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Medicare Plan D Failures

“Truth Versus Selective Media Quotes Is A Serious Issue”

News coverage of Plan D failures is a ploy pushing us toward socialism.

Envision at one polar point a nation where some type of government entity determines a level of subsistence for every citizen, confiscating money and property to finance it.

Then picture at the opposite pole a nation where citizens make their own way in life. Put this on a continuum – from left (socialism) to right (private enterprise). Remember America began by vowing its independent free society, would move as far away as possible from the left end toward the right end of the continuum.

As history clearly relates, the pendulum initially moved quite far to the right position, but consider where our nation is positioned on that line now. Starting with a huge reverse push by FDR, the pendulum has been edging leftward for many decades.

Enumerating the myriad left shoves would fill volumes, but an example on how easily they can occur is found by reading a South Florida Sun-Sentinel article, reprinted in the 8/17/06 Suddenly Senior email. It featured senior complaints about the new Medicare prescription drug program.

Adding prescriptions payments to Medicare coverage was a monetary monster to begin with, but at least it contained some element of sensibility by involving private enterprise, i.e. the insurance industry.

Much diligent study by insurers went into designing cost containment in this ambitious program to allow flexibility in premium payments. Options allow those regularly requiring more prescriptions to get “full” coverage by paying more while others who are not as dependent on drugs can choose to enroll in cheaper plans containing so-called “doughnut holes” where coverage is not full-range.

Government, insurers and insurance representatives are spending endless hours explaining the different plans to senior buyers, but you wouldn’t believe it by reading the Sun-Sentinel and numerous other press articles.

The mainstream media prefers to quote seniors who call the lesser coverage “fraud” – a ridiculous charge not supported by the facts. Not stated, but the overall implication is that government should make this coverage free for every senior – forget about taxpayer cost.

Misleading their reading and viewing publics is a serious ploy by some media these days; the persuasive impact is evidenced in the continued left swing of the pendulum toward socialism.

Is this what Americans want? If not, they’d better start questioning what the media propagates.

J. Phil Harrison, Accredited Senior Advisor

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