed the same? Never! They have always increased. To say the estimate is conservative is an understatement!

Now for the math. The CBO says it will cost 1.8 trillion dollars for just ten years. President Bush says he wants to spend 400 billion on a ten-year prescription drug plan. My question is, where will the other 1.4 trillion come from?

The answer is, the Federal Government doesn’t have it and never will. Will private insurance companies want to take on the job? I doubt it seriously since the system is already operating in the red to the tune of 1.4 trillion plus! We are only fooling ourselves when considering Medicare as an option for prescription drugs.

Answers to Prescription Drug Cost

What is the answer then? The American public must speak up and tell our government what they want. We have to get involved in the process. To do nothing will leave Big Pharma in control, as you alluded to in your article. The only way to bring the US pharmaceutical companies to their knees is to hit them where it hurts the most. Right in the wallet!

We all need to voice our opinion and keep the Canadian supply of meds open to all US citizens. It is the only logical answer to the situation. Reimportation costs the Federal Gov’t. nothing. Therefore, it will cost the taxpayers nothing.

Medicare Part D Costs: Coverages Changed

Will it cost Big Pharma? Yes but, they will still make a profit. They wouldn’t be selling to Canada if they weren’t. To top it off, we reimporters are creating profits for Big Pharma by supplying people who ordinarily would not buy their drugs due to the cost, or, buy more since the drugs are much more affordable. Even Canada wins in this equation. Thousands of jobs have been created in Provinces where there are no jobs. These are people who are now working and contributing to the Canadian tax base and its healthcare system.


Lastly, please tell your readers about the lie the FDA and Big Pharma are perpetuating about the safety of Canadian prescription drugs. The overwhelming majority of these medications are manufactured in the US and then sold to Canada.

This notion of licensed, certified Pharmacies and Pharmacists selling outdated, mislabeled, or counterfeit drugs is simply not true. Every reimporter I know in this business is doing his or her best to live up to the highest standard possible. One could even argue that reimportation is even safer than the current system in place but, this is a conversation for another time.

Warm Regards to You and Your Readers,

Gil Gillespie



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